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  1. Where I live during summer temperatures easily rise to 40ÂșC and above, and my PS3 never had any serious issues. I can only remember one occasion when he froze, and some games had some occasional fps drop. Keep in mind that I dont have an air conditioner, there is only a fan near him. It's a 6 years old PS3 slim.
  2. Platinum #67: Devil May Cry 5 It was a while since I last played a game so satisfying. I am a huge DMC fan since I played the 3rd game on the PS2. Last year I decided to replay and plat DmC for the PS4. Years after the heated discussions about the game, I came to enjoy it, although it didnt feel like the others in the franchise. But this one is different. This game has the "DMC DNA" in it. The characters are vibrant, funny and full of personality. They dont feel edgy like in DmC. The soundtrack is amazing. Even after replaying the missions countless times, I never felt tired of them. And since rock nowadays is far from it's former glory, they made a very good job composing the battle themes for Nero and V, and the bosses, with others genres. The gameplay is fantastic. Dante and Nero have an wide array of weapons and styles that add depth to the game. Even if V has less movements, they made a really good job translating his "weak man" archetype into a unique battle style. But I have some complaints. The game feels short, you can clear the game really quick, even if you're not too good. There are no puzzles, with makes the missions very linear. The combat is intense and funny, mianly if you're aiming to increase your style rank, but I really like some good puzzles here and there. And the visual aspect is lacking. The game is not ugly, nor it looks outdated, but there's little to the eyes. The places in certain missions are too similar, and some people may feel bored with them. Since I was too busy with the combat, I had little time to ponder about the visuals, but the game could be prettier. About the platinum, it was much easier than I thought. S ranking in Human and Demon Hunter is far from hard. Son of Sparda, the hard mode, requires you to increase your standard a little, but you get the hang really quick. Many of the missions I got it first try. Dante Must Die and Hell and Hell are where the real challenge lies. Some enemies are a pain do deal with when they devil trigger, and some rooms feel impossible before many retries. The bosses, that are usually not too hard, become a pacience test when they devil trigger. Hell and Hell is a different kind of challenge. Some missions you will need to aim for a high style rank, because you will certainly die. On the majority you will have to use a hit and run style. To the people who may feel discouraged to try the platinum, dont care about the low percentage or the comments on the internet. The trophy is highly doable if you have patience. And even if you dont want the trouble, dont sleep on this game, it's really good. And if you havent already, play the others ones, they're worth it. Even DmC is good. Not DMC good, but better than many others in the market.
  3. For me it's the opposite. I had a blast with the PS2, but everything I played on last gen felt bland, boring and lifeless, even thought I was tired of single player gaming, since I still had fun with online games. But until now I'm having a blast with this generation. Hope the next one is even better.
  4. Resonance of Fate. When I reached the last chapter, I had the last steps of several trophies to complete before clearing the game and tackling the post-game dungeon. I had some problems and was so sick of the game that I gave up, never to touch it again. Someday, in the future, I hope to complete the PS4 version.
  5. Depends on my mood. Sometimes I'm into a slow game, something like a JRPG. Others I prefer a fast paced, combat game. But I only play one at a time. If I start multiples, eventually I will play mainly one. The only thing I check before is if the platinum is too hard or too long, so I dont get bored along the way. The worst thing is the feeling of being forced to complete a game that you dont even want to hear about.
  6. The same since 2017: at least 12 platinums. Already got 6.
  7. Platinum #66: Darksiders III A really disappointting game. FPS drops, glitches, poor graphics, boring boss fights. I know about all the hardships surrounding the development, but this game doesnt make justice to the Darksiders series. I wouldnt recommend it you're not really a fan of the series, unless you want to play a souls-like game.
  8. Increase the health and damage by a %. I think the first one was +8% health and +4% dmg, increasing by 2% with each upgrade.
  9. The standard one. I leveled it to +3 using the Slivers of Oblivion Ore from the red eyed enimes. To upgrade further Ulthane asked for a different ore that didnt drop to me at any point, I dont know if its from The Crucible or if it only drop on harders iterations of Armaggedon.
  10. At the beginning I would take heavy damage, but upgrading the armor made me feel more durable. Envy, Wrath 1st time, Greed, Sloth and Final Sin were easy fights. I feel like Lust, Gluttony, Wrath 2nd time and Pride were way more resistant than the others, but as long as you have the timing for the dodges, it's not too hard. The extended Havoc form was enough to finish most of them with around 35% of the health bar. I only had to retry a few times on Gluttony because of the tail attack, I would always get hit by the first swing. I didnt fight Abraxis. Aside for the black demons and the red eyed enemies, the others monsters werent particularly hard. I started around level 58, and I finished under level 70. Something around 64-68, upgrading mostly physical damage.
  11. Just got the platinum and can confirm: finished the game on balanced, started a NG+ on Apocalyptic and the "Death Incarnete" trophy popped. Must have the 1.09 version instaled, of course.
  12. I have always been a completionist in gaming, so nothing. Unless online / multiplayer trophies become too common, or we cant achieve the platinum because of paid """bonus""" content.
  13. Platinum #65: Kingdom Hearts III It's not a bad game, not even a bad KH game, but really disappointing, because we waited 13 years for something that feels rushed and unfinished. Although the game has good graphics and very good soundtrack, the storytelling, the lack of post game content and the absence of difficulty leaves a sour taste. Talking about the trophies specifically, this must be the easiest KH platinum. There is no need to play on proud, and even if there was wouldnt be a problem, since the game is too easy. The collectibles are also in plain sight almost all the time, although you may need a guide to find some that are better hidden. The minigames also dont offer a challenge. Some you will probably achieve the goal on the first try, others need some retry until you get the gist of it, but nothing frustrating. Even with all the problems, I never felt bored or that the platinum was a chore. It's a good experience, even if it could be much better. Hoping that Square Enix dont fuck up the next/s game/s.
  14. Mortal Kombat 9. Thought that a familar franchise was a good way to start a new generation. But the first PS3 game I played was Assassin's Creed at a friend's house.
  15. Resident Evil COD GTA Battlefield