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  1. Oh yeah I didn't think of that. lol
  2. Thanks I didn't know it had radiation protection. I'm at 4900 gold so I'm going purchase something tonight.
  3. Well I'm about to hold the max gold which is 5000 the last time I read and I was wondering if any guys have some opinions on the Solar, Thorn, or Secret Service Armors in the game. Also, though I'm not a heavy build I'd like to hear any opinions regarding the T-65 or Strangler Armor as well. Oh yeah is the Stealth Armor worth it? I'd just like to hear different opinions on anything really. Thanks for any reply/suggestions/opinions... : )
  4. Now 2 is good, I just didn't like how I couldn't use Wrex or Liara (except for her appearance in the DLC Lair of the Shadow Broker). I really didn't care for Miranda, Jacob, or Jack and some others. And a lot of the plot (and time) involves recruiting people I didn't want too in the first place. And honestly I didn't care for that Human Reaper boss either. As for the opening sequence of ME2 I've often debated in my mind if that should have occurred at the end of ME1 or not and then just start off with the Lazarus Project in ME2 right off the bat. But ME1's ending was so very satisfying as is. And for ME2 The Suicide Run was awesome, the introduction of the Illusive Man was fantastic, and who the Collectors actually were shocked me, for I had no idea. ME3 brought Liara, my romance interest back and Wrex some too. In ME3 there's the battle on Palaven, the fate of the Genophage cure, the conclusion of the war between the Quarians and the Geth, and there's obviously the Crucible where you decide the fate of the Reapers that were awesome experiences and there were more I failed to mention. ME3 along with ME1 (Eden Prime mission, becoming a Spectre, the fate of the Rachni Queen, the two huge decisions made on Virmire, what Sarens does to himself- again I could list others) had so much more memorable moments than ME2 ever did for me. The whole level on Ilos and the conversation with Vigil in ME1 was probably the best moments in the entire trilogy (for me anyways). And let's not forget Sovereign's appearance and conversation as well in ME1. ME3's ending didn't bother me like it did a lot of people. It wasn't perfect but I got to do what I wanted to do, and that was destroy the Reapers because for me the only good Reaper is a dead one.
  5. ☺️☺️
  6. ME 1 is the best of the trilogy. Well for me 1>3>2 All great games though.
  7. Yes I know every time I get a trophy you just can't resist to look can you? lol  

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      Is this your inner dialog?

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      For a fan... 

  8. I agree totally. I remember playing this on PS3 and saying this is one worst games I've ever played. I enjoyed RE5 so much more. Heck I rather play through Raccoon City a lot more times than this stuff. Maybe one day I'll try it again but it was hard getting through it.
  9. Mass Effect: Shepard Lives... would be awesome.
  10. Loved it too. It really started to come together after Episode 3 for me. Amazing...
  11. It wouldn't be the same effect for me since I've never played a game on a second account in its entirety. Maybe a lot of people do play games all the way through on their alternate accounts I don't know. I've used my second account for boosting groups in some situations. So to have the ability to use my main account to disable/enable trophies would be a nice change, at least for me. But that's probably not going to happen.
  12. I haven't read every reply so if someone has said this already just ignore... There just should be an option to disable trophies in the game menu before you start a new game. Too many people miss out on so many good games because of trophies that can't get or don't want to get. With this option you can play the game and enjoy it, like the good old days of gaming before all the trophy and achievements started. And if you want trophies later on, then enable them.
  13. I don't feel so bad now, I went through the same thing last night. : )