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  1. The same as all previous years: getting the platinum for, at least, 12 games. I dont know when I'm going to buy the PS5. I think I will wait until there are a good number of titles of interest, and the price drops, since in my country new consoles are pretty expensive at launch. So maybe 1, no more than 2 years after release. I still have plenty of games to play on PS3, 4 and Vita, so there is no need to rush.
  2. Best 1. Sekiro - Amazing gameplay and a challenging game. Even dying many times, all boss fights were incredible. Learning how to fight makes the experience even better, deserved GOTY. 2. Devil May Cry 5 - Very good soundtrack, and the returning characacters are as charismatic as ever. The best DMC to date in my opinion. 3. God of War - They made an incredible job changing Kratos personality and adapting him into a new setting. Hope they release information about a sequel soon. Worst 1. Period Cube - Awful story, was a pain to play. 2. Darksiders III - Does not live to the Darksiders series. Tried to copy the souls games, but the result was a soukless game. Awful graphics, story and gameplay, and buggy. 3 - Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires - I know it is a very old game, but even for the standards of the time the game is very poor in all aspects. The first Warriors game that I would say is boring.
  3. My most prolific year 1. Tokyo Xanadu - 27th January 2. Atelier Meruru Plus: The Apprentice of Arland - 4th March 3. God of War (2018) - 18th March 4. Persona 3: Dancing In Moonlight (Vita) - 25th March 5. Kingdom Hearts III - 19th April 6. Darksiders III - 30th April 7. Devil May Cry 5 - 20th June 8. Warriors Orochi 4 - 5th September 9. Marvel's Spider-Man - 15th September 10. Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey (PS4) - 29th September 11. Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness (Vita) - 13th October 12. Period Cube: Shackles of Amadeus - 18th October 13. Akiba's Trip Undead and Undressed - 27th October 14. Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS4) - 7th November 15. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - 27th November 16. Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires - 2nd December 17. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands - 4th December 18. Asura's Wrath - 10th December 19. Aragami - 15th December 20. inFamous 2 - 22nd December 21. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - 29th December
  4. .
  5. Platinum #81 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Even having the good elements from the Star Wars franchise to make a good game, the Force Unleashed 2 ends up being only average. The gameplay is a bit clunky, the levels are extremely linear with no areas to explore, and there is little variety in enemies. Sometimes your inputs dont seem to register, which can be frustrating, especially in Unleashed or when jumping between plataforms. Something that positively surprised my were the graphics. Even almost a decade old, the graphics aged well compared to other PS3 games that I played recently. Despite the low completion rate, this platinum is not hard. There are difficulty trophies (that stack), challenges trophies, miscellaneous trophies, level trophies and a collectable one. I advise you to play the game on easy. This way you can tackle all miscellaneous trophies, get all holocroms (really easy to find, but you can use a video guide to assure yourself) . In this step you will also unlock all challenges. Before I started the game I made a list with all miscellaneous trophies and the earliest point in which I could do them, so each time I finish one, I checked them from the list. If you do not get one, fear not, because this game features a Level Select option, so you can replay the chapter and get the trophy. After that you will do the challenges. There are 10 in total, and they arent hard, although some can be a bit frustrating, specially because of the input delay. The last thing you will do is complete the game again, this time on Unleashed (very hard). I only played the first Force Unleashed on PS2, and only on normal, so I dont know how this compare to the first game, but Unleashed is nothing out of this world. You will certainly die because the game is cheap, but nothing that one or two replays of an area will not teach you. Besides, the game has many checkpoints, even during boss fights, so you will never have to replay too far back. In the end, this was a mediocre experience. If you're a fan of Star Wars, or want a short and easy platinum, go for this game. If not, go play something else, there are plenty of better options. It can be nostalgia, but I thought this when I first played this on PC many years ago, and still think this now: the first one was better.
  6. Was thinking about this yesterday, because this is my month with most trophies (238). Finishing those PS3 games really helped.
  7. Hands down Sekiro, never played anything like that. But DMC 5 deserves an honor mention.
  8. It's not repetitive, it's slow. During the first part you will be in linear maps (you cant return to previous areas). You will watch many cutscenes in which you will know the characters, their background, motives, and of course you will have regular battles and bosses at the end of the chapters. When I fought with 3 party members I remember thinking that the game was better and faster. XV is a medium plat, X is a really long and boring grinding, and X-2 seems similar. When I finished XIII my game time was around 120h, FFX surpassed this.
