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  1. I could not give another answer: Playstation 2. I really like the PS4, but the PS2 was much more revolutionary at its time. On a more personal level, it was the console that I played the most number of titles and spent the most hours, and was the console that set my standards for what to expect of other games.
  2. There are many games that I would like to plat again, but I will go with World of Final Fantasy. I played on Vita, but the PS4 version, graphically, is worlds apart. This has been a regret of mine for a long time, because I loved the game, but sadly the list is the same for both verisons.
  3. Good additions, I may play the game again, certain boss fights are just too good.
  4. When I saw the thread about the interim GOTY I had this same thought, because I have not played a single 2020 game yet. Good thread. The game that I enjoyed the most until now was AI: Somnium Files. Others very good games were Atelyer Ayesha DX, Tales of Zestiria and Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth.
  5. If Vita only interests you when on a transport, there is not to be done besides waiting. Of course I dont know when, but things will go back to normal at some point, and then you can enjoy the Vita again. Or get over this feeling and try to start playing a little, maybe this will rekindle your interest over time. Personally I never played with my Vita outside, so I dont have this kind of problem. I bought it thinking about the exclusives, that only later I found out that werent many, but the japanese catalog made the buy worth, even if some of them are also on PS4. I even think some of those games look better on Vita. I also share the neck pains, because if I raise it to eye level my arms get tired, so I have to put it down. I also have memories of playing on a handheld console while on subway, but it was the PSP, while I was still on school. Playing KH, FF and Tekken 6 almost made my miss the station many times.
  6. Since many of the well knows were already said, I will recommend some less talked: Blue Reflection, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth (1st one), Exist Archive and World of Final Fantasy.
  7. Maybe it is under the grindy category, but what I hate most are annoying random miscellaneous trophies, the kind that makes you do X action an unreasonable amount of times for no reason other than annoy.
  8. Never knew the Switch version had additional content. If it really has a new trophy list I will 100% buy this, but not at full price. This game is great, but was a bit easy, and this left me a bit disappointed. This time I will up the challenge before starting.
  9. Platinum #98 Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth There were some things that I was obsessed as a kid, and Digimon was one of them. I watched the first four seasons, all Adventure related series / movies, and played many games. I played this after a long time without touching a Digimon game, probably more than 10 years. I had read great things about the game, but since I leave myself on the dark before playing something, I didnt really know exactly what to expect, but this game was far better than I have anticipated. Let's start with the story. I will not go on details, but this is very different from the kind of story of Digimon animes. This game was clearly made for a more mature audience. It's not a masterpiece, but was really enjoyable. Predictable at times, and very unpredictable at others. From the start I would never guess the ending, that was really well done in my opinion. I just wish Nokia appeared more, because I would always have a smile on my face with her, a really funny character. It was nice see the Digimon concept be used a bit different. Visually the game is also great. I played on Vita, and the fps is almost always constant. The game is not stunning, and has some rough edges, but it looks good. I guess it is even more good looking on PS4. The OST is amazing, and I really enjoyed the tracks. The gameplay is also a strong point. It is a very basic JRPG system: turn based, where you have to play with the advantage system. Digimons have a type: Vaccine > Virus > Data, and there is 4th called Free, that does not have advantage over any other. And there are 3 cycles of elements: Fire > Grass > Water / Earth > Thunder > Wind / Light <> Darkness. There is also the neutral element, that works like the Free type. If you do not exploit this, even random battles will be tough, because unless your level is really high, you dont do enough damage to oneshot enemies frequently, even when Digimons are from different forms. The difficulty is a bit over the place. Random battles are easy, but the difficulty really spikes during boss fights. I never lost one or felt endangered, but probably this is because I always had with me Digimons of different types and elements, so I almost had at least one way to deal with a certain enemy. The bosses have really big health pool, and they often have ways to buff themselves to get even stronger. Most of those ways are not available to the player after you get the same digimon. If you are having trouble, try using the main digivolutions of Kuramon, that are all Free Dark. They have high ATK