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  1. does anyone know if this effects the 4 players stuff, can i do it with 4 controllers that require it, i hate it went offline, i always enjoyed playing other people levels for fun
  2. this game was the reason i got an xbox to play the game, i cant wait if this is true
  3. Has anyone been having issues with uploading trophy shares and pictures to the group, i never had an issue before the update but now I cant even share the trophy shares i want to show to my friends and groups, i click share and it does not upload or anything? how can i fix this

  4. yeah i agree, if they add online leave out the trophies for it, it was a pain on ps3 to do some skills and one trophy was at a chance to glitch out
  5. would i be selfish asking for a remaster or remake of resident evil outbreak 1 and 2, never got to play them online or even the Syphon Filter games
  6. can't wait, be waiting for another saints row game
  7. looks fun, might give it a try
  8. i loved that mission and is one of the best concerts in the series, i didnt believe my eyes when he played it in game
  9. i love the stories game, i played them and went into gta 3 and vice city with more knowledge of what was going on between the games, seeing the world of both games being different and going back to 3 and vice city not seeing the differences was the big change, there is a dirt track in Lcs that is not there in gta 3. you should give them a try
  10. the one on mlb 14 the show gave me a pain to do, the break a bat on 18 gave me issues
  11. how about we get a vice city stories and liberty city stories remastered as well
  12. i hope this is true, i loved them games
  13. as soon as i write about that trophy on here i just got it by trying the field of dreams challenge
  14. level 1 Spiderman miles morales ps5 plat level 2 wreck fest ps4 plat Crysis 1 ps4 plat level 3 Cabela's North American Adventures ps3 plat Up ps3 plat Saints row the 3rd NorthAmerican version ps4 plat level 4 wolfenstein the new order german version ps4 plat lego super villains eu ps4 plat wolf among us ps4 plat Golf with your friends plat Level 5 Wreckfest ps5 plat Lego Indiana Jones 2 eu plat ps3 might change later to see if this one has trophies on it terminator resistance ps5 plat Walking dead ps4 plat bugsnax ps5 plat i finally did the plat on up ps3 plat game finally decided to come on here and mark a game off, been not in a gaming mood for some reason
  15. great guide, can't tell you how many times i saw 8 pitches just to fly out or strike out on the 9th pitch