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  1. It includes MGS but not Pirates.
  2. Weren't these free from the start? I don't have the game but i purchase all free dlc for games i know i'll buy and i've already bought this.
  3. Lost memories is a retelling of code embryo with a little tacked on side story. I'd recommend code embryo over it if you had the chance.
  4. It's scraped from igdb as noted here:
  5. Is the gear an admin only feature? It's not showing on any profiles when I hover as shown by the screenshot.
  6. Because it's fun ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ To quote the queen Often when we guess at others' motives, we reveal only our own.
  7. They aren't. Most are under $20 after a few months.
  8. As long as you earn them legitimately you're good. This is how some speedrunner accounts play so they can delete the profile if they can't beat the top/goal time.
  9. If you space it out, you can definitely enjoy it. I've been redoing the telltale games and visual novels with a few months/years in between or waiting to replay them until a sequel comes out. It's like rewatching a movie/tv show you like. That fits in to what you said later in your post, context matters.
  10. On this note, I'd love unearned trophies to actually count all unearned trophies again. It hasn't counted 0% lists since the site update last year. The only way to do that is to go to the log, set it to unearned, and then set it to include dlc. I agree that Sam's suggestion isn't very practical.
  11. Dopamine, usually.
  12. I pre-ordered the collectors edition thinking it's share the list with the asia release. But a plat! That's even better than I expected!
  13. It's that time of the month again...


  14. The western versions don't have trophies. You need to play one of the asian region versions to earn trophies. The game is in full english even on the japanese store, so there's no language barrier.