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  1. I really hope a day where I cant even download the games that I bought never comes. I dont know the costs, but is it so expensive and hard to keep the games on the new web store, on a legacy area? Or to just do maintenance on the ones from PS3 and Vita? Navigating through the PS3 one is a very poor experience, and recently there was even a very bad bug on the Vita one. And you cant even try to download as much games as possible and dump them into a SD card, because Sony had the brilliant idea of only letting you use the overpriced memory card that you cant find anywhere nowadays, maybe on China and thats it. But all this comes without surprise. Sony made everything in their power to make the Vita a failed product, and in the end gave free pass on the handheld market to Nintendo and smartphones. Maybe someone inside the company thought that this market was not profitable enough, and tried to focus on home consoles instead. Another thing that is hard to understand and is ther reluctance with backwards compatibility.
  2. Platinum #102 MediEvil I have been a loyal Playstation customer for almost 20 years, since the first Playstation, but the first time that I heard of Sir Daniel Fortesque and MediEvil was when I played Playstation All Stars Battle Royale years ago. As someone who experienced MediEvil for the first time, I think it is a good game. Being new to the franchise I decided to watch some videos on Youtube to see how faithful this was to the original, and I was very surprised. Almost everything is as it was on the PS1 version. The graphics are really good, far above my expectations. The colors are really vibrant and lively, it's candy to the eyes. I dont know if the intention of the first game was to be creepy, even if a little, because I noticed that the original is much darker in colors than this remaster. This even make some enemies and levels look more cartoonish than the creepy vibe they had on the original. Some fans of the original might get a bit upset with this. The soundtrack is also very good, it really set the mood for the game. The changes when certain events happen were a very good aspect of the music in my opinion. I think the gameplay is a bit lacking. Like I said, this is a faithful remake of a PS1 game, so the combat is a bit too simple and bland, even a bit outdated, so they could have added some new mechanics. Another thing that I wish they fixed is the camera. You fight the camera as much as the enemies. Sometimes it moves on its own, leaving you disoriented, or there are blind spots. This can be crucial in a game with many plataforming elements, and where if you die, you have to start from the beginning. Thankfully they are very short once you know what to do, because I think they should have added checkpoints, I dont see the point in not having. Not the overabundance of newer games, but one or two per level would be fine. The trophy list is very simples and objective. The only troublesome trophy is the one for dying 7 unique ways because of the glitch. I did like I read on one of the threads here and it worked fine after I died after letting the timer run out on the "Haunted Ruins" level. In the end I think MediEvil is a good game and I would recommend it. It is a simple game, from the story to the gameplay. The only thing you should do is not underestimate this game because of its simplicity. It's not hard to the point that you will see the game over screen over and over, but it is a bit hard to adjust to a simple, and somewhat slow gameplay. At least it was for me. I think gamers new to the franchise will enjoy it, and older fans will rejoice in nostalgia, while enjoying the remastered graphics and soundtrack.
  3. Platinum #101 Bayonetta (PS4) The years come and go, and with each one many remasters arrive to the Playstation 4. Each time a new one was announced, I would always ask myself the same question: "when will the Bayonetta remaster come?". This game was one of my best experiences on the PS3, and also one of my first platinums. Now after 7 years and almost 100 platinum trophies later, it was finally the time for me to revisit this classic. The game is still as charming as it was the first time I played. Bayonetta is a great lead, the comedy on the cutscenes is on point, the combat system is very good and the OST is phenomenal. For a game of this style there is also a good number of extra content on the form of challenges, the Alfheim Portals, and a great variety of weapons. And with this remaster we dont have to deal with the pesky fps drops that occurred on the previous generation. The only bad points are the graphics and the camera. It's far from the most beautiful game graphically speaking, but the remaster looks good enough to me. I just wish the game was a bit more colourful. It's not a matter of being a game with heavy, dark colors, but they are too dull. Sometimes I wished it was more lively. And the camera angle is horrible. Sometimes I would fight the camera as much as the enemy. But those two things are very small when compared to what Bayonetta does right. The trophies are very straightforward and without mystery. Just find every Antonio's Notes (almost always on plain sight), Witch's Resting Places (they are not very well hidden, but you can always use a video guide) and the Alfheim Portals (hard to find. Most of them are not too hard, but some can take some time, especially the ones related to torture attacks). You will also need to clear the game on Hard and Non Stop Infinity Climax. If you know what you're doing Infinity Climax shouldnt be as hard as other games very hard mode, even though you are stripped off the very useful Witch Time. If you have not played Bayonetta the first time around dont miss this opportunity now. To me it was one of the best games of the genre from last generation. Recent releases like DMC5, Sekiro and Ghost of Tsushima really raised the bar for the action adventure genre, but Bayonetta still holds its on just fine. And if the combat is not enough, you will find plenty of enjoyment on the protagonist and the cutscenes. if you seek a challenge this title might provide you with one as well. It's just a shame that we will probably never get to play Bayonetta 2 on Playstation. What a shame.
