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  1. They were still up back in Feb just wasn't alot of people plus DLC is pretty dead as well.
  2. I would buy it. I started this game 3 years after it came out and would play it every day for a few hours. Bring it back PS4 OR PS5 lets go
  3. This game is super easy to boost I did all the mp beside the dlc which yet to do in 3 or 4 days
  4. yeah it happend to me for the last two weeks sometimes it lets you on sometimes not
  5. I had 6 alts in play to help with rankings
  6. Well look at the last few week 70 k to 30 k got it the top guys in 1% are getting near 50 K
  7. Oh My god I'm so glad I made the cut this week for the past 4 weeks I've been playing this and get so close. I stat saves suck so bad I've played this game so much the past few weeks glad to kinda have my life back. I use to play long matches this week I went to short matches 6 min seemed to save more. Good luck to the rest of you guy going for this trophy.
  8. I've played for 5 days for about 7 to 8 hours a day that saving is what is killing me
  9. I've got 12K as of right now how much do you have. With 6 alt for the leaderboards
  10. I just got the dedication trophy so it still works
  11. I've tried to email ubisoft support a number of time and each time they give me the run around about checking my network settings and stuff. The game worked fine for at less 6 or 8 months until aug 4 2016 and now the servers say it's not available at this time I spent 20 dollars for the download and played for a month not cool I think everyone that has played or that wants to play this game need to let ubisoft know theres a problem so maybe they can fix it
  12. I dont know looks like the servers may be down again was playing all day today and now the disconnected server is not available at this time is coming up I hope its not for too long only need 14 more trophies online to be done. Anyone else having problems too
  13. whats the deal I was log on to the psn went to eat dinner come back and now I cant log on