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  1. I was thinking of buying this game and, as always, i like to see how many and how hard the online trophies are. But I consulted a few guides and i'm getting mixed answers. So which of these trophies are totally online (including the DLC)? In another words if the servers went offline now, which would be unobtainable? And the ones that can be done both on and off harder to do offline?
  2. Ok thanks. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough
  3. So do I need to fully restart the mission or just repeat the process by suiciding and repeating on checkpoint?
  4. Well at least it isn't metal gear survive...
  5. Those two are not quite DLC. They're more like update trophies. But yeah they're only playable with the full game
  6. ^This. Not absolutely sure about the photo finish part but yeah, at least tour is the only thing that can't be played on the plus version
  7. Its a Christmas miracle!!! I don't know exactly what I've done differently but I FINALLY got the last trophy for this game. Thank very much to the ones who gave the tips to get this trophy.
  8. I tried to follow the .org guide and even went to other forums to get some tips but so far my record is only at 115k. Can anyone provide a video or any other tips that might be useful to get this done?
  9. A bit of advice for the future: don't look solely to the latest plat achievers. Some players could got the plat after the servers shutdown but could have won every online trophy in the game before the shutdown. And btw portal was still on in most of the first half of this year.
  10. Forgot to quote on the last post and i don't know how to edit it in lol
  11. Ok but how do I chain the same drift exactly?
  12. It has been tough, it has been long, but I finally got the plat for Warhawk! Using 4 controllers (one knock off ps3, that was with an almost permanently stuck left analog stick making the character go backwards at the most inconvenient times, and two ps1 controllers using a USB adapter, one of which has the digital buttons making the character movements (idk either) and with the analogs and R and L buttons not working.) Special thanks to @giatros-m for helping me with the trophies I couldn't do alone including the dlcs trophies, @VirtualNight and everyone who helped him getting an excellent guide to get the plat in the most efficient way, and @POEman553, not only but letting everyone on this site that the servers were going down, but for letting me know that the servers were actually still when I had already given up on it. It was a fun, but stressful, ride. PS: to those who say " you had plenty of time" I just wanna say the following: I had my ps3 back in 2014 and by then I just wanted to play the most popular games of a generation that was almost on its end (and I still am), and this last year has been crazy in the matter of servers closures, leaving all of us with very little time to everything we would like to do. Even worse when some of us have to work, like myself. So to those ppl, shut the HELL up! We get it, you either have more time that us or you're just trolling so you have some weird fuzzy feeling that I will never quite understand. Just stop saying the same goddamn thing everytime a servers goes down. Other than that have a nice day and thank you to everyone who was willing to read this kinda long post. Peace!
  13. Looks like it's official, server are now down. Have been trying for 20 min. and without any luck. Supposedly they should only close it in 10h but I guess Sony can't keep that promise either...
  14. Is there any known way to get xp while afk even if it is very small? I'm at a point that I either do the remaining kills (about 1000 air weapon kills) or the remaining xp (about 150k)
  15. Its actually 288 because you also earn bonus points from ribbons at the end of each match
  16. "Well sit around kids and let me tell you about a magical time before the games were digital. The time where we used to play with DISCS! 'What are discs?' You ask children. Well discs are a piece of plastic with a shape of a circle where the game was stored. And to play it u had to insert in on your console and PRESTO! You were able to play your game right afted it was installed. Nothing of those fancy 'downloads' that the youth uses nowadays. *sigh* those were the times. Well, it's 5pm and its time for grampa go to bed now. Night night!" Ok enough sarcasm, i think it's pretty obvious what disc only means... Back in the beggining of last generation very few AAA games were digital
  17. Pretty ironic on OP's part to ask such questions when just yesterday he almost begged for anyone to send him a save file of twisted metal with warthog already unlocked to his email....
  18. 1st of all i wanna apologize for my misphrasing. The trophies i was saying i was unsure were meant for "Right Place, Right Time" and "Tradin' Paint" . 2nd thing, you're only missing "Calypso" trophy, but yeah, thats pretty much it
  19. Yes i did. Trophy descriptions are a bit misleading. The only totaly online misc. trophies are "I h8 poachers" and "Fire in the Sky". Not sure either if they're obtainable in LAN after shutdown but i don't see why they wouldn't. Good luck to everyone going for it!
  20. An exelent guide. Probably one of the best guides about how to boost multiplayer game. But I just wanna point out that both "Right Place, Right Time" and "Tradin' Paint" trophies CAN be obtained on split screen. I was only capableto join the TM servers a couple months ago and i got these two a bit after the game was offered on plus when i was unable to join any room.
  21. ok. Thanks for the quick reply
  22. @VirtualNight How would you recommend boosting the following weapons (the rarest/longer to spawn)?: -Binoculars -Land Mine -Rocket Launcher -Sniper I won't mention Flamethrower because i can simply weaken my bot with the pistol or rifle and use one flame to the kill (like Eternal21 mentions in it's guide) Oh and one more thing: If I have two bots on an jeep/tank and destroy it with the warhawk does it count as 1 or two kills?
  23. Your main account has to host every single game if u dont want the trophies to bug. Simple as that
  24. Yup this is true. It has been going since the beginning of this year at least. By the time i knew it i missed one or two. Most of the time, these games arent anything spectacular but they are usually easy plats/100%
  25. I would like to play as Kassandra too. i just have a little doubt. I read (or saw on a video, can't remember) that Alexios and Kassandra are siblings. If this is true will they co-exist on the game like in AC Syndicate?