  4. Platinum #100 Ghost of Tsushima Ghost of Tsushima is probably the last PS4 exclusive (at least made "by Sony"). And it didnt disappoint. Many people understimate the artistic potential of games. Ghost of Tsushima does many things right, but to me, the artistic value of this game is its strongest point. From the way the tales are introduced, to standoffs, ghost mode, the cutscenes, the intro to duels, everything resemble a movie. The soundtrack is sublime, the characters are very realistic and well written, and the story, despite all the suffering, deaths, revenges, savagery, brutality, is as beautiful. The Haiku parts were amazing as well. A very mature story that isnt worried in being dark and heavy. Graphically this game is also amazing. I know nothing about the real Tsushima, but the one in this game is extremely beautiful. It was breathtaking at the first moment that I laid my eyes on it, and it was the same until my last moments on the game. Be it during morning, afternoon, sunset, twilight, night, snow, rain, forests, plains, mountains, beaches, no matter, everything is very well done. The PS4 has come a long way, and many games feature impressive graphics. This might be recency bias, but to me this game has the most impressive graphics of this generation. Better than Horizon, FFXV and God of War, the games that previously impressed me. The gameplay is also very good. It is fast, requires quick thinking, features many subweapons and have stances that work effectively on each type of enemy. The stealth component is also very well done. I have taking a liking to feeling challenged recently, and since the gameplay reminded me of Sekiro, I played on hard. It is far from insanely hard, but if you're not careful with blocking / parrying and using the right stances, you will find yourself in trouble, because with 3 or 4 hits you will be killed, even with a large health pool and major damage reduction. Sometimes, specially during fights with many enemies and the later fights, I was forced to use ghost weapons. Kunais and Black Powder Bombs were my best friends. If you played any inFamous game before, you will notice that this tropht list is very similar. I just wish they added trophies to play the game on Kurosawa mode, Hard and to get 100% of collectibles. It always bother me when games doesnt use the trophy system to incentive the players to explore everything the game has to offer. I dont know if Ghost of Tsushima will be remembered among the bests of all time, but certainly is among the best of the last 15 years. And I think this game has something more special than the others, because it will not only be remembered because of its great gameplay beautiful graphics and/or a great protagonist, but because it has all of this, and is also a fine work of art. It was an honor to make this my hundredth platinum.
  5. Played Gauntlet yesterday and didnt like, it was like all rounds were the same. Wall Guys on 3rd round 99% of the time, Fall Mountain on the last one always. Got bored and decided to play Main Show. I was excited for the new season thinking there would be a big overhaul, but maybe I was asking for too much. I play to kill time, but I am starting to get tired.
  6. Went from lvl 25 to 387. Like others said, these big numbers look silly to me.
  7. Platinum #99 Akiba's Beat I have know this game for some time, but I always avoided it because of the low scores from reviewers and the negative comments opinions on the internet. Some time ago it was really cheap on a sale, so I thought: why not? First of all, when you see the title, you might be reminded of its most famous "cousin": Akiba's Trip. Aside from the setting, both game have nothing in common. While Akiba's Trip is a hack and slash with heavy customization options, Akiba's Beat is a very traditional JRPG. First of all, the story. It's really similar to Persona 4: you follow a group of teens that have to deal with supernatural phenomena restricted occurring on a certain city. Those are related to people and their internal struggles and how they view and deal with the world around them. Some might think the story is a copy, but it is not. The start will leave you unimpressed, and even a bit bored at the start(like I felt). The main protagonist is really annoying early on, and the first steps of the story are a bit repetitive. Thankfully Asahi and the story take a turn for the best some chapters in, and I must admit that the story sucked me. There are twists that I did not see coming, emotional moments and the characters grew on me. Sometimes I couldnt wait to advance the story and see that would happen next. Another thing that will remind you of Atlus's game are the sub-events where you interact with the other party members ally NPCs. I dont like to say that a game copied another, because there are so many years of gaming development and so many titles are released, that is inevitable that some titles will be similar to others, be it on story, setting or gameplay. But like the story is very similar to P4, on your first battles during the tutorial you will notice that the battle system is heavely influenced by the Tales of series. On normal the game is not hard (I did not lose a single battle the entire game, didnt even come close), but the boss battles are a bit challenging. It's imperative to use Imagine Mode to the fullest to make things easier. The