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  1. Appreciations for starting the thread. I still think this would be handy to keep updated over the longer term, for future reference. Perhaps if you don't wish to continue to research and refine the list someone may be willing to keep the project going. As someone who hasn't done as much gaming over the last few years as I would have liked, due to circumstances beyond my control, I certainly would appreciate a comprehensive list of exclusives I could work on playing in the future.
  2. I did, and if you check the list for the July 1 service closures they are all on the PC platform. Your link in the OP referred to the link which is for services that have already been closed:
  3. The recent announcement was for the PC versions specifically.
  4. All they needed to do was make a PS5 section on the old store. Job done. Not only have they shat on an entire generation of gamers, they are shitting on a whole new generation with the massive backwards step in store UI/UX. It really is godawful design.
  5. How have you been going on that trophy, mate? I just got the 100% with the Arkashan Pro trophy. Servers appear to be still up and running. While the game is still accessible I am going to bash out some of the Steam achievements. Some of them are bugged (like the ones for founding a club and unlocking clones), but all the win related achievements should still be possible. I will start with the ones for winning 10 games with each clone.
  6. Would you not just be able to redeem codes via the PS4, PS5 or the regular Web store?
  7. Oh well. Not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Just got the trophy for 100 wins on Arkashan. My Steam account (that I was only using for fodder) is level 19.5 so I'll knock out the Achievement for hitting level 20 and go back to farming wins for 500 just in case the game decides to stay up for another week, lol.
  8. Servers have closed... But... Not sure if I am just lucky or if Custom Games still work, but I am still logged in and playing on Arkashan with 3 accounts.
  9. I don't think so. When I started playing on the day the stats were reset I had 77 total games played, of which a small few were just mucking around exploring the modes and getting the other non-win-grinding trophies out of the way. I played a few more games and at one point the game froze on both consoles. Thought nothing of it, just restarted and kept playing, then after some time, checked and saw I only had 24 games played. I sent an email to the developer then I kept going and got to 50 games played (wins) before logging off and going to bed. Skipped yesterday as I was playing poker with friends, then logged on today to find my stats reset again. Now I am back up to 15 wins and still no trophy for 100 wins on Scandia. For the record, here is the return email from the developer:
  10. Yoink! After giving up on this 4 years ago I sat down for another crack. About 2 hours of trying over a couple of days... No mods, hacks, or mutations. Went on to score 14 on this run! Platinum #33 - Goat Simulator
  11. Damn. There's a few hours wasted. When I started grinding Scandia this morning I was at 77 wins and would have got the 100 win trophy today. Now I am back to 24.
  12. Oops, I lied. I didn't realise I could sort the Trophy Log by achievers. Turns out Now it begins is just the lowest completion percentage trophy. The lowest number of achievers trophy is actually Nerves of Steel Complete the entire game in Expert mode in under 10 minutes from Piecefall which, while having a 1.19% achievement rate, only has 33 achievers. Also, this trophy was earned pre-patch when it was for Beating the developer's time which, from memory, was 9 minutes 25 seconds. Got my name in the credits for the US version for that
  13. Now it begins, Reach Level 20 in the game Games of Glory which has 40 achievers and a 0.24% achievement rate. I can sort of understand the low achievement rate as it is a pretty forgettable game. Basically a cut down "All-Mid" League of Legends clone, but this one can be done in about 6 hours while going for the other grindy trophies with 2 accounts with 2 consoles, or one console and a PC (as the game is cross-play with Steam)
  14. It appears it may have been de-listed everywhere now, as the Soundtrack bundles have disappeared and all previous links to the game in various threads and topics no longer work. Bummer, as I had the Vita version in my cart ready for purchase and it was removed when I logged in today.
  15. Thread title states "End of December" which is incorrect. It is at the end of the current season on December 7.
  16. I thought I read somewhere on the internets that there was a way to fix the missing timestamps in Welcome Park? I've been looking for the information but can't seem to find it again. I think it had something to do with doing a factory reset on the Vita (which would also reset Welcome Park as it is pre-installed), signing in to PSN so it gets updated date/time, then going offline and earning the trophies again before syncing and that gives them a timestamp? Can anyone confirm if that sounds remotely accurate, or possible?
  17. Last person to get the plat got that trophy on 23rd Mar 2020 3:15:39 PM so...
  18. Oh Lord. For the past day or so I have been going back through my PlayStation Store download list and checking it against PSNP to see which games where 100% were unachievable, then I just find this today. FML. But also, awesome work!
  19. This will only be the case once. One time ever. Since this is the first league on PS4 and I'm guessing 95% of us were playing Synth league and not Standard our map completion in Standard will be zero. It shouldn't take you that long to smash through and re-complete what is missing. Next league however, if you already have an Atlas in Standard, when your Legion Atlas "transfers" to Standard, you can usually re-complete the missing parts of the Atlas in just a few maps as doing higher tier maps auto-completes the lower ones. This has been the case on PC for years. The game changes every 3 months. Get used to it.
  20. So, this map doesn't always contain the same Exiles. The list of Grandmasters is randomised each time and the Exiles themselves are builds made by actual players of the game and some of those builds are level 100 characters with decked out gear. Due to this it can be almost impossible to complete without a build specific for farming Hall of Grandmasters.
  21. I'm going to assume you're in America, since most Americans think they're at the centre of the universe and never post what timezone they're in, not considering the entire world has access to this site and the console is sold globally. I, on the other hand, am in Australia and can't play PoE on most US gateways because of the horribad input lag and desync we get (though US West is bearable, just). I'd be happy to swap maps, but I'm only up to T7/8 at the moment.
  22. Abaxoth will never be one of the guaranteed bosses. He is always only a random spawn resulting from killing Beyond monsters.
  23. Firstly, I don't trust any PoE site that has advertisements offering to sell you items or currency for real money. If you are caught doing it you will have your account banned. Secondly, many sites that offer ads for RMT (real money trades) sometimes have builds that are destined to fail, just to make you so desperate as to RMT gear to survive endgame. I'm not saying this site is one of those sites or not; I've never used it, but the first thing I saw when I opened the page was an ad for an RMT site. If you want builds, go directly to the source at and do a forum search for "synthesis starter builds" Secondly, you most definitely can respec your entire tree, it will just cost you Respec Points which can be acquired from a mix of doing all of the side quests and Orbs of Regret which can drop randomly, or you can trade with vendors in town or other players. Having said that it isn't cheap to do a full respec (as Orbs of Regret are typically worth roughly 1:1 with Chaos Orbs) and most times, unless you are really deep into the endgame (level 80+) it's probably easier just to start another character, as 1-80 can be done in just a few days with the gear you saved from your first character or some cheap levelling uniques.
  24. Beyond is the Level 8 Zana mod. Alternatively, keep doing her "daily" missions and when she offers you the choice of maps to open select the ones that say "Slay the Beyond Monsters (or Boss)."