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  1. Mortal Kombat 9. Thought that a familar franchise was a good way to start a new generation. But the first PS3 game I played was Assassin's Creed at a friend's house.
  2. Resident Evil COD GTA Battlefield
  3. Yeah, I need the "perfect situation" to start a game. Especially after I got the platinum from a game I liked too much.
  4. Expected to have separate trophy list, and thought that it would have some harder trophies, like never getting a guilty verdict, or breaking all psyche-locks without failing. Since the games are so good anyone can enjoy it without having to worry so much to get the plat.
  5. Vita always was the black sheep of the Playstation family. Shortly after his release, Sony already seemed to want the console dead, but the japanese and the faithful westerns Vita lovers kept him alive. But time has passed, and his hardware is not up to date, so it's not worth anymore. Sadly Sony doesnt have plans for a successor. I like my Vita very much, but we will have to play this brilliant trilogy only on the big screen. Not that it's a bad thing.
  6. The few physical copies that I own will remain with me. I'm almost sure I wont be replaying these games, but it's cool to look at them organized. And the digital ones I uplod the save to the cloud and, of course, they stay in the library.
  7. DmC (PS4) Jojo All-Star Battle Nier Prince of Persia 2008 Final Fantasy X HD Atelier Totori (Vita) Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Gravity Rush 2 Final Fantasy XV Samurai Warriors Sanada Musou Nights of Azure God of War III Remaster Darksiders Warmastered Dragon Quest XI Nier Automata Tales of Hearts R
  8. Sometimes graphic realism seems to be a way to distract the players from a shallow or simply bad gameplay. Other times developers seems to think that their game needs to look real, preferably with dark colors, or their games cant be taken serious. Realist elements related to the gameplay, like a character having stamina to limit its actions, can be interesting if done right. Personally as long as the game is interesting I dont care if it's realistic or not, but I seem to favor games that stray from realism.
  9. If you're really into japanese games then yes. On the contrary, no. But just one technical issue: I dont know if it's just mine that is old and not 100% anymore, but I noticed that recent games dont run too well. There are noticeable fps drops.
  10. To me toxic is when someone deliberately do something unnecesary just to piss you off, even when he gets nothing in return. A toxic action is when something is really funny when you do, but makes you want to throw your dualshock at your TV on the contrary. And I'm not talking about someone really good destroying you, I'm talking about people that just want to provoke and waste your time, wiht nothing in return for them. The companies can, and should, punish extremely inappropiate behaviour like racism, hacking or almost making the game unplayable to new players, but toxicity cant be erased, you have to learn how to deal with it. Be it doing the same things and spreading the behaviour to others, or just ignoring it. Ultimately those people take pleasure on pissing of others, or they're just too salty to reason with. Some games just seem to be magnet to those peoples.
  11. The first game I started and played a few minutes was Geometry Wars 3, but the first game I cared to clear was Murdered: Soul Suspect.
  12. Maybe this time I can plat this game. This game has a very unique and creative battle system, but I felt extremely bored at the end and couldnt finish, and simple cant get myself to play again.
  13. It was Japan that made Vita last for so long, with it's production ending soon wont be long until the games stops as well. I think Vita outlived his time, and it's a shame that it was always a forgotten console. Maybe Sony will rethink its stance and release a sucessor, but they seen to be more focused in the numbered Playstations with ultimate graphics and VR than on the mobile market.
  14. MK9