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  1. -Lollipop Chainsaw, for just how tongue-in-cheek it is (Hope one day for a remaster/port) -Papo & Yo, for being a neat little indie game
  2. 1 of the last trophies I need, but everytime I get close to the crane at the docks my game crashes. Any fixes or do I have to start a fresh save? Edit: Looks like it's a rare glitch that causes the Blackboard for the cars to "de-spawn". Fresh save :(. Word to the wise going for this trophy, do this trophy as soon as you can.
  3. It was in like mid-February, but the platinum for Naughty Bear. Sitting at 0.77%.
  4. Just started Grounded on new game, wanted to have a fresh run. But before I get too far, does anyone have confirmation on whether or not "abusing" the accessibility options will void the trophy? Game's great but I don't want to be totally burnt out halfway through the Permadeath run cause of an unnecessary playthrough. I've already done 2 playthroughs, don't want to accidentally do 5 total.
  5. Just beat the game and enjoyed the story. Was going to clean up the rest of the trophies, but when I reload my final chapter save it just plays the final cutscene. Am I screwed and have to start a new game?
  6. Didn't know it was a thing. Sent them a copy of my post. Thanks man.
  7. Though this game is amazing and is adding more characters, tracks, and karts, what else should they add i.e. features or other things? My personal wish list: 1. "Custom Loadouts" like being able to save multiple character/kart setups for online. 2. Wumpa Coin bonus, like play a race each day for a week for an extra 200 coins or events like x2 Wumpa Coins. 3. More skins or a Make your own option. Like Evil Crash from Twinsanity or the option to color and swap parts of skins with each other i.e. Like the "shoulders" of one skin and have the "helmet" of another. Basically a CAC thing. Any other ideas?
  8. So I am late to the party on the info lol. Still good to get the word out to ppl who don't know yet.
  9. If you did the 'Limited Time Challenge' thing from the 'Union Cross' mobile game, you should now be able to redeem the product code given to you when you fulfilled the requirements of it. Just redeemed mine today. Don't know if ppl knew this or if I'm late to the party on this info.
  10. Thanks man and probably should've phrased it better, my bad. Is there like a suit or gadget or something for beaten either NG+ or Super Hard Mode?
  11. The only question I got, which might've already been answered, any NG+ or Ultimate unlocks? Or is it just bragging rights and 2 shiny trophies?
  12. H1I9C8P7If I do, it won't screw me out of the platinum will it?
  13. I've deleted my save and the game, reinstalled and quickly got all the Monster Candies but still no trophy. What should I do? Back up my other game saves and factory reset my Ps4? Call Sony? Anyone have any suggestions?
  14. Welp I think I'm screwed out of the platinum. I was just starting and got the first 2 item trophies but had to quit out to do something and didn't save. Then when I got back on I got the get 4 items trophy but not the one for getting 3. I deleted my save and tried again but it still won't pop. Any suggestions?