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  1. The last things I bought were PlayStation Now and Persona 4 Dancing All Night on Vita.
  2. First off that sounds awful and I'll probably never get the trophy until it gets fixed. Second Koda Kumi ayy
  3. Yup it is broken. Handyman I was able to get moderately fast but Medic? Nope
  4. So you're saying the trophy is even more obtainable than before? Got it thanks
  5. So now that there is a new update where all 4 survivors automatically get pulled into the Dream World, does that still contribute towards the "Dream Demon" trophy? And if so, does them re-entering the dream world after they wake up from the alarm clock count?? I know that when you hit someone, they automatically get pulled in as well so I'm wondering if it stacks or if it is just one per person.
  6. The Bye Bye Man knowing full well that it was terrible going into it. Really? I'm a huge fan of Hereditary so I'm kinda intrigued about this one. I never heard about it until a few weeks ago.
  7. Is it only if you have a med kit or is it just the standard "heal" that gets you the trophy? If it is the latter then it is definitely bugged for me.
  8. A Quiet Place
  9. Mine was The Emoji Movie
  10. It (2017)
  11. I used to use Firefox and IE but now I use Google Chrome and have gotten used to the interface to switch.
  12. How can you tell how many quests you've done? I feel like I've done about 1,000 and I still have no trophy.
  13. Congratulations!! This must be your favorite game (Onechanbara Z2: Chaos)