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  1. PS4 synced it correctly but this site listed the game as Unknown
  2. It's working now.
  3. I have the EU version too,and have the same issue.
  4. This was weird for me. With Claire,I accidently made a follow up,than make a knife only run with Barry,succesfully. Than,with chapter select,went back to the first chapter,made it,and the trophy popped up. So you dont even need to do that in correct order,just finish both scenario once with the knife.
  5. Actually I saved Richard, and Rebecca healed my wounds in the mansion. After that, in the Aqua Ring, Richard's being killed and in the Residence, when I killed Plant 42 Rebecca showed up and she can heal my wounds in the little room again (with the glasses). Maybe because it's on easy difficulty?
  6. This is awesome, thanx.