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  1. That is also what i was wondering. Thank you very much for the info
  2. So basically if i earn an achievement on PC and then log into the same account on PS will it auto pop the related trophy?
  3. Thank you! It's on top of the gas station awning for anyone else wondering.
  4. I missed 2 caches in them and I would assume there's some way to replay them outside of doing a new game plus playthrough.
  5. I actually know exactly where you were stuck at as I just ran into this today on my playthrough. I believe where you enter the area by falling through a hole in the floor there is a breakable portion of the ceiling near where that hole is. The
  6. Need the painted and certified veteran item for the trophies. I don't even know what those are and could care less. So I'll trade back immediately. Just a trophy whore in need of some help. PSN: killernik666