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  1. Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires. That game is ugly, boring, soulless and extremely repetitive, thankfully the platinum is really short. But I considered giving up at one point.
  2. Platinum #115 Atelier Escha & Logy Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky Atelier Escha and Logy is the second part of the Dusk Trilogy. Atelier Ayesha ended up being one of my favorite Atelier. Is this game a worth sequel? Once again we visit the Dusk world, where the misuse of alchemy by the ancients caused irreparable damage to the environment and life is very hard. This time we follow Escha, a novice alchemist and government officer in Colseit, on the frontier, alongside Logy, newcomer from Central City, working toward the ultimate goal of reaching the mysterious Unexplored Ruins. Like in Ayesha, this game is also more mature than the Arland and Mysterious trilogies. Obviously the cute moments are there, but there are often heavy topics because of the state of the world. I would even dare say that there are tear inducing moments. Changing protagonists does not change the story, but there are some scenes and events exclusive to each one. While the main story is good, I think the characters events are a bit weak. There are many times where I smile or even laugh with the events from previous games, but on this one I felt most of them very bland. Interactions near the end of the game get better, but it was done better on other games. The artistic part of the game is outstanding. Once again we have very beautiful illustrations with the same art style used on Atelier Ayesha, which might be my favorite style from the 3 series. And they did not lack on the musical departament. We are greeted with a very good OP, rivalizing with the amazing one from Ayesha, and then with the touching and beautiful main theme that plays during the main title screen, that has an amazing illustration btw. The themes used are also very good. Atelier games always have good OST, but maybe this one takes the cake has the best one. The battle system, often overlooked, is good like always. Apparently the one used in Lydie and Suelle was heavely inspired by the one used in this game, because they are very similar. The alchemy system is a great improvement over the overcomplicated one from Ayesha, but I think it is too OP. It is very easy to make items with powerful traits (called properties on this one), even early on. If this makes the game too easy, at least it is fun to use, specially while synthesing your ultimate gear and items. Sadly there are bad things about this game. The first one is the localization. There are plenty of misspelled sentences, but the worse are items descriptions. Many of them are extremely vague, and there is a serious mistranslation problem. On your first synthesis you will notice a Recovery L effect. You will get surprised, because actually the effect is small, and not large. Sadly it is like this on all effects: everything that is S, supposed a small, weak effect, is actually large, and the contrary is true. A serious and lazy problem that I dont understand how it was overlooked. The second is the performance. With the DX version and Vita not being popular, I think few people will have this problem, but this game runs on low FPS. I would say 30 at good moments, and 20~25, even reaching 15 at moments. Platinum-wise this follow the trend of easier platinums after the Arland trilogy. Character events are missable, but as long as you switch your party members and pay attention to the quick travel menu there is no way to miss anything. You need two playthroughs because of character exclusive events, plus the true ending is only achievable on a 2nd playthrough, besides the gender specific ending. The "super"boss on this game is the easiest from all Ateliers that I played until now. The worst part is grinding to lvl 99, but this takes less than 2 hours, there are far worse grinds on JRPGs. Atelier Escha and Logy is another amazing entry on this very good series, even if not as good as Ayesha. Even if the side events are weak, the art, gameplay and the main story are very strong. Personally I dont think this is the best entry point for the series for a newcomer, but play the PS4 version if you are interested. I dont know if they corrected the poor localization, but at least the FPS should be better. .
  3. PoP was one my favorite franchises back on the PS2 days. At the time I thought the games were innovative, fluid and very fun to play. I had already played many of the big ones like GoW, DMC and Onimusha, and had played some less know, but that I rate high, like Bujingai and Genji. I completed the trilogy platinum last year, and it was one my worst experiences recently. The games aged very poorly, the remasters dont remaster anything, and you may have to deal with bugs when trying to platinum. Luckly I did not have any problem, but there are many complaints about it online. PoP 2009 I played on PC some time after release, and got the platinum some years ago. It is very different from other PoP games, but I think it is very charming. I liked the setting and the cel shadding style. Currently it is my favorite PoP. I also played Forgotten Sands on release and got the platinum on 2019. That game is mediocre at best, and thankfully the platinum is short. If you want to get into the franchise, I would wait for the remake, unless you enjoy playing old and outdated games. Last time I read anything about it seems that the team was having some production issues, and the game had been delayed. Also apparently there was a lack of recent news. I dont remember reading anything about remastering the other two, but if this one does well commercially I would say yes.
