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  1. Not exactly on topic, but the part about younger gamers not playing a Final Fantasy game is somewhat surprising. The last decade was rough, but I never expected this. Back then a new FF generated a lot of buzz. About not being open world, everything nowadays seems to be open world, so this might end up refreshing. Personally I dont mind.
  2. Platinum #121 Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed Another Neptunia spinoff to my list, and another action one. This time we go full the Senran Kagura route, ripped clothes included. The goddesses work on quests while Dengekiko and Famitsu, two Gamindustri journalists write articles about them. While I criticized MegaTagmension for having only half of a story, Action Unleashed lacks one althoghter. It is only there to justify why things are happening, but there is nothing of interesting. The gameplay, like I said, goes full Senran Kagura. The difference is that they dont get completely naked, and losing your clothes is actually useful, making you stronger. But to me the main point is that the combat is far better and more satisfactory than in MegaTagmension, it is almost unthinkable that this game is older. And we have actual difficulty, especially early on. The platinum is grind heavy. Basically I did not need to farm for the medals, because of how much repetition of the mission ends up being necessary. The Gauntlet is easy even on normal, specially after you get some accessories from beating previously. Neptral Tower is also not a problem, the real headache is the Lily rank grind. There is really no quick way to grind, and it takes way too long for something that does not give any rewards, not even a brief dialogue without voice acting. It is very tedious, definitely was the hardest part to me. Hyperdimension Neptunia Action Unleashed is a fun spinoff from the Neptunia series. Even if it is lacking in story, the gameplay is good, and make you wonder how could MegaTagmension be so bad. But be warned that this platinum requires patience, because the end game grind gets boring really fast.
  3. Where I live during summer the temperature very often goes to and beyond 40 celsius, but this never damaged any of my discs. The sole reason for my disc problems was dust. On the other hand like others said the consoles suffer. None so far stopped working, but the fan will work like crazy and I experience longer loading times, and the ocasional frame drop.
  4. Then it is probably Microsoft trying to attract a new crowd.
  5. Platinum #120 MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune vs Zombies MegaTagmension is another spinoff of the Neptunia series for the Vita. This time around the turn based gameplay from the main games and Sega Hard Girls was ditched for an action game, very similar to Senran Kagura. The story is about the girls trying to save their school, Gamecademy, that is about to close due to a lack of new students, all while battling a mysterious zombie disease. They decide to kill two birds with one stone: battle the zombies while using the fights to make a movie, directed by Blanc and with Neptune as the protagonist, that is to be used to attract new students and save the school (and make Blanc receive an award while at it). Personally I found the story interesting when I started, but the execution felt very bland. Most of the cutscenes are from the movie, that arent actually that interesting. When the girls are talking as their normal selfs it is much better, but there are so few cutscenes like this, and they are not long. The combat is really bad. Most of the characters are clunky, the lock-on system is terrible, there are fps issues, and you fight the camera as much as the enemies. The EXE Drives's, supposed to be your most powerful attack, will miss most of the time. It is laughable. Thankfully the game is very easy. This is not something that I often talk about, but the interface of the game is really bland, like they did not care. Too basic and with no personality. And I dont know who thought that making the characters talk when you do literally anything on the menu was a good idea. It gets annoying really fast. The platinum is short, but is way too grindy. Japanese games are often like this, but when you spend more time grinding than playing the story you know that there is something wrong. Personally I did not take long to get the treasures or the dark history parts. The long that I grinded for a single one was for about 1 hour. The real longest grind is to get to lvl 99. While playing the story I tried to choose the characters evenly, so when I finished the one with the highest lvl was around 25 (Nepgear). She was the one that I chose for all the multiplayer grind, and only when I was close to finishing that I got her to lvl 99. In the end I did not like MegaTagmension. Maybe my expectations were too high for a spinoff, but this game needed more polish, care and love. Seemed like they decide to quickly put something together for some cash. Without doubt my least favorite Neptunia entry, and unless you really want to play all games, I dont recommend this one. The only good thing were the girls on school uniforms.
  6. Afaik Xbox is the worst plataform for JRPGs, so I would be really surprised and even disappointed if those games never came to Playstation. No information about a PS4 release saddens me though. I was planning on finally going for the P4G platinum as my 125th, but I will put that on hold and go for P5 instead. I want to play P4G on a big screen!
  7. I would start with both PSP GoW games, those are very short platinum, can even be done in a day. Ascension and Asura's Wrath are also good games, but take longer. FFXIII is widely disliked, but I loved the game and it is platinum. But be warned that you are up for a long ride. Not only the story itself is long, there is a lot of grind involved. Took me more than 100h to achieve the platinum. El Shaddai is a pretty unique and fun game, but I still havent tried to 100%. Everyone say it is very hard.
  8. I dont relate with those posts about the PS3 era. Personally it is the Playstation that I enjoyed the least. I dont know if it was because I got into it really late (2013) and had already played some of the multiplataform on PC, but it did not 'click' with me. I remember thinking that the games were not as good as I expected and had many poor experiences. It was actually the PS4 that reignited my passion from the PS2 days. Actually it is funny because my first time playing a PS3 was Assassin's Creed in 2008, and I experienced a mind blow, like that game was different from everything that I had played before. But I have to admit that the PS3 has something unique that is hard to describe. Got some plats on it in 2020 and there is something that the PS4 lacks, and it feels nostalgic even though I did not enjoy it that much. They could have kept the XMB.
