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  1. don't get me started on this one, i spend so much time getting five stars and farming turtles to get enough money, the Cactuar five star drove me nuts
  2. killzone 2 for the online due to awards not saving and the ranked 1 trophy fighting with randoms for leaderboards and elite mode was quite a challenge for me and FarCry 2 was my hardest not because of hard trophies just because of the grind of online trophies which took me like a month of boosting kills for weapons.
  3. like come on dragon age 4, if i want to play i need to buy a ps5 that stinks, i get it a year after release to fix issues
  4. Kingdom hearts 3 would like to play it to do a series plat
  5. resident evil 2 was my 300th plat
  6. Hell I give it a try. Level 1 for me is borderlands the pre sequel plus dlc. Many more to come
  7. i would not know why it didn't count,
  8. i will use this
  9. i cant wait for it, if only we could get the godfather 1 remake i would be set, loved godfather 1 where i beat on ps2, ps3 and 360.
  10. true, that is what stopping me from the plat is the 50 percent missions with the different characters and insane playthrough.
  11. i am kind of happy they are coming back out, played 1 through 3, one was hard for me to get into, but loved 2 and 3 which had epic moments besides the ending. i will buy it day one is comes out i agree
  12. nope, i have school to worry about before i can get one order, still having fun playing ps3 and 4
  13. i be happy if they remade the outbreak series and 4, i would love to play outbreak again on ps5 or 4
  14. i be fine with it, it would allow me to play them in order