  4. Right now 32. The reason? They are mainly games that I played years ago that I did not even like and dont have plans to platinum that I dont want to have on my list. Or something that I bought to give as gift that I tested beforehand. There are probably some entries that should be hidden, but I dont feel like dealing with this.
  5. So many good games on sale. Will probably buy Nelke, Shallie DX and P5R.
  6. Platinum #114 Ultra Age Ultra Age is a indie hack and slash game released just this week. Since I watched the trailer a few weeks ago it caught my interest. Is this game any good? The story is about the progatonist Age going to a certain planet with his robot partner Helvis to search for a relic for his client. He has only few days of life left, but if he is succesful in his mission, he will be rewarded with eternal life. As we advance the story more information about the world is presented to us. I will not lie, I did not care about the story until the last hour. I found Age and his robot partner very uninteresting, so it was hard to care for them. It is like a fighting game: the story is there only to explain why we are fighting. I think they got inspiration from Nier Automata for the story and setting, but failed in the execution. Graphically I think the game is ok. There are many better looking games out there, but it is good enough that you will not think "wow, this game is ugly". The soundtrack is mediocre, as is the voice acting (japanese). But what caught my interest in this game was the gameplay, and this is the sole selling point of the game. But this was well done, because the combat is pretty fun. In the end you will have 6 different swords to choose from, each working better against a certain type of enemy. When the durability of your sword is low you can dispose of it to release a powerful attack, but dont worry: your swords are made of crystals, and there are many of them scattered around the world, so you will not run out of them. At least I did not even come close to it. The combat is really similar to DMC: fast paced combat with tons of mobility and the ability to chain combos. I only wish we had to use more of the weapons. From the 6 swords I mainly used 2, and only used the others very occasionaly. One of them I did not even use. There is no difficulty option, but I do not think the game is hard. As long as you use the right sword against each enemy and dodge the right way you should not have trouble. The most dangerous part are the bosses. The hardest fight by far is the last boss. This fight is a really nasty and unecessary power spike. The platinum is extremely straightforward: just play the game and you will get all but 3 trophies, all of them related to Power Gears. I will not say that those are hidden, because the maps are small and there arent hidden paths in the minimap, but you may have trouble getting 20 of those. Personally I do not know how many of those are there, but I got 22. They are used to upgrade some of your skills. I would even say that this trophy is missable, because when I finished the game there was no chapter select or new game plus option. When you choose to continue after beating the game you are put on the last area, and I was unable to find a way to go back from there. But even if there is it does not help much, because this game is not open world, and you cannot return to previous areas anyway. I liked Ultra Age. Although it lacks a engaging story and memorable soundtrack, the polished and engaging combat make it worth for the somewhat cheap release price. I hope this game sells well so the developers can make a better game in the future.
  7. Not gonna lie, I wish I had this kind of dedication and planning. What made you plan your milestones this way?
  8. I started caring after viewing the profile of a guy who had all milestone trophies as a platinum. I thought that was pretty cool and started caring about my milestones after that, but only for platinums, starting with my 75th one. Having Star Wars Force Unleashed platinum also be my 4500th trophy was pure coincidence.
