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  1. Listen carefully, Assassin's Creed Odyssey is going to be the Game of The Year. Forget about games like Yakuza, they don't even respect the lore.

    1. SaltyCat
    2. ShadowStar83x
    3. The Shopkeeper

      The Shopkeeper

      As much as I will no doubt enjoy Assassin's Creed Odyssey, I will put my money on Starlink being the AAA GOTY. For indie GOTY, I'd vote Yoku's Island Express out of what I've already played, but Banner Saga 3 and Hollow Knight are in my backlog and could prove to be even more entertaining.

  2. Platinum #83 GOD AMONG BOTS UNLOCK ALL THE TROPHIES! Apart from the AI being a pain in the ass sometimes and the robot parts unlocking randomly it was a short,fun,easy game to platinum.
  3. If you like ambient music and you need something to help you study, finish a project or just chill you need to listen borealism
  4. Highly Trained View all advanced combat training videos at Shepard's private terminal.
  5. Not gonna lie my first introduction to Megaman was via the Legacy Collection on PS4 but I loved what I saw so I'm entering the giveaway.
  6. I agree on the 50/50 thing, one paid dlc then free dlc is a cool idea and 4€ is nothing considering most of the people got the game for free with PS+
  7. Probably around 20 PC games and around 80-90 games on PS3/PS4 mainly PS+ games
  8. Me enjoying Starbucks obviously
  9. Just finished reading " The Call of Ctulhu"
  10. If you get a message from MsLori6 don't open it.

  11. From what I've played, only chapter 1, there's nothing hard you'll probably have to go back to interact with all the clues and items
  12. You need to play all of them, the daily missions count for the trophy, 3 missions are taken from the list of 16 story missions and put in the daily missions category, in the end you'll have to play all of them anyway, so just use the list youcatakid posted to help you note which one you've already done.
  13. Well this is me just before throwing the trash, enjoy the beauty and sweet dreams or nightmares, whatever you prefer!