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  1. It's really an educational game, it's very effective at teaching you to add 36 to numbers quickly.
  2. Hah, agreed. Sadly, the game is pretty iffy even beside the trophies being delayed triggering, the amount of slowdown the game suffers during fairly normal gameplay is horrible, the translation is pretty poor, etc. It's a cute concept, and it really tries to be a Zachtronics game, but it feels like it just falls short of the bar in all regards, including puzzle quality.
  3. Howdy, As there has been so many times in the past, there's a new trophy released into an existing DLC pack for Killing Floor 2 - https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5548-killing-floor-2 - could it be rescanned please? Thanks! Edit: It has already been done, that was fast!
  4. Just got the trophy, the map's a bit dark so the search is fairly miserable but it's once again not that hard. PSNP doesn't like it very much though, currently displaying as 56 out of 55 trophies.
  5. Genuinely astounded this thread has gone on for 526 posts and nobody has mentioned the absolute hellscape of broken, buggy tedium that is Shoppe Keep: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6609-shoppe-keep I have a very high tolerance for "bad" games, as long as they're interesting somehow. This fails to clear that bar in every conceivable way.
  6. TBH I was hoping for a 2.5 hour video essay from hbomberguy entitled "Fall Guys is Garbage and Here's Why", I'm very disappointed in the contents of this thread.
  7. Same for me - at least it'll be easy to get a new troop with glory when it releases next week.
  8. And when your friend's PS3 gets banned too once your account touches it, they won't be your friend any more. 😆
  9. I don't know what the fact that as soon as I read those words, I heard the song playing in my head says about how many times I played that track.
  10. Everyone is sleeping on Superbeat: Xonic, which I think is the 2nd best rhythm game on PlayStation 4 after DJMax Respect. The trailer is for PSVita, but it's also out on PS4 and it has extra songs. It's a really fun rhythm game, great soundtrack, can't recommend it enough!
  11. TBH I'll probably buy two on day one, because I am a rampant Sony fanboy and I need help.
  12. I agree with this, it does a bit. Much as the PS4 controller is my favourite controller ever, the Xbox One controller is also pretty comfortable, so if it's a mix between the two, that's not horrible. I think it's a bit ugly, but I don't really care - I don't look at the thing nearly as much as I hold it in my hands, so how it looks isn't nearly as important as how comfortable it is to hold, or how well-build and enduring it is.
  13. Pineapple on pizza is great. This topic is now a pineapple on pizza appreciation thread. Yeah, it sucks that people cheat at trophies, but this is why we have staff on the site that remove them, and a reporting system, so that's nice.
  14. I got my copy today. What's particularly weird to me is that I ordered directly from the Square Enix Europe store, the collector's edition, so they're breaking their own street date, it's not like it's a third party company doing it. Game's pretty fun so far, though some of the textures and cinematography are laugh-out-loud bad. Flawed but enjoyable. The trophies aren't syncing yet, I guess the list hasn't been uploaded to the Sony servers yet. I've seen this happen with Cosmic Star Heroine on the Vita before I think, but never on PS4. The trophy list isn't showing up in the normal place on the PS4 UI, but I can see them from the in-game menu. I sure hope this Just Works and the trophies appear with the right timestamps once the game goes live on the server.
  15. I've lost mine too, thanks in advance for fixing, Sly.