  9. Platinum #113 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 is a remake of the first game, originally released for the PS3. Apparently the original version had a very poor reception in the West. Is the remake a good game? The story starts with the amnesiac Neptune in a quest to recover her memories, while making friends and traveling the four lands of Gamindustri, the game's world. But unlike almost all other games, Neptunia does not take itself seriously. The game dialogue has many puns, jokes, references to anime and others games, 4th wall breaking and a little bit of fan service. Even at what should be a serious moments there will be a joke at some point to make you laugh. I did laugh a few times, but the game often made me smile, and I really liked the light-hearted tone of the game. Many of the game enemies, items and dungeons make some sort of reference to other games and game companies. Mainly japanese, but there are western references too. Gameplay-wise the game is something between a visual novel and a standard JRPG. The story aspect of the game is told in a visual novel way. There are cities, but you only navigate them through menus. The JRPG part start when you visit a dungeon, and you can control a 3D character like usual. The battle system is simple, but unique. One thing that I disliked about the game is the lack of dungeon variety. I would like to talk about the game difficulty. The game is not hard, but it expect you to grind. On the past I was someone who would always grind on JRPGs, but this made games too easy and time consuming because I would grind too much, so I stopped. I was using this approach on Re;Birth 1, but I was forced to grind. I advise you to always level by 2 to 3 levels before a boss, unless fights are too easy. Other good tips are: ignore Break Attacks. Using Power and Rush attacks your turns are used in a much better way. When you get to lvl 25 you will learn EXE drives, powerful attacks that spend the EXE gauge. They deal great damage to both HP and guard, so spamming Rush attacks during hard fights is a must. And not equipping any Break moves will let you have more points to equip better Rush and Power attacks; And this is as important as the other: buy the Life Ring. This will increase your HP substantially, specially early on. And with healing skills recovering based on % HP, you will be able to heal for at least the damage you receive. I dont know how I would be able to get through chapter 2 without them. The platinum is pretty standard for a JRPG: get all endings, max lvl everyone, farm money and items. I hated the grind for 100M credit. It is boring, long and pointless. I can understand a developer wanting you to complete the items list, fighting all enemies, completing all quests, etc, but this trophy is just dumb. And I tackled the platinum in a different way from the guide. Using the remake system only to add dungeons and the Super EXE I was able to reach chapter 8 with enough MB to get 2 CPU candidates. I made a save before heading to the final dungeon, and then I finished the game and got then normal ending. After that I reloaded the save, got one CPU candidate, and then made a backup save to use later on. I unlocked the second sister, then used the Fairy Fencer F free DLC to get the cheat sword for Neptune. Using this sword along with the Fairycize processor gear and Historie Bookmark allowed me to kill Clione with 2 EXE drive while in HDD and with STR buffed. My party was Neptune, Blanc and Compa, with the last being the party leader so Clione would focus her. I started doing this at around lvl 80. After finishing the EXP and Credit grinding I rebalanced my shares to achieve the requirements for the true ending and got the Item Master trophy. Saved and loaded the backup save. There I unlocked the last candidate and got her to lvl 99, which took only a few minutes, loaded the true ending save and finished the game, and the platinum. This made me not replay the game again, and I saved 2 to 3 hours in comparison with the guide. In the end I liked Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1. If you are willing to give a different, light-hearted parody JRPG a chance, I think you will like the game. I am finally willing to start working on my Neptunia backlog.
  10. Are ultra rare platinums important to me? No. Would it be cool to have a profile full of the rarest, hardest trophies? Yes. But do I want to bother myself with it? No. I am a trophy hunter, but I choose my games based only on enjoyment. If I want to play a game and it has one of those ultra rare platinums, I will go after it. But if it does not, I will not care. But I respect people that only go or have preferences for this kind of platinum. I respect their skill and patience.
  11. I upload the save to the cloud and then delete. I own very little physical games since some years ago, so I cant sell or trade. But I dont think I would sell or trade even if I had physical copies, I like to collect things.
  12. Platinum #112 Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory After Kingdom Hearts III we get a new KH, and now it is a rhythm game celebrating the series (amazing) soundtrack, along with a recap of everything that happened and a glimpse of what comes next. The gameplay is really enjoyable. It is pretty different from others games of the genre that I played before. The Kingdom Hearts soundtrack is very good, and even though the game is not very hard, that are some challenging songs here and there. I spent more than the 50 hours on the guide because of my obsession with getting full chains, and not even once I felt tired of sick of the game. The platinum is very straightforward. The 50 full chains on proud songs and finishing all songs on proud may sound hard, but in reality it is not. I think that if they asked for 75 or even 100 full chains the platinum rate would not even change much. Some songs you will need to retry a few times until you "understand" a part, but on the majority you will get the full chain on less than 5 tries after you play the game for a while. Just clearing is even easier since you can use items to heal HP. Another thing that makes this not too challenging is the fact that the songs are short. Aside from some memory dives most songs are under 3 minutes, and others even feel like under 2 minutes. COM Battles are a bit annoying though. When on platinum rank you will always be under the effect of pretty annoying tricks on the most crucial parts of the song. And since they are always on proud, you will miss and end up losing, having to retry. And to makes things worse the computer almost always hit rainbow excellents, so you have to step up your game too. I would say KH: MoM is a very enjoyable game. Actually even after two years I was still bitter about how KH III went. The game is far from bad, but maybe I had too high expectations and ended up frustrated. Playing this and listening to the soundtrack made me remember how much I like the franchise, and I am even feeling a bit anxious about the next entry. Let's hope it does not take too long this time. If you are a fan of the series do not skip this.
