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  1. I am in the Dime Tower right now but haven’t beat the it possible to go back down to get the missing items or is already to late? edit: I figured it out
  2. I have tried multiple times for the BOOM trophy...different methods? any one have tips? I feel like I have won at least 3 by now lol last trophy in the game I need
  3. Since the saves are server based I would think so...I tried that with Rainbow Six Siege(earned a trophy on the ps5 version, closed the game and opened the PS4 version on my ps5 and it popped) so hopefully!
  4. Ahh darn, thanks for the response. I’ll finish up on ps4 then move forward lol
  5. If one is not done with their ps4 trophy list does anyone know if once you start the ps5 version it locks you from moving saves back to the PS4 version?
  6. I’ll have to look into it once I get going. If it doesn’t I’ll finish up on ps4 and then go forward 🙂
  7. Does the cross save option working going from PS5 to PS4 as well? Or only forward...only asking because I have some done on PS4 was thinking about doing it on ps5 and moving the save back to ps4 (if possible) to auto pop the PS4 trophy list
  8. You must shoot every target and take it out without missing any. I did mine on the first song on easy no mods
  9. Update: got it never mind
  10. For the Perfectionist Trophy, I have tried on several songs and just asking for some clarification from players that have achieved it. Do you have to have 100% accuracy? Or just shoot every target and make sure not to miss?
  11. That’s what it seems like to me. Typically Harmonix games have challenging lists
  12. How hard is the full 100% would you say? I just picked it up on sale