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  1. @Fanatico1981 Thanks for your post! I was able to get this trophy this morning.
  2. One more thing I thought of- I did select a team when starting the game, not cpu vs cpu. Not sure it matters but just want to be sure it isn't something silly like that keeping you from the trophy.
  3. I just got the trophy- I think it has to be the "featured game" not a custom one. I selected the Super Bow Game, did a super-sim until the end, selected finish game, and then I got a screen to continue the next week as a new season. The trophy popped when it advanced to the start of the next season. Hope this helps!
  4. Ah, that makes sense. I forgot the Vita version came out later. Thanks!
  5. I noticed the trophy list on PSNProfiles shows PS3/PS4 without the Vita. That doesn't match the PSN which has all three sharing the same list. Not sure if it impacts my syncing with this site yet, but my five trophies today for the Vita version don't seem to be showing up. Anyone else have issues with this? Update: A few hours later the trophies showed at least the important part works. Still would like to know why the Vita label isn't on the game on psnprofiles.