boss of the extra dungeon and the last rank of the Might Club are also a challenge, but manageable. Graphically the game is on par with other JRPGs. Its not bad, but nothing to impress. The OST is good, slightly above average. Contrary to Trip, that frequently had low framerates on my Vita because of the great number of very detailed NPCs, this game runs really smooth. Only on rare ocassions I experienced fps drop. The platinum is not hard, but long. The game itself is really long (unless you skip dialogue), you have to do 50 side quests, all subevents, clear the post game dungeon and and win all fights of all ranks on Might Club, both group and solo. The only thing of note is the Might Club, where the last rank, HYPER, might prove a challenge if you're unprepared. First of all I advise you to get to lvl 99 with all characters (you need to do this anyway for a trophy). On the solo battles you will fight a miniboss alone with each of the party members, and the group fights see pairings of those minibosses against you. Those fights seem a bit too much at first, and since I couldnt find any help online, here is what I did: I equipped my characters with Non SR cards (doesnt matter if Archdemon or Goddes) on Yin (increase all stats by 20%), and used Saki UR card on Yang (increase Imagine Gauge charging by 20%). The armor and weapon were the best possible, and used Acceleration Earrings (increase Imagine Gauge charging by 20%). The maid that I chose for those fights is the secret maid. With this I could have access to Imagine Mode very often, with proved very efficient. The random buffs that the secret maid gives are very useful, specially the ones that heal your HP or SP. The group fights of the HYPER ranks are easier, but the last one takes some time. In the end my experience with Akiba's Beat was very satisfactory. Contrary to what people say, this game is far from trash, and I had a enjoyable experience. Despite the slow start, this game will suprise you if you give it a chance.
  8. Finally the setting is not something futuristic. And this one seems different from the others. The characters look more western, the game seems more violent and mature, and the series each day is further from being turn based. I only hope we not have to wait almost the entire PS5 cycle and that it is released full, and not the DLC fest that was XV.
  9. I'm up to this challenge in the future.
  10. Some weeks ago almost all my finals were Hex-a-Gone. Then it was all Fall Mountain. The week Jump Showdown was fixed, I must have played it 10 times in a row. Now it is pretty balanced between Hex-a-Gone and Jump Showdown, with Fall Mountain here and there. Royal Fumble is the least I played, probably because it only shows up with few people on the last round. But even when there are 4 or 5 people the final round is something else.
  11. I think they will share the same list. Makes more sense to me this way. And I think PS5 games will have trophies, why would they remove? I dont think developers care about trophy hunters, but it's not like it's hard for them to make those lists. Besides this kind of system seems to be a staple on modern gaming. The system will probably work as is, and people are more interested on the new games and new features, so they dont need to talk about it.
  12. Trophy hunting actually increases the time I spend with most titles, and I think most of the time I get more enjoyment of the game doing things that maybe I would not. The only time I get annoyed are with stupid trophies that you need to spend a lot of time doing the same repetitive and boring action. Overall it has a positive effect to me. I get a bit tired from time to time, so I usually take a break sometime along the year. Also I tend to rest for a few days between games. I think people that get tired of gaming because of trophies are the ones that put trophies above the game itself. If you play tons of easy and quick games just to increase your platinum count, or games that you dont even enjoy, you're bound to get tired sooner or later. Getting the platinum is very important to me, but if I am not going to enjoy the game, why bother?
  13. I dont know the chances, but some rounds appear more often than others. I have been playing since last Sunday. On the first day Jump Showdown popped two times. But since then I reached multiple finals and this round didnt appear. I played everyday this week, so I think they're still fixing it.
  14. I really looked forward to First Light after finishing Second Son because of how fun that game was, and neon was my favorite power. There is a short story mode, but it is not too good. The main trophies are related to the arenas. At first I thought it would be hard, but after a while I learned how to do it and was easier than I thought. If you are really into inFamous you might like, but the game is lackluster.
  15. I will not deny that obviously there is skill involved in getting this trophy, but luck is a factor too, this game is just too chaotic. Like others said I think 5 is too much, 3 would be the ideal to me. And even though I am a trophy hunter and strive to platinum everything, I just could not pass on this game because of a trophy. I am getting better each day, so maybe at some point I reach the skill level to aim for this trophy. And if I end up never getting it, ok, this good is too good to not play because of a trophy.