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  1. i understand where you coming from, i dealt with that myself and had to do some soul-searching for myself
  2. My name came from being lucky a lot when I was going to high school and would win at certain things, I came up with the lucky0ne and I think I was 16 at the time. so my name came out to be Lucky0ne16, I would love to switch it to dragonslayer21 since it's my Xbox and discord name, a lot of people make jokes about me being unlucky now when i die in cod
  3. the one i am on now is 1003 days started with Greenday rock band and still going
  4. let me know if they fixed it
  5. i am looking forward to the silent hill 2 remake, I have the ps2 copy and I heard its one of the best games on ps2
  6. it seems like they patched the game save progress being lost
  7. i deleted the game after i lost like 2 hours of progress, i even sent them a thing on the issue
  8. i have seen that also, i lose about 2 to 3 hours of progress today, i might delete and wait for patch
  9. I have to say watching lord of the rings extended editions is much different watching in the movies vs from my tv, my local cinema. just seen the first last week in 4k and was amazing. planning to see the two thrones on sunday and return of the king next sunday. should be fun time and later on in october see the masterpiece the thing with kurt russell

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. lucky0ne16


      yeah i know, i plan on watching the power of the rings in the future. 

    3. Abby_TheLastofUs


      @lucky0ne16 One of the main complaints I'm seeing about Rings of Power is that pacing so slow, with it taking too long for things to actually happen. So you're probably better off waiting till the season ends and then binging it.

    4. lucky0ne16


      i will do that, i have a few tv shows to catch up on

  10. yeah i got 2 on my birthday, i think the last one i did was cod ghosts, nfl 2019
  11. Resident Evil 4 Remake, a plague tale requiem
  12. i am glad brought them cars before the price jump, have to say my lucky was good the night i brought the one car, got the car and won a million on the wheel.
  13. just brought it thanks, time to buy the lambo, wonder what races are getting fixed tomorrow
  14. yeah i know, it was the Audi R18 TDI '11. i am doing the one race that give you like 727,500 every 27 minutes. i tried doing the tokyo race but dont have a good enough car to over take people in the rain condtions. i was wondering i see some races with the chilly symbol on it, does that mean the race is fixed on hard or something
  15. yeah i hope, i love it when i get free cars from the wheel spin, i was lucky to get the one car needed for the trophy that is 3 million dollars just to take a picture