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  1. i am wondering if anyone knows if checkpoints reset when the week is over, i am seeing the checkpoint is not reset in the regions where i have to take out the leaders or do i need to start a new game because i took over too many of the checkpoints, the air supports guns dont reset even. never mind, i found out if you missing thing, you respawn them by talking to the quest givers in checkpoints and will point you to a new place where they built them
  2. thanks for the video and tips. it will help me a lot.
  3. yes please, i would love the game to be on ps4 or ps5, loved it on ps3
  4. thats great to hear, so if we did ps5 first, just need to click on the ps4 Diamond Dynasty and enter the mode and trophy unlocks, i am glad they fixed it so i wont have to reset my link account to lose my cards
  5. wanted to have fun with guessing, i reduced it to 6
  6. 1. tomb raider 2, 2. Driver 1,2, 3. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 4. Simpsons hit and run 5. MediEvil 2
  7. i was able to reset mission, good to know if i do seond stack
  8. might be a long shot, does anyone know how to get the souls ontop of the highest apartment builing in ghostwire tokyo chishima its at the very top of the map by a crane and an highway and by a jizo statue

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    2. lucky0ne16
    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      np. Im impressed you got Crysis plats. Decided to start C2 on SS mode. its not bad but holy hell there are some parts where its pure agony. "3hr playtime" (7 real time all day) and im 8/19 done.

    4. lucky0ne16


      yeah i agree on super solder, i think i followed a video on how to sneak though the areas, want me to link the youtube guide for you

  9. Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights, i take that game as well
  10. i would love to see trophyies added to the old need for speed games inluding carbon and most wanted, tony hawk games, underground 1 and 2 and american wasteland
  11. thank you, let me get this clear both dlc;s we do every trophy and every gold award for dlc 1 offline and 2 all gold online
  12. i hope so, black was ahead of its time and truly a great game
  13. yeah i did both stacks before the one i have now, so do we earn all gold on dlc 2 also or just a few of the awards, i am confused on how many gold we do on dlc 2
  14. thank you i will do it, is it just all the golds in the dlc or some of them in the year of the snake, does this work for the chinese copy of the game as well ?
  15. is this safe to do, will we get reported for doing this ?