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  1. Is there a chance that by changing the system clock could help getting the trophy? Didn't see anyone mention this alternative (either because nobody thought of it or it's just a dumb idea) Edit: Ah ah, guess what!? It doesn't work like that...
  2. No ideia, never tried. Because besides the kill xp, you also receive xp for picking up the orb. And, yes.
  3. Well that worked. Although I prefer to play games in english i guess i have no other option.
  4. Yup that's right… I bought this game yesterday and it's in Spanish. Which doesn't make any sense since my vita is in English and my main account is portuguese. And no, the game shouldn't assume that by my account being portuguese it just automatically picks Spanish, because this games also has portuguese texts and voices. I tried to find something anywhere else but i just found an old reddit post that doesn't have a solution.
  5. You probably got it because you played the game (and that specific map) before this glitch came up.
  6. I played NFS for a bit through EA Play but haven't finish it yet. Does anyone know if it's possible to keep it from plus once my EA Play subscription ends?
  7. For the Plants I've been doing the sewer bounty in town center with two controllers so I always have enough tacos to start it up. For the Zombies I've been doing private kill confirmed matches also with two controllers. It's a bit of a drag but I've been doing a couple matches a day so it doesn't get too boring. And according with my calculations, I might get the plat in a total of 70ish hours
  8. Wow. This is exactly what i was looking for. thanks for your patience @Thornhorn7and @CosmoWolf_, maybe you can can add this info to your guide to make it more complete.
  9. That's really nice of you. i always had some interest in buying it but never really had the opportunity to do so. Sign me up
  10. Does anyone know how much xp is needed for each level and for each rank? I would like to make an estimate of how much time it would take me to get to 5 stars with each character using the methods I utilize.
  11. So last week I subscribed to EA Access for a full year and for some reason on the games that I downloaded, it shows a says "Valid period (Start & End)" and Remaing time. It takes about a month from start to finish. I would show a screenshot but I'm not sure how to do it on my phone. Does anyone know if this means I only have only a month to play each game that I download? Or is this some kind of period for the service to check if I'm still subscribed? Thanks in advance
  12. ATM there isn't any trace of any battleborn content on the portuguese ps store. Not even the game itself. Damn... If it was possible to get 100% without spending more money than the game itself, it would be great.
  13. So I've been interested in playing this game for a while and since the server shutdown has been announced I see no better time to start than now. I just have a doubt: is it still possible to 100% as of right now (Nov. 2019)? A friend of mine said that you can buy the DLC with in game currency, which sounds a bit too good to be true (hopefully he's right lol). And if so, how long and how difficult is to 100%?
  14. What made this work for me is to do it all in a single set. I checked if I had any progress done halfway and always has 0/30. But this way it worked wonders
  15. Well, after almost two years and a half, and some activity on this thread, I decided to go and try to get the trophy. Worked like a charm. Thanks to everyone