  9. People mostly complained about XIII being too linear, and it really is in the first half of the story. Something that bothered my a little during this part is that the gameplay is "incomplete", since you only have 2 party members instead of 3. To me XIII was one of the best games I played this decade. XIII-2 was unnecessary and I didnt like as much. Lightning Returns to me was better than the second, but feels like a complete different game and world, and had graphic issues that bothered me deeply. I think the trilogy gets unnecessary hate, people bandwagon into this too much. I can understand why someone can dislike this, but the critics are usualy too harsh. But they shouldnt have released the other 2, only the first would have been enough.
  10. Platinum #80 inFamous 2 I think inFamous is well known enough among Playstation owners, so I dont need to say anything about the series. I advise you to tackle the miscellaneous trophies asap, so you dont have to worry about them. Raising both karmas to max isnt hard, and if you do all sidequests you dont need to worry about exp either. I recommend you to gather the blast shards and dead drops while you're doing the main missions and side missions. Doing this I did only needed to go out of my way to get around 20. But dont worry, this time around you have a skill that show the closest shard on your minimap (but you will have to complete 60 sidequests first though). I had more trouble with the dead drops. I had to use a map online to find the last 5. This installment is an improvement to the first game, and I dont know how controversial this, but I had way more fun plaything Second Son, although the story, mainly the endings of the second game, were way more insteresting to me.
  11. I would like for games that have very easy trophies (win your first battle), that I end up completing only later on. It really piss me off seeing that I took 3 years to finish a game because of one easily triggered trophy.
  12. Platinum #79 Aragami Aragami is a stealth game with an interesting premise: you play with a shadow user that can move between shadows to hide and kill your enemies, while helping your summoner, Yamiko. Stealth is not one of the my main genres, but I usually like the stealth parts on many games I played. This game trophies can be divided in four: the first are unmissable story trophies, the second are many miscellaneous trophies, all of them really easy. You may even get most of then without even knowing. There are only 2 that I can think of that you may not earn naturally, but they're very simple, so do not worry about them. The third are the collectible scrolls, and the last part is the most important. After each chapter, you will have a score based on the points you earned, and you can earn medals: one for not alerting enemies, one for killing all enemies and last for not killing. Here is the problem: you will have to all kill enemies or none, and this greatly impact your playthrough. On my first run I did the no kills run, and I thought the game was hard. In some areas I died over and over, and felt like the shadow mechanic was not accurate enough. At the time I didnt think high of the game. On my second run, to achieve the other two medals, my opinion changed and I liked the game more. Being able to get rid of annoying enemies is amazing, and you have plenty of different powers to use, so you can employ different strategies. A tip for the oni playthrough: you have no way to tell during the chapter if you killed all enemies or not. Something that I did and never failed was, after clearing an area, running through it using a certain item that you get later on that lure nearby enemies. If there is someone neaby, even if they're not on your screen, an interrogation mark will appear, which means there is an enemy. Another thing that made my first playthrough harder was collecting the scrolls. They offer more information about the story and give you skills points, but are usually well hidden. Luckly we have a very cheap skill that show where they are, and it costs only 3 points, so you can pick it early on and start collecting these. If you do this while attempting the oni playthrough I think getting the scrolls become easier, but the more powers you have, the easier the oni medals become, so choose wisely. Since this is a low budget game, dont expect great graphics. I think the game looks okay, but the way the characters move is really outdated, they're really stiff. Also I didnt like the story that much, but if there is something that they did well was the soundtrack. During my first playthrough, when the chapters took longer, I felt really immersed in the music. If you want a short platinum, or if you want to play a different stealth game, Aragami can be the game for you.
  13. I'm biased because I only own Playstation since the first one, but in this generation I dont think it's worth having a PS4 and Xbox One. They share many games, but Playstation have more and better exclusive. Also the console seems to perform better (unless this changed with the later versions). If I had to own another console, would be a Switch. This way you would have access to almost all games. But if money is not a problem and you want to have both or the tryad, I would buy, even if I ended never using one of them. And it's normal to feel guilty or confused, since we're used to think that you can only belong to one group or the other.
  14. So many times that I lost count. This mainly happen when I'm connected with the game on an emotional level.