and SPD, and served me very well until endgame, when the inability to cause 3x damage to the frequent high health enemies started to be a burden. There is another important aspect of the gameplay, and it is Digimon breeding. When you fight a digimon, he is automatically scanned. When this percentage reaches 100, you can download it on the Digilab and use it on your party. From there you can level them up to digivolve or de-digivolve. Now this is where I think the game shines. First, you have access to more than 200 digimons, from some minor ones, to the ones the protagonists use, and the main villains. This is something that I always loved and wished in a Digimon game, and only had the chance to do on Diigmon World 2. But contrary to the mentioned title, this game does not require insane grinds to get your favorite Digimons. To digivolve, you need to meet certain criteria, like reaching a certain level, or growing a stat until a certain point. De-digivolving is also essential, because some evolutionary lines require a stat called ABI at a certain point, and this is only possible digivolving and de-digivolving. De-digivolving also gives you another advantage, because you can build your digimons. Skills learned are inherited to the former or next form, meaning that you can make your digimon versatile. Another thing that I really liked is the fact that you can make one digimon into any other. I turned a ShellNumemon into a SkullGreymon. I am 100% sure that you can turn any digimon into another, through various process of digivolution and de-digivolution. Before going into the trophies, there are a few things that I did not like. First, the poor translation. English is not my native language, and still needs to be worked on, but man, this translation was poor. Some sentences dont make sense, there are wrong words, many medals were translated wrong (MedicalGallantmon, Lucemon Rival), medals with duplicated names (Justimon, Wargrowlmon). Maybe the West is not their main market, but I think this subpar quality is disrepectful to customers. Other thing that I disliked is the lack of voice acting and background music. The cases dialogue does not have voice acting, and coupled with the fact that many areas does not have any music, it is very strange to just read text and not hear anything, does not fit well in a modern game. Another thing that I disliked is the fact that there is no ingame way to load your save, closing and starting the game was disruptive. Last, dungeons should be longer and complicated. Short dungeons are really anticlimactic, and too frequent in newer JRPGs. About the trophies do as the guide states and always search dungeons for items to upgrade your farm or add another island and medals. Coincidence or not, I only got the item for another island after I maxed the previous one. Since I did not miss any of those items, I guess this was on purpose. And do not get worried, it takes a bit to start getting them. Also, some dungeons you can only revisit later on. Breeding Digimon is something that you should do since the start. Getting to 150 is very easy, but from there to 200 takes a while. The battles rewards you with good EXP, so just playing normally, fighting all battles and completing cases will help a lot. Sometimes I grinded a little when I found a good spot to digivolve some Digimons that were close to the threshold. You will still need to grind a little though. I my case I needed 6 more Digimons after clearing the game. The coliseums are not hard. I used mostly Royal Knights and some mega digimons that I liked, and I had no problem. The offline one is easier than online imo. Online digimons are really overpowered, having much health, very high speed, and having access to multiple buffs and debuffs. For some reason, its really hard to debuff them, something that I think was unfair and a really cheap way to make fights harder. The medals trophy is a pain. Another thing that I advise you to do is investigate since the beginning. I only had to drop very few medals this way, because some can also be obtained through property cases, incluinding GroundLocomon. For Agumon (Black), my last medal not from a gacha machine, I used 4 farms with 10 rookies each, and one with 10 ultimates, all of them with search personality. Took me less than 5 reloads to get the case. The others trophies you will eventually get while working on those that I mentioned. In the end, I had a very good time with this game. Took me 113 hours to platinum, but the only bad part was getting those 300 medals from gacha, that was boooring. Even if you do not like Digimon, I still think this is a really good JRPG. This game is like they mixed Digimon with Persona and Megaman Battle Network, three things that I rate really high. Best digimon game that I ever played, and I played many of them. Give this game a try, it will be worth your while.
  10. I wish I could have never seen this thread. I was never expecting this, and until now I have not received anything. I am a PS Plus member for almost 5 years straight and have spent thousands of BRL on PSN. Because of this they may be thinking: "Nah, this guys does not need anything to spend even more with us". No matter the reason, I'm feeling bitter now. A pretty shitty feeling tbh.
