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  1. Oh ok I thought there was a certain order. And thanks for the turret tip as well... Oh yeah I stopped at that Two Birds challenge. Kill two enemies with a shotgun blast...
  2. Hey there, wasn't there a online challenge where you had to kill 2 aliens with one shotgun blast or something in a match? I'm sorry I haven't played the game in forever. Or you had to do certain challenges in order? It's been so long. I know there was a reason I stopped playing, but I can't remember why... Hmmm
  3. Best statement right there. And what's worse is when people force themselves to get that platinum, or play through the game so fast that they are not even enjoying the game.
  4. Any luck? Thought about getting the game. Then again I have so many incomplete games I guess it wouldn't matter on my end. Just curious of the situation.
  5. Oh thank you so much for the info... Oh well I'll never get those two trophies. lol Thanks again very much.
  6. Oh man I forgot I had that game. It's a little rough...
  7. Mass Effect 1, Oblivion, The Godfather Don's Edition
  8. Well I played the original Dead Rising years ago on the Xbox 360 and I think it's much better than DR2 and OTR. Now I don't know if it controls different on the PS4 than the 360 version but I loved getting those chainsaws and using them forever. Mannequin torso was awesome too....
  9. Has anyone had any trouble with their 250 matches played trophy and the 250 win trophy popping? Just curious I have 264 played and I think 257 wins and nothing...
  10. Liara all the way. Male Shep only for me.
  11. Best post of the day... ☺️
  12. Hmm thank you for the reply. I wonder down the road if they will release the other two books and divide them up as they did the first game.
  13. So how many books are there total? I was thinking about picking the game but I'm going to wait for all books to be released. I know the Book III just came out. So after reading the above I guess that's the last one maybe...?
  14. You couldn't pay me to stop playing it... ☺️
  15. Resident Evil 6