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  1. I wanted to Platinum this game but considering a single trophy apparently adds like 100 hours to the Platinum, I'll just skip it. I'll probably end up doing w/e I can while still enjoying the game and leave the 1 trophy out.
  2. I think a lot of people have been saying that they glitch if you do them in co-op or the counter might be glitched
  3. Hopefully it's not a super long platinum or if it is, it's 1 trophy so that I can get the rest and just do that last super long one if I feel like it. In any case, can't wait to experience what this game has to offer.
  4. Sooo many trophy glitches aaaaaaaa
  5. Are there any good sections to make backups or did you just make some random ones based on how long you played?
  6. Damn, that's still so much. I'll exclusively play solo, I don't wanna risk them getting glitched :/
  7. I'm planning on streaming and playing this until getting platinum but I'm scared that I'm gonna have to end up doing another full play-through because of a buggy trophy. Last time I saw there was 3. Is that still the case? Is Gearbox aware of these and did they say anything about fixing them?
  8. No Nobody I know has a PS4 or any other console. None of my friends can afford a PS4 or a full priced original game
  9. Damn, I don't play fighting games so never needed a turbo controller ;/
  10. Like the topic says. I know people glitched it out and got max rank but I'd rather not do that and I think it's patched out anyway. So, what's the fastest way to level aside from the glitch?
  11. There was no Crota or any other easier raids when Destiny First Came out ;p
  12. Yeah I remember doing flawless vault of glass runs with people I found on trophy hunting forums, even with hardcore players it took us like 20-30 hours to complete. Obviously hardcore leviathan is probably way easier but everybody probably has the trophies by now. Hopefully I can find some sherpas
  13. Like the title suggests. I was just looking around my trophies and realized that I only need these 2 to get the platinum on Destiny 2. How hard are they to do these days? Can you find people running them? Are they going to be easier when Shadow-keep comes out? etc.
  14. Yea, I can confirm. Going into private with AI made this trophy doable