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  1. Ah, this is fascinating news, thanx for the info!
  2. I really hope that the upcoming DMC collaboration event will featuring a big crown Teostra.
  3. I tried it... Well, the level select, Diesel costume and Trish code is working, but I just cannot figure it out, how can I input the Dante must die costume code. The reason behind this that they replaced the screen at the beginning, and after the intro movie, the game immediately put you in to the main menu. No "press any key to continue" screen, therefore you cannot input a code which require you to press the X button. I only tried the Dante disc, don't have time for Lucia, maybe if you unlock both of them...but I dunno. (Oh and it's the digital version from european (hungarian) PS store) Oh, so it will not work :\ . But that's the only code we might need for a quicker/easier playthrough . I think this platinum will be the simple most rarest one from the entire series.
  4. I came here for the exact same question, you were faster
  5. Ok, so what are your methods? For example, I have zero crowns for tobi-kadachi (didn't farm enough the first crown event). So I made a few investigation possible for this beast and go out hunt for that fuzzy bastard. And...that's it? Is there any formulaic method, any indicator or higher chance (other than the weekly events), that might slightly make this easier?
  6. I've got the giant legiana yesterday - it wasn't even big. It looks like more of a smaller version and I didn't even thought it might be a big one...
  7. Yeah, you got the crown for the other monsters, even if the quest itself failed because the diablos instakill all your teammates in one giant sweep attack. True story.
  8. Doesn't count it, but I think I completed the previous 5-monster event for 30-40 times, and got all of the crowns (minis and giants too) for all of the monsters - except the miniature rathian one...when I saw the size of that thing, all the time I said "this must be it, its so tiny that is must be it" - and nothing. Not even a crownless "smallest" title on the result screen. Hope I get it from an investigation soon... In the meantime I completing the research for most of the monsters, and get mini crowns on solo investigations for an uragaan and a paluomu. At least these are coming fairly easy. These two were a normal, 50 minute, 6* and 7* investigations with gold rewards.
  9. PS4 synced it correctly but this site listed the game as Unknown
  10. It's working now.
  11. I have the EU version too,and have the same issue.
  12. You're awesome, count me in too!
  13. This was weird for me. With Claire,I accidently made a follow up,than make a knife only run with Barry,succesfully. Than,with chapter select,went back to the first chapter,made it,and the trophy popped up. So you dont even need to do that in correct order,just finish both scenario once with the knife.
  14. Actually I saved Richard, and Rebecca healed my wounds in the mansion. After that, in the Aqua Ring, Richard's being killed and in the Residence, when I killed Plant 42 Rebecca showed up and she can heal my wounds in the little room again (with the glasses). Maybe because it's on easy difficulty?
  15. This is awesome, thanx.