  11. I get the plat for everything I play, but I only buy games that I expect to enjoy. Getting the platinum sometimes makes me enjoy a game more, because it makes me explore parts of the game that normally I would not. But obviously there are bad times, like when I have to stick with a game that I didnt like, or a trophy that is extremely boring and repetitive. I dont do multiple stacks of a game, does not makes sense to me. Each platinum has to be a unique experience. But I may platinum the same game more than one time, like when I got my very first platinum, GoW III, and some years ago I got it again on PS4. The same thing with the first Darksiders. And I will probably do it on the future like replaying Bayonetta, or some other game if the desire arise at some point.
  12. The PS4 has been excellent for me. I have a grudge with the PS3, so I enjoyed very few games. I was even thinking years ago if console gaming was not for me anymore, because I would quickly get burnout of everything that I started, and only got enjoyment from online games. After I watched the trailer for FF Type-0 HD I found the game so awesome that it prompted me to buy the PS4 early (I only bought the PS3 in 2012), so I got mine a few days after Christmas 2014. Another thing that made me want a PS4 was the fact that the PS4 version of Samurai Warriors 4 offered a better experience, which made me notice that I would be left out if sticked with only a PS3. It really took me a while to start using the PS4 costantly, because the library was a bit empty, and many games did not interest me, but I played a bit later on 2015. For personal reasons I almost did not use it on 2016, playing only the two inFamous. But since early 2017, when I got hooked on MKX and got my first plat after a long time (Nioh), I have been playing non-stop. Sometimes I have a break because I am playing something on PS3 / Vita, or am playing online on PC. Personally I think the majority of the games are very good. I had a very enjoyable time with many titles, and there are still many others on my backlog, and more that I want to buy on the future. It's still not the console that I played the most, because I spent countless hours on PS2, but probably when I plat my last title on PS4, it will be the one I spent the most time with. Quality wise it's hard to compare it to the PS2. Maybe because I was younger and the leap from PS1 to 2 was much bigger than from 3 to 4, I dont feel as mesmerized, or think "wow, I never played anything like this before". But in the future, when I look back at my time in this generation, I am certain that I will have fond memories. And as some others, my PS4 also has an issue with the disc drives. Randomly it starts to beep nonstop. I still does not know what makes it start and stop. The disc driver start to make sounds and try to eject something, even though I never use physical games. My PS4 is from Southeast Asia, and I remember reading online that some early models from there have this problem, but since it never bothered me, I never tried to search a fix for it. My only regret was not buying the version with 1 TB for a few more BRL. I already had the habit of buying digital games on PS3, and they were not too big, so I thought that PS4 games would not be much bigger. Man, I was wrong. I play games randomly, so its really bothersome having to manage the library.
  13. You played Chains of Olympus and 2018, so play all GoW games. And KH too.
  14. It's just practice. I finished the game on normal, then I started my S rank run from human. Just play the stage until you get it. Eventually you will learn how to string different attacks naturally, how to deal with certain encounters, learn enemies patterns and things will go very quick. In some stages I preffered to do a no damage run instead of relying on Stylish points alone, so maybe because of this I didnt have too many problems on HAH. The hardest missions to me were 4 (the one with V that you start underground and at the very start you fight with some very annoying lizards) both on DMD and HAH, and one mission with Dante where you active some altars and fight Urizen at the end if I am not mistaken, on DMD. Until that point I refused to use Faust, but then I gave up and used, and it is a great ally of yours if you know how to time it right. Personally I played a lot of DMC on the past, specially 3, but I never bothered with scoring S or getting high stylish point, so DmC and DMC 5 platinums were the only time that I really tried this. It is just practice and patience. Sometimes you will repeat the same part over and over, put the game is so good that I didnt even care, it's like in Sekiro. Just dont bother watching videos on Youtube or reading guides, do it your way. I got the platinum and everything, but I think that if I recorded my runs they would not be as elegant, fluid and stylish as some you will watch.
  15. Maybe this would make me go back and finish the first.