  13. My first platinum, God of War III, is my trophy #186. The cool part is that the second one, Final Fantasy XIII, is less than 10 trophies apart: it is trophy number 193. I started early on, those were some of my first games. Every time before turning off the PS3 I would look at the trophies stats and those missing trophies would drive me crazy (I collected achievements in WoW before). But at the start I still did not have my two rules: platinum what I play, and playing only one game at a time.
  14. Platinum #111 Tales of Berseria Tales of Berseria is a prequel to Tales of Zestiria. When I played Tales of Zestiria last year I already knew of the many harsh critics the game faced, but despite all that I liked the game. But how about Berseria? In this game we follow Velvet Crowe on her quest of revenge against the leader of the Abbey that control the world because of events that happened three years before the game. As she struggles against the order of the world she is joined by few companions, each of them with their own motives and interests. Both the story and the characters in this game are amazing. I got hooked at the first minutes and loved every second of the adventure. The characters are very different from what you see on most JRPGs. They are not on their mission for justice, to save the world of for a greater good: they are there because they want to, only for themselves and for no one else. It is an amazing cast that is a breath of fresh air for the genre. And if you liked the story I strongly suggest that you do the side content, even if you are not aiming for the platinum. It explains, reveals and expands topics that I even think that should be on the main story. I liked the gameplay. I have not played many, but I struggled a bit in past Tales games with a combat that I felt a bit clunky. Maybe I learnt how to play those games or Berseria does have a different style, but I liked the fast paced action on battles and felt at home with the system. Another thing that I really liked is the great importance that they gave to status ailments. Funny enough I was thinking about this a few days before playing this game, but usually in JRPGs status ailments are a bit useless and unfair. Many enemies and bosses will torment the player because of them, specially early game (I am looking at you poison), but most bosses are completely immune to them, or is very hard to inflict them with anything. But in Berseria this is different. Not only getting aflicted by one locks you of all except of one form of healing, but dealing ailments is essential to get stronger in battle because of the soul system, specially against bosses. Difficulty wise the game is not hard. I started the game on normal, but looked like the enemies would just stand still and would not attack much, so I increased to moderate. Moderate solved the agressiveness problem, but since I was battling a lot farming the master skills, I started to outlevel everything, so I increased the game again to hard, where I had the best experience. I was always at the same level or slightly bellow and the battles offered a healthy amount of challenge. Regular battles were still a breeze, but Dire foes encounters, dangerous encounters, the final boss and side bosses were definitely a step above all else on hard. Like on Tales of Hearts R and Zestiria and most JRPGs, to get this platinum you will have to face a lot of grinds. I advise you to grind the titles as much as possible during your two playthroughs to avoid more grind later. Change the character you control from time to time, switch party members, and this will avoid you plenty of repetitive grind later on. In the end I fell in love with Berseria. It is one my favorite games of this generation, and I really took my time with it. I think that if I played the story a 3rd time I would still not get bored or feel repetitive. To me Zestiria was a good game, but Berseria does everything that Zestiria does, but much better. The only thing that disappoint is the soundtrack. With a more memorable and powerful one Berseria would be much better. But this title surely increased the bar for Tales of Arise.
  15. It will be a big sucess or a huge failure. The part that caught my interest the most is where it really doubles as a PC, even if the software is not Valve/Steam-related. At least someone is trying to compete in this market. It still does not makes sense to me how Sony has simple given up this market for almost 10 years (let's be honest, they never tried to make the Vita succesful).