  9. Cant say for how long, but The Last of Us II and Ghost of Tshushima were ranked 1st for a long time. And maybe FFVII Remaster, but not too sure about this one.
  10. This is an old thread, but I think this could be helpful about unlocking Delphinus: Following the steps detailed here, on the guide and even from someone on gamefaqs did not help me unlock the second conversation with Madame. I did all the steps written above, but only got the conversation after completing all Mega Drive era quests, including the "last" one where you fight Mega Drive in M/J Box. Only after I turned this quest to Histoire that Madame appeared a second time.
  11. Platinum #119 Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls After playing the three mainline games remakes this is my first Neptunia spin-off. It was refreshing having IF and Segami as protagonists, although Neptune also has a big role in this game. I like the combat system of the Re;Birth games, but the changes they made to this title were interesting. It has better OST than the Re;Birth games. The story was so-so, I think the CPUs could have a bit more spotlight. Took me 5 additional hours than the guide states, but this is a short platinum, at least when talking about JRPGs. If you do missions regularly and get all coins and baseballs as you first venture into the dungeons there are only the Lily ranks, lvl 99 and fever time grinds. Those grinds took me around 4 hours. Using the Dreamblade Charge method the game get really easy, but I had the feeling that without it things could be different.
  12. Hoping that I dont have to wait as long as the for KH III. And that it does not disappoint me as III did.
  13. Platinum #118 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3 V Generation The last of the remakes, and my favorite one. Once again the game have a more goofy tone, unlike the second one. The comedy is on point. I dont remember the last game where I grinned so much. Merging the EXE drive into the SP one was a change that I liked, but essentially the gameplay is the same as the other two. Platinum-wise I also thought that this game is than 1 and 2. Although longer, the grinds are far less tedious than the Clione grinding from Re;Birth 1, and this time we dont have multiple endings involving planning the shares, nor we have a really tight MB usage on the remake system like on the second one. And this time around Stella's Dungeon is extremely easy. Regu and Bamo is probably the hardest fight from all 3 games. The guide states that you cant use the Drill discs because you cant HDD off. While it is true, if you let them kill you, just revive the dead and you can make use of the Drill strategy. This was how I defeated them, because only the best weapons from the Colosseum was not enough, and I did not want to go after better armor gear. My party was Neptune, Plutia, Noire and Vert. If you are a fan of JRPGs and already played the well known ones, I think the Neptunia series are good games. They are usually goofy and dont take itself seriously most of the time, and the gameplay is good enough. Sadly it does not have outstanding OST or good graphics, but are worth the time.
  14. There are some funny moments in certain games that I played like on Bayonetta, DMC games, or the skits on Tales of or some dialogues on Atelier. But if I had to add a comedy tag to games it would be AI: Somnium Files and the Ace Attorney games.
  15. Platinum #117 Ar Nosurge Plus: Ode To An Unborn Star "Back when Ra Ciela still existed...". In Ar Nosurge we follow the story of the colony ship Soreil. Its inhabitants are the descendants of the survivors of the destructions of their home world, Ra Ciela, in their unending travel through space to a inhabitable planet. However humans are regularly attacked by mysterious creatures, the Sharl, and kidnapped to an unknown place. Can they survive those attacks and reach their destination? Ar Nosurge certainly has one of the most unique and creative stories out there. Not only the story has a rather unique plot, but they added a lot of 4th wall breaking in it, and not to make jokes: it is an integral part of the storytelling. And it is not hard to understand the story, even though it is a sequel to the Japan-exclusive Ciel Nosurge. At first I felt a bit overwhelmed by information, but as the story progress those things are explained. Besides whenever an important event of the previous game is mentioned, some character always explains it, so you can understand everything without problem. The soundtrack is a point that really stands out. Gust games always have very good OSTs, and this one is not different. If I had to make a list it would be one of the higher rankeds. Graphic-wise it looks the same as most JRPGs from the Vita. The framerate is constant at 90% of the time, but during some Song Attacks with many enemies on screen, and in certain maps the fps drops though. The gameplay is also pretty unique. When on a zone with enemies you can defeat all of them at once in just one battle. This is good for walking the maps, because you dont have to bother with the number of fights, but you will have little use for the battle system because of this. The maps are usually short anyways, so maybe they should have given a bit more spotlight to combat. Since this game is more of a novel / dating sim than a JRPG, makes sense. The conversation between partners, diving inside the mind of important characters to help solve their subconscious contradictions, and the main game itself, be prepared for a lot of reading. The synthesis had personality, I liked it and never skipped one. The platinum is really easy. As long as you watch out for the missables, everything is just playing the side content of the game. There is not any kind of grind for the platinum. The combat trophies are very manageable, not needing any kind of special preparation to get them. If Ar Nosurge were to be described in a single word, it would be "unique". This game is very different from most games that I played, and I really liked this, it has personality. It is niche, but the fact that this game is largely unknown, at least in the West, is surprising. If reading most of the time is not a problem, you should give this game a try. it is worth the time.