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  1. I thought I read somewhere on the internets that there was a way to fix the missing timestamps in Welcome Park? I've been looking for the information but can't seem to find it again. I think it had something to do with doing a factory reset on the Vita (which would also reset Welcome Park as it is pre-installed), signing in to PSN so it gets updated date/time, then going offline and earning the trophies again before syncing and that gives them a timestamp? Can anyone confirm if that sounds remotely accurate, or possible?
  2. Last person to get the plat got that trophy on 23rd Mar 2020 3:15:39 PM so...
  3. Oh Lord. For the past day or so I have been going back through my PlayStation Store download list and checking it against PSNP to see which games where 100% were unachievable, then I just find this today. FML. But also, awesome work!
  4. This will only be the case once. One time ever. Since this is the first league on PS4 and I'm guessing 95% of us were playing Synth league and not Standard our map completion in Standard will be zero. It shouldn't take you that long to smash through and re-complete what is missing. Next league however, if you already have an Atlas in Standard, when your Legion Atlas "transfers" to Standard, you can usually re-complete the missing parts of the Atlas in just a few maps as doing higher tier maps auto-completes the lower ones. This has been the case on PC for years. The game changes every 3 months. Get used to it.
  5. So, this map doesn't always contain the same Exiles. The list of Grandmasters is randomised each time and the Exiles themselves are builds made by actual players of the game and some of those builds are level 100 characters with decked out gear. Due to this it can be almost impossible to complete without a build specific for farming Hall of Grandmasters.
  6. I'm going to assume you're in America, since most Americans think they're at the centre of the universe and never post what timezone they're in, not considering the entire world has access to this site and the console is sold globally. I, on the other hand, am in Australia and can't play PoE on most US gateways because of the horribad input lag and desync we get (though US West is bearable, just). I'd be happy to swap maps, but I'm only up to T7/8 at the moment.
  7. Abaxoth will never be one of the guaranteed bosses. He is always only a random spawn resulting from killing Beyond monsters.
  8. Firstly, I don't trust any PoE site that has advertisements offering to sell you items or currency for real money. If you are caught doing it you will have your account banned. Secondly, many sites that offer ads for RMT (real money trades) sometimes have builds that are destined to fail, just to make you so desperate as to RMT gear to survive endgame. I'm not saying this site is one of those sites or not; I've never used it, but the first thing I saw when I opened the page was an ad for an RMT site. If you want builds, go directly to the source at and do a forum search for "synthesis starter builds" Secondly, you most definitely can respec your entire tree, it will just cost you Respec Points which can be acquired from a mix of doing all of the side quests and Orbs of Regret which can drop randomly, or you can trade with vendors in town or other players. Having said that it isn't cheap to do a full respec (as Orbs of Regret are typically worth roughly 1:1 with Chaos Orbs) and most times, unless you are really deep into the endgame (level 80+) it's probably easier just to start another character, as 1-80 can be done in just a few days with the gear you saved from your first character or some cheap levelling uniques.
  9. Beyond is the Level 8 Zana mod. Alternatively, keep doing her "daily" missions and when she offers you the choice of maps to open select the ones that say "Slay the Beyond Monsters (or Boss)."
  10. Not going to lie, this has helped me enormously since its inception. As a decent, but by no means world class, driver (I only just cracked the "A" DR category in the last couple of days), I've gotten my 65 Pole Position trophy and gone from around 13 Sport Mode wins to 61 wins since the change. It is a bit frustrating if you make an error and get pushed down the field in amongst the "D" drivers because you just get slammed by idiots and your rating suffers as a result, but I recognise the issue for the lower ranked drivers essentially never having a chance against A - S ranked drivers in every race. The only chance for those guys is to race after midnight when there's only a handful of people on, but at the moment that's when I'm farming all my wins.
  11. New Pre-orders since Last Post: Still on Pre-order from Previous Posts: Gran Turismo Sport Collector's Edition
  12. PlayStation 4 controller works on PS3. I just tested it to confirm. I think it has to be connected via USB though and some buttons don't work, like PS, Options, Share and TouchPad (obviously), but the D-pad works, shape buttons work and R buttons work. Rumble probably doesn't work either.
  13. I had only seen one of these goblins after the patch and it dropped Blaze (Blazing Skull), then nothing for months. Suddenly, in the last 2 weeks, it's been a Menagerist goblin extravaganza. So far they've dropped Overseer Lady Josephine (Teddy Bear), Lady Morthanlu (Lamb/Goat Creature), The Stomach (Mini Ghom) and Haunting Hannah (Ghost) . [Edit: just got Galthrak the Unhinged!] As mentioned they don't do much apart from pick up gold for you, but if you have a build with zero pickup radius like mine it is handy. I think they should upgrade the pets to pick up Health Globes, Nephalim Globes and progression orbs though to make them really worth while. I hate how the game always throws to Nephalim globes behind you in rifts and the progression orbs in three different directions.
  14. Is this just an arbitrary restriction for the purposes of this topic? I only ask as I've used 1920x1080 screenshots on my PS4 and they work just fine as all the images used "fade out" as you scroll down anyway. I think my current one on my main PS4 was a screenshot from the final boat scene from The Banner Saga 1 as I loved the colours. [EDIT: Just turned on my PS4 to see and although it's hard to see because my image is dark, there is indeed a cutoff after 600 pixels. I changed it to a screenshot that was mostly white and it's definitely noticeable and doesn't fade out completely at the bottom of the image. Don't mind me, lol Ah, I see how it works now. With any size image larger than 1920x600 you can adjust the visible display box until you're happy with the cropped image]