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  1. So many times that I lost count. This mainly happen when I'm connected with the game on an emotional level.
  2. For some reason this reminded me of DmC. Probably a must buy for me.
  3. Platinum #78 Asura's Wrath Do you want to play an over the top, stylish, cool, shounen-like game? Do you like lots of QTEs? Do you want to experience a story made of conspiracy, betrayal, asian mythology, sci-fi and a very angry protagonist? So Asura's Wrath is the game for you. This game is very unique. The chapters are comprised of plenty of somewhat long cutscenes (many of them with QTEs) and combat segments between them. The combat is very simple, and after the tutorial you will know everything. You fight enemies until your burst gauge is maxed, and when the time comes, press R2 do advance the chapter. There are bosses, and each of them is unique, but all the battles are simples. But be ready to do counters, and this means to be ready to QTEs. The game is not hard. On normal you will never day, maybe on the final boss and that is it. Now the hard playthrough is another thing. The majority of the chapters didnt pose a threat, but some of the later ones had some troublesome sections. Getting the platinum is not too hard, but a bit boring. If you follow the guide and clear the game without seeing your gauge on easy, there is nothing to worry. Damage taken when using the Mortal gauge is massive, even on easy, but since completion time and battle rank is meaningless on this run, just be patient and careful and you will finish it in no time. Getting S rank on all missions on Normal is pretty easy. After you learn how to increase your battle score and know when the QTEs will show up, you will wonder why you couldnt do it on your first time. Also, the Obliterator gauge will help very much. Getting S on Hard may prove a bit difficult on later chapters. I had to replay some of the last set of chapters a few times because some encounters do really high damage, but unlike the Mortal playthrough, this time you must be quick AND have good battle score. But it's not frustrating like some other games out there, just not a walk in the park. What makes the game trophy is precisely this repetitive clearing of the game. If you play one time just to enjoy the story and learn things, you will have to clear the game 5 times. At the end I was a bit burned. There are many miscellaneous trophies, the majority related to combat, and you will eventually get them during you playthroughs. I didnt have to farm any of them. Others you will acquire without even realizing when skipping scenes. There are 2 that need something specific to do, but it will take just a few minutes and are on the beginning of a chapter, and since there are chapter select, there is nothing to worry about. In the end this is a short to medium, unique, exaggerated, action filled platinum. I dont know what took me too long to plat this game, because I would like to play a game similar to this on the future. Hell, even a remaster I would gladly accept.
  4. That was one of the games that I most wanted to play on the PS3. The game is unique and very good, but I didnt play it at a good time and I think this ended up making the platinum run bad. Maybe instead of continuing I should start all over again on the PS4.
  5. Certainly the PS3 version of Resonance of Fate. Put many hours into it, reached the final chapter and had a string of things to do, but got bored of the game and never played again.
  6. Platinum #77 Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands When you are a trophy hunter, eventually you will look for games that you wouldnt play otherwise. I loved the Prince of Persia trilogy back on the PS2, the 2008 reboot is a fantastic game in all senses, but Forgotten Sands is just mediocre. The graphics are average. The combat is also average. You only attack with square, but you can hold the button to empower your attacks. But since the enemies telegraph their attacks all the time, and the game put them in big groups, you will spend most of the combat doing a few hits and dodging to a less crowded space. You have access to 4 elemental magics that are really useful in its on way, and they can help you if things get rough. They're really overpowered when maxed. I advise you to max stone armor as soon as possible, not only for certain trophies, but because, to me, this is the best of the four. There are two things that this game do very well: the puzzles and the plataforming sequences. The majority of the puzzles are really easy and you will solve on the fly, but there are a couple that are challenging. I miss when games had puzzles, they're really rare nowadays. The plataforming sequences are really fun. At first they're simple, but they get more and more complex over time. Coupled with magics that the Prince learn during his adventure, you will need to have quick fingers. And unlike the combat, the Prince movements are really fluid. During combat not only the Prince, but the monsters are really clunky, it's a pain to the eyes. The trophies are not hard. There are many miscellaneous trophy that you can tackle early on. Using the Stone Armor strategy make both no damage trophies really easy. And the low AI of the enemies makes defeating 50 enemies without being hit also easy. The other trophies are story ones, tied to buying and killing 50 enemies with magics, and something that hardly can be called a challenge. In the end, my opinion is the same from years ago, when this game was still new: this entry is mediocre, far worse than the other Prince of Persia games. I'm glad that this game was forgotten on the sands of time, but it's a shame that a franchise so good, so iconic, has been forgotten for so long, and that this is the last title released. Seeing so many franchises being succesfully revived on later years, one can only hope to see a new and good PoP game in the near future. I advise this game only if you're a hardcore fan of PoP, or if you want a short platinum. The game is not bad, just doesnt fit the level of the other Prince of Persia games.
  7. Sekiro DMC 5 God of War (2018) Atelier Meruru Plus Batman Arkham Asylum The games I will play year this will not be better than these.
  8. Platinum #76 Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires I put countless hours into all versions of Samurai Warriors 2 back in the PS2, loved all SW4 versions and Spirit of Sanada, played all Orochi Warriors aside from 3, so I know and love the Warriors games. Recently I thought of starting the Dynasty Warriors series, so I chose the oldest one with trophies. I didnt like this game. The graphics are dull and boring. These games are not know for their graphics, and it was released ten years ago, but if I played this when it was released, I'm sure my opinion would be the same. Sometimes the terrain texture look unfinished, and the colors look dead. The combat is extremely repetitive. Yes, these games are this way, but normally the combos are flashy and cool, but not in this game. The characters seem to repeat the same motions, and you can just spam your way through with square. I cant say for sure, but certain characters seemed to do the same movements. The positives are the characters designs. Some have way better design this time around than in later instalments. The levels are elaborate and complex, being more interesting than the ones in the games I played before. And the fact that, even though this is a Warriors game, the time to get the platinum trophy is short. Normally you put at least 50 hours, but this game took me less than fifteen. To end this post, I only recommned this game if you want to expand your trophy list, or if you really love the Warriors series or Dynasty Warriors. Otherwise, there plenty of more interesting options out there.
