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  1. I'll be playing as Kassandra as she has been confirmed as canon, but also when playing Syndicate I found Evie to be more fun to play with than Jacob. I wish this game could follow the lore of the series though, set before Origins, are they really assassins?
  2. I have found #32 to have glitched out on me. It still doesnt appear every time I read it. Even though I remember it saved the first time I read it. Also I have already unlocked all gallery characters etc so unfortunately that work around will not be a fix for me :/
  3. I think I've just got to the last mission and my god this game as a story is short!
  4. What I'm personally loving is that I don't have the challenge completed for finding 5 relics...despite having 5 relics the counter didnt move past one. The is my second start as in my first game a hideout or whatever didnt count a scrap I'd picked up early in the game. Can't wait to replay again ¬¬
  5. If you need convincing about this game, I wrote a blog post ^^
  6. How come the DLC isnt included in this game? You would think that it would have been old enough to have made this remaster a complete edition. I mean Naughty Dog released a remastered TLOU with everything included and Ubisofts Ezio collection did the same.
  7. how do you know that you are playing your game online???
  8. I preferred the style of the old MGS games and MGS3 is my absolute favourite. Still finding my way with this game, but I find it is truly worth it for playability! Stealth-wise it takes me ages to complete a mission and with all the extra mission challenges it can keep you challenged. I got it for this months ps+ so makes it even better. Sure, I think there could be changes and will be a massive grind for the platinum but I think it's good so far.
  9. The trophies are easy to obtain, especially the DLC content compared to the PS3 version of the game. Take it slow and think tactically and it will come in time for a better playing experience. It's my favourite multiplayer I've played in years aside from the Assassins Creed series.
  10. I imagine there will be like a million DLC's though. Is this even a finished game?
  11. I remember when I was doing this trophy, I thought it was bugged and I was like, 'NOOOOOO', but then I closed the game application and when I reloaded and got into game, it popped for me.
  12. Thanks, Tbh there are moments where I am set to be on time and then Ezio will jump wherever he likes instead of where you him to go
  13. Omfg the Romulus Lairs are actually killing me with the time limit ones.
  14. sharing is caring took me ages in ps3 for anything to actually be discovered so is it hell on PS4?
  15. I think, every decision is bad to coincide with the tv show. Nothing is safe in the show. Also, during episode 5 when did peoples Chapter 1 trophy pop? Mine never did during the credits as usual :/