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  1. TBH I'll probably buy two on day one, because I am a rampant Sony fanboy and I need help.
  2. I agree with this, it does a bit. Much as the PS4 controller is my favourite controller ever, the Xbox One controller is also pretty comfortable, so if it's a mix between the two, that's not horrible. I think it's a bit ugly, but I don't really care - I don't look at the thing nearly as much as I hold it in my hands, so how it looks isn't nearly as important as how comfortable it is to hold, or how well-build and enduring it is.
  3. Pineapple on pizza is great. This topic is now a pineapple on pizza appreciation thread. Yeah, it sucks that people cheat at trophies, but this is why we have staff on the site that remove them, and a reporting system, so that's nice.
  4. I got my copy today. What's particularly weird to me is that I ordered directly from the Square Enix Europe store, the collector's edition, so they're breaking their own street date, it's not like it's a third party company doing it. Game's pretty fun so far, though some of the textures and cinematography are laugh-out-loud bad. Flawed but enjoyable. The trophies aren't syncing yet, I guess the list hasn't been uploaded to the Sony servers yet. I've seen this happen with Cosmic Star Heroine on the Vita before I think, but never on PS4. The trophy list isn't showing up in the normal place on the PS4 UI, but I can see them from the in-game menu. I sure hope this Just Works and the trophies appear with the right timestamps once the game goes live on the server.
  5. I've lost mine too, thanks in advance for fixing, Sly.
  6. It's been pulled due to an issue with the PEGI age rating of the game, I know that much. I don't know if / when it'll be back but I assume so.
  7. Ay mane, how was Riddled Corpses? Gotta be pretty good if you're #1.

    1. Shmenon-Pie


      Hah, I'd forgotten that I was the fastest on that stack! I really quite liked the main game, the several hours of grinding afterwards for all upgrades was pretty dull but if you're watching Netflix in the background there are worse things to spend time on.

    2. Helyx


      Thanks for the reply. Really liked the game when I saw the trailer, just haven't had an opportunity to try all these games I bought.

  8. I browse with UBO but not uMatrix because I'm lazy, so I didn't notice, but I can totally believe it, the whole JS ecosystem makes me hyperventilate to be honest. I'm very glad I have to touch it so rarely at work.
  9. I wouldn't call that a competitor at all, personally - it's focused on a much smaller community of people that you're already friends with, hence the lack of guides, forums, leaderboards and other features needed to build a larger community of trophy hunters as a whole. Obviously I can only speak for myself but I don't get the feeling from everything I've seen that the trophy community would be nearly as big if it didn't have access to these features - sure, on some level I care about competing with my friends but that's only within the much larger context of competing with the rest of the world. If this was the only option because they managed to kill other sites, I imagine trophy hunting would die out very quickly - I'd certainly lose interest the second that happened. There's also no monetisation stream there - it's not a product in of itself, so what's the point of trying to kill sites that do run themselves as a business offering much different functionality, unless you somehow morally object to other people making money from PlayStation? Also, the user experience on that is hot garbage, but that's neither here nor there. Yeah, totally agree, I don't think it should be open because that's a clear money-sink, but you're right on that collaborating with the big players in this space would make a lot of sense.
  10. This really baffles me, given that there's now obviously a lot of money in it for Sony by encouraging sites like this - it's basically the only reason why games like Little Adventures on the Prairie exist and sell nearly as well as they do. Given the obvious revenue stream marketing quick-platinum games like this to trophy hunters, which would likely go away if sites like this were unable to pull data, I'd have thought they'd come out with an official API and work with the owners of sites like PSNP. Seems a bit like cutting off their nose to spite their face to me, given that in the past ten years they've given no indication that they want to launch their own competitor site.
  11. Yes, a CronusMAX PLUS will also allow you to use a PS4 controller on PS3, I can confirm.
  12. I think the rest of your post is fair, but I do take issue with this part. I work in software development in a team of 13 people, in an organisation with around 200 developers, and I believe the exact opposite of what you've said is true. Working with others on a shared codebase is easy if all parties are experienced, and tends to produce higher quality code if code is peer-reviewed. I'm sure it's fair to say that getting people up to speed with the PSNP codebase would be a fairly large task at this point, but that's not a compelling technical reason to not bring someone else onto the project. That's not to say that there aren't other business / financial reasons to keep it as a solo enterprise, nor that Sly's wrong to keep this private and not overshare with the site's userbase, and you're very right that feature work always takes more time than your customers think it will, but I don't think there's a purely technical reason to keep any project as a one-person show.
  13. Sounds like fun, I'll give this a go, please sign me up!
  14. I've been playing quite a few things on PS3 lately, and been having a lot of fun. I have to agree with what people are saying about the controller - once you've held a PS4 controller (or even an XB1 controller, which is nearly as good as the PS4 controller in my humble opinion but for the awful placement of the analogue sticks) it's hard to go back to using a PS3 controller. I use a converter (it's called a CronusMax Plus, it's about $45 from Amazon if you're in the US, similar in the UK) to make my PS4 controller fully work on PS3, and it's made things a lot better. It's a little expensive to just use as a converter, but I think it's worth it, and if you're interested it can do a bunch of other stuff (it's fully programmable and can do arbitrary scripts, combos in fighting games etc), so highly recommend. I only discovered that this thing exists by Googling "macro controllers for ps4" a year or so back, so thought I'd mention this in case I could help someone out! (And no, I don't get paid by the company that makes them :P)
  15. Wish I'd spotted this before it auto-patched for me. Still, nice that we get more songs so long after the game was released, that came as a real surprise!