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  1. ATM there isn't any trace of any battleborn content on the portuguese ps store. Not even the game itself. Damn... If it was possible to get 100% without spending more money than the game itself, it would be great.
  2. So I've been interested in playing this game for a while and since the server shutdown has been announced I see no better time to start than now. I just have a doubt: is it still possible to 100% as of right now (Nov. 2019)? A friend of mine said that you can buy the DLC with in game currency, which sounds a bit too good to be true (hopefully he's right lol). And if so, how long and how difficult is to 100%?
  3. What made this work for me is to do it all in a single set. I checked if I had any progress done halfway and always has 0/30. But this way it worked wonders
  4. Well, after almost two years and a half, and some activity on this thread, I decided to go and try to get the trophy. Worked like a charm. Thanks to everyone
  5. Oh bummer... Thanks for the info
  6. So, I'm on my way to finish every trophy for the original PS3 version of GTA V and I would like to know if the stats transfer is still a thing and if so would it unlock all of the online trophies once the transfer is done? Thanks in advance
  7. After 2 draws using the program, third time was thew charm. When you open the program, under "unranked games 1" should be another board game name (can't remember which and I can't switch it back). Click on it > All games > F > Fanorona. After that select 1 Player, and now you can select BestBot. Make it so it stays on the second slot so can follow the moves easier
  8. Yes, every game that has a trial version works like this. Basically the trial is the whole game but with most of content locked before you purchase the game. After the game is bought, you receive the file that has the code that confirms your purchase
  9. Ok thanks. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough
  10. So do I need to fully restart the mission or just repeat the process by suiciding and repeating on checkpoint?
  11. Well at least it isn't metal gear survive...
  12. Those two are not quite DLC. They're more like update trophies. But yeah they're only playable with the full game
  13. ^This. Not absolutely sure about the photo finish part but yeah, at least tour is the only thing that can't be played on the plus version
  14. Its a Christmas miracle!!! I don't know exactly what I've done differently but I FINALLY got the last trophy for this game. Thank very much to the ones who gave the tips to get this trophy.
  15. A bit of advice for the future: don't look solely to the latest plat achievers. Some players could got the plat after the servers shutdown but could have won every online trophy in the game before the shutdown. And btw portal was still on in most of the first half of this year.