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  1. We all crow that this game is filled with puns from the beak-inning. I'm cawing out to aviary pun fan on the website and would like your thoughts on this trophy list. I'm sure this game will penguin some awards. The game is cross-fly so the toucan be bought in one purchase. The s-tori is going to be a lot of fun. Well I'm preen out of puns, feel free to add some more. Btw the reason that there's no gold trophies is because the game is already golden.
  2. Yes. Though if old names are being displayed then I'd rather not be tracked here. It's kind of a dick move on sly's end to show them when psn doesn't even display them after 90 days.
  3. You can't restore your account here if you've changed your name since deleting it from the site. It counts the new name as deleted too and won't allow you to restore from the code from the old name or new name. @BlindMango
  4. They are not bound to any account until the account is synced through the trophy app on the vita. Until that point, they are on the vita's memory in a default or "blank" account as some people seem to be fixated on. As for the method of the account switching, some seem to be fixated on the website's name that is linked in the op to send you the email. This can be done by literally anyone by emailing the line "URL:psnreg:" in an.ics file (a calendar file used by google calendar, outlook, apple calendar, and other leading calendar apps.) Due to a bug in the way the vita reads these .ics files, it can then access the vita's registry to unlock various hidden apps including the sign in app. Using the sign in app to change users then gets the vita to sync the "blank" account's trophies to the currently signed in account. You are correct in saying that this is the same as earning trophies on a "blank" account on a ps3 or ps4. The only difference is that a bug needs to be exploited in order to sync these "blank" trophies to an account other than the one that purchased the game. Because some don't understand the method, they call it a CFW. If you'd like to save yourself a headache, I'd suggest that you stop entertaining the opinions of the misinformed.
  5. Unless you've discovered an exploit that allows playing of professional difficulty before finishing the game, your save file was modified so that you could do so on the first time, modified after saving at the last typewriter so that the game thought it was on professional difficulty, or you deleted your trophy list after already completing the game once and unlocking professional difficulty. All three of these possibilities are flaggable on this site. If you can show repeatable steps to unlock professional difficulty prior to completing the game, your flag will be lifted.
  6. I can confirm it's still possible to do on the latest firmware.
  7. A rival site has enacted a white list for games where others forcibly unlock trophies for you. The poll here is overwhelmingly in favor of whitelisting as well. It might be time for a change.
  8. This is a legitimate giveaway. Winners will be announced after gage's drawing.
  9. So you've made a giveaway as a way to attack others, knowing that it won't be deleted since you're "helping" some people. I can see Sergen's influence on you.
  10. I'm agreeing with MMDE in thinking that this is going to far and should be labeled cheating. It's not a simple DNS switch. It's more similar to the packet-intercepts that were used with Street Fighter V. This is sly's official response to that one:
  11. Enter the first part of the code then release the back touch pad. Press the back touch pad again and enter the second code. That's how i got it to work myself. It should make a noise if you're entered it in correctly. On the vita I viewed each cutscene in scene viewer mode to get some of the trophies to unlock. For others I needed to replay the specific task in level select. To pick scene viewer/level select you will need to be on the main menu and pick secrets. Alternatively, you can press and hold L2 + R1 (top left part of the back touch pad + R) while on the pause menu in a mission. This shows the hidden menu options. Go to the secrets section from here and you'll be able to pick scene viewer/level select as well. For the metal head gems, I killed the final boss from level select and then got to the post-game. Once in post-game I went to Mountain Temple (found through the hole in the city in the gardens) and went to the right path past the precursor platform that must be shot to pass. I followed this path until the ambush of weak metal heads appeared. I killed all of them and averaged about 30 gems each run. After killing them, I paused the game and selected restart mission. It put me back at the teleporter and I cycled through the metal heads again until I had 510 gems. The orbs can be obtained with the orb glitch. Each of these collectables needs to be manually obtained as there is no player 2 to press L3 + X to give you 1000 orbs and gems. Since this is the vita version, you can also use the secrets glitch to give yourself infinite dark jak, infinite ammo, and infinite health. That's detailed in this thread if you're unaware of how to use it. On a side note, it seems random which trophies unlock by the scene viewer method. Another member of a discord server I'm on tried this on the vita version and he had different trophies unlock than I did.
  12. It's another trophy website. They have a trophy rarity type called prestige. They are trophies that are under 1% rarity.
  13. The website says it's officially down. I just tested on my alt account and the trophy unlocked. platinum will always be obtainable. @Stevieboy please update the title to reflect this.
  14. The website says it's officially down. I just tested on my alt account and the trophy unlocked. platinum will always be obtainable. @Stevieboy please update the title to reflect this.
  15. I like the idea. Copying prestige trophies from psntl would work as a good alternative though.
  16. Now that the flag dispute system has been out for a while, I've got some suggestions. I guess this thread could be a general feedback/suggestion thread about it though. My first suggestion is to attempt to anonymize the dispute system. I would suggest that any posts from the flagging team (if there's more than grimy) to be made with a bot like @PSNProfiles. It's my understanding that the flagging team is supposed to be anonymous, but with him closing all threads and posting the reasons people have been flagged, he's not really anonymous any more. The second way to anonymize the system would be to have a separate bot create posts on behalf of the disputer while giving that bot's profile the timestamps that are saved in the database for the flag. Doing this would minimize the witch hunts that are common with the current system. My second (separate) suggestion would be to make the dispute subforum a subform of the premium subforum. This would minimize the number of people who see the flags--false and true--to the people who have the ability to flag games. You could make it a rule that only the disputed games can be discussed in the thread and that any other games found should just be reported instead. This would work out because everyone who can see the thread has the ability to do so. I'm not sure if this would work for non-premium members attempting to dispute since they might not be able to see their own dispute thread to answer questions. Perhaps by partially combining this with the first suggestion, the bot could show them posts in that specific dispute thread? Or maybe it could PM with any responses so that they could then respond as the bot? Any thoughts on these suggestions? Any one else have suggestions to improve the system?
  17. It includes MGS but not Pirates.
  18. Weren't these free from the start? I don't have the game but i purchase all free dlc for games i know i'll buy and i've already bought this.
  19. Lost memories is a retelling of code embryo with a little tacked on side story. I'd recommend code embryo over it if you had the chance.
  20. It's scraped from igdb as noted here:
  21. Is the gear an admin only feature? It's not showing on any profiles when I hover as shown by the screenshot.
  22. Because it's fun ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ To quote the queen Often when we guess at others' motives, we reveal only our own.
  23. They aren't. Most are under $20 after a few months.
  24. As long as you earn them legitimately you're good. This is how some speedrunner accounts play so they can delete the profile if they can't beat the top/goal time.
  25. If you space it out, you can definitely enjoy it. I've been redoing the telltale games and visual novels with a few months/years in between or waiting to replay them until a sequel comes out. It's like rewatching a movie/tv show you like. That fits in to what you said later in your post, context matters.