  9. All FF games plays different from the others, specially the newer ones. Since XIV is an MMO, XIII is the main predecessor to XV, and they are completely different. FF XV is very different, since it's much more similar to an open world, action game with RPG elements than a turn based JRPG, which is the category that fit the majority of FF games. XV had everything to be a really good game, but ended up being a mess. Graphically the game is good, the combat is fun to play, but the story is really bad, short and rushed. In the ind it's just a good, but forgettable game. From the games you described, I think you should play safe and start with FFX or olders.
  10. Platinum #75 Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Since I heard some strategies were patched, I will start stating that I played in the 1.04 version. Well, I think everyone that is into gaming heard about Sekiro a lot this year, specially around its launch. I love samurai games, love action, melee games, so playing this was something natural to me. Until now I havent played a single Souls game, know for being hard. I dont even know if they count, but I played Nioh and Darksiders III. Is this game as hard as they say? Well, I must say that Sekiro is overrated. Yeah, you read it right, overrated. I saw many game journalists, profissional reviewers and the average gamer saying this game is too hard, borderline impossible, that it should have an easy mode, and Youtube is filled with people raging with this game. This game is nowhere near impossible. The game is hard? Yes. You will die a lot? Yeah, dont let the title deceive you, shadows die way more than twice. Sekiro is all about learning patterns and learning how to deal with them. Dont start this game thinking that there is a foolproof, braindead method to every encounter because few of them have this. Almost all boss fights I would die in seconds during the first try, but the more I saw how the enemies fight and learned how to react accordingly, I would go further and further, and what at first looked like it was impossible, was within reach all the time, I only needed patience and experience. In this game dying is the process of learning, so dont feel frustrated and go on. Besides, the combat is so intense, so fun, that even in the hardest fights I never had time to feel frustrated. The feeling the combat system gives you when you're fighting a hard enemy is incredible, one of the best out there. When I was doing my NG playthrough, where enemies get harder, I didnt die to the bosses, because I had already learned how to deal with them. It's all about practice. Now you may be thinking: you talk about bosses all the time, this game has no enemies? Yes, it has, but they shouldnt be a problem. All enemies can be killed instantly with stealth deathblows, and it's a must that you use this to your advantage, specially early on, when you're very weak. If you want to fight many enemies at once, pick something else, Sekiro is about picking off your enemies and being smart. Besides, almost all the places have high grass or grapple points that you can use to go back to stealth or flee from enemies that were alerted, so when they go back, go in and stealth kill some more. But if you choose to fight head on, never, I repeat, NEVER underestime any enemy, as they can kill you within seconds, even if you health bar is high. All trophies are related to combat, or very simple sidequests, so there is nothing much else to note. The only thing that you must know is that farming the skill points when take some hours, so be prepared for the grind. I would like to end this post with some tips for those that want to start and are fearful, or for those that are thinking about giving up. 1 - Kill as much as possible enemies with stealth deathblows, specially early on, when you're very weak and have almost no consumables, nor prostethic tools that add a variety of strategies. Take note that many mini-bosses can receive deathblows that make their fights much easier, especially those in earlier parts. 2 - Pick all prayer beads and gourds seeds that you can. The first upgrades make you much more durable, and things will look much better when you dont almost insta die all the time, or your posture break from guarding few attacks. 3 - Your attacks are weak early on, but as you defeat bosses, you acquire memories that increase your damage. The damage to bosses doesnt change much, but you will be able to kill regular enemies much easier and faster, doesnt even needing to deflect or relying on stealth deathblows all the time. 4 - When you die, you lose half of your exp and money, unless Unseen Aid kicks in and nullify this. If you're having trouble with an area and you already died, run and return to the idol asap to rest. Early on this was the thing that frustrated me the most, and to ease my mind, I always got a skill point when I felt I would die many times during some encounter. Money is easily farmed, but aside from certain itens thar are expensive, you dont need to buy anything. Enemies drops and scattered itens will be enough supply. 5 - Learn Mikiri Counter and its upgrades, as well as the skills that increase how much the gourd heals you asap. The first hours are very hard, but if you endure you're in for a fantastic, fast-paced, intense and satisfying experience, that only get better as time pass on. I prefer to play something hard and very good like this, than a easy, forgettable game like many that the market offer.
  11. I know that the Vita version has one, but I wish Ninja Gaiden Sigma, the only game that I played that doesnt have trophy support, had trophies for the PS3. Besides this there are Eternal Sonata and Heavenly Sword.
  12. 45.47%. I think not playing games that have many online trophies, that tend to have higher rarity is impacting this. But this dont bother me too much, since my goal is to play and plat as much as possible, even if the platinum is somewhat common.
  13. Even after many platinums, I must say that FFXIII, my 2nd one, was my most satisfying. I was deeply involved with the story, the characters, the world and the combat. I remember feeling like something was missing for some time after I finished the game. Many others were fun to get or challenging, but I think this one was the most complete, satisfying experience I had.
  14. Onechanbara. Luckly I bought it really cheap on sale.
  15. Are in moments like this that I wish my collection wasnt all digital.