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  1. strange i had survivor right off the bat when i first started the game, i did have to beat the dlc three times to get the trophyies unlocked.
  2. i tried playing this game with my other account and did not know u need more than 2 people to start a match
  3. i am confused can people get trophies in this game, want to know before i buy another copy to self-boost myself.
  4. Nope. It be impossible and a waste of time since I can't get the online for ghost busters and fear 2. I am knocking out dlc trophies when I buy the download
  5. Blackops 3 and rage dlc, starting brotherhood last trophy also which is kill so many people in a row
  6. ok after three plus hours, i managed to get the first screen the way i want it, but now i have issues with this screen sorry for some reason it cut my texted off, could you let me know if this is right. and one queston. when i did my pss3 connection i got the error code 8027 something when trying to sign in, i followed the guide and do i have to have the programs running when i do it?
  7. let me get the picture, i am trying something different on my computer, i will get back thanks
  8. does anyone know why i keep getting an error code, i matched all my documents to my ip address on my computer, does it matter if i have windows 10? this is really making me mad because i triple checked eveything
  9. Does anyone have a video of the steps, i am totally lost by the step by step, i would like to get this finished and i have no computer knowledge regarding how to create severs
  10. looks like good games, hope NA does the same sale
  11. i say i didnt really have trouble with it, some races i had trouble with, does anyone know how to do the one buggy race where you need to hit a certain speed in it, i cant for the life of me get the gold star for it and the buggy in the rain, how did u do it
  12. i take the kingdom hearts games, need to plat both of them including only beating the easier mode on the first one
  13. Testdrive unlimited 2 due to one trophy needing 8 players and a pain due to online issues every few minutes making any trophy getting a headache
  14. MW2 holds a special place in my gaming history, loved ghost as a character. spec ops was fun
  15. i added you