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  1. I'm curious to know why Dare_xLw

    1. DaRe


      Dare is my nickname as well as a name of a character I created in stories I wrote and drawings I drew. "xLw" was merely random at first, but then I thought, xL is kinda obvious and w for my last name.

  2. Sup qurb

    1. Xx_TheOxid3_xX


      Hey eUzal! :) Not much buddy, you?

  3. I have short-term memory, then. LOL I really don't remember
  4. How do I close a thread? :/

    1. Azakos


      Not able to close our own threads yet. Don't know if we ever will be able to. What you can do is report it, and in the text field just write a little message about how you want it closed.

    2. eUzal1


      Ok, I hope closing threads is implemented. Thanks!

  5. Ugh, what a bummer. and I actually searched for it..
  6. What's a PS3 Trophy site without this thread? So basically just post your latest platinum trophy earned. Mine was: inFAMOUS 2 Platinum Trophy 25th Sep 2011 12:45:08 AM
  7. This is in no way accurate lol
  8. eUzal1, same as .com I'm usually rocking the deadmau5 sigs and avys
  9. I'm really liking it 10/10
  10. Studying for my chemistry finals tomorrow :D

    1. DaRe


      finals? the school year just started for me :P

      i have Chemistry as well, hasn't became hard yet. good luck on your finals! :D

    2. A little fluffy cat

      A little fluffy cat

      Yeah I wish you much success ( ^_^)

      Good luck!

  11. Well Bully was never made for PS3, I would like to see it atleast on Vita. That game is one of my favs
  12. They look great but personally I prefer my black ps3. I find it to look more "simple"
  13. Here you may drive at 16 but before you get your licence you must present your certificate of passing driving school. --------- I'm in the range of 15-19
  14. My last purchase: A 2.5L coke for the fam. My last gaming purchase: 7 games. Where I live games are very overpriced so when I go shopping outside of town I buy a shit ton of stuff
  15. Well if I'm not at school, I'm gaming. If I'm not gaming or at school I'm at the gym. If I'm not at school, gaming or at the gym, I'm hanging out with friends. Basically that's all I do in my boring life.