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  1. What's your opinion on this year's e3, i am pretty displeased with what was shown for now, i might love what tomorrow shows, might have to get an Xbox to play that new Forza Horizon 5  What's your opinion on this year's e3, Updated the status 

    1. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Extremely lackluster but I'm willing to forgive a lot given how crazy things have been the last year and a bit. Xbox's sow was the best so far but it wasn't exactly hard to do by their own standards let alone E3.

    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      lackluster but expected. No Sony. Even with a 4k switch rumor, i can't see Nintendo saving e3... ever. They are the child's league of gaming...


      that being said, all the big game announcements were games everyone practically knew of already. Even through leaks. Square Enix dropped the ball hard. No ff7 update or 16update or Forsaken. I assume Gamescom or TGS. 


      E3 2021: 2 out of 10.

    3. lucky0ne16


      was just hoping more from capcom and others, will see what happens tomorrow

  2. i know right they have enough cards now to do a set it seems
  3. its rumored to come to PlayStation also, they would lose a lot of fans if it came out on Xbox only
  4. i hope Bethesda loses so much money due to Xbox, i think they made more money having both systems, hopefully, we don't have to wait forever for it to come out
  5. i loved doom external, cant wait to play it on ps5 again with or without trophy list
  6. i am so hype for it, day one for me
  7. i am pissed about no new sets, have to keep it on my hard drive for another month
  8. i will smack someone if this game comes out only on xbox, i loved the first game and will gladly replay the first one on ps5
  9. level 1 Spiderman miles morales ps5 plat level 2 wreck fest ps4 plat Crysis 1 ps4 plat level 3 Cabela's North American Adventures ps3 plat Up ps3 plat Saints row the 3rd NorthAmerican version ps4 plat level 4 wolfenstein the new order german version ps4 plat lego super villains eu ps4 plat wolf among us ps4 plat spy hunter vita plat Level 5 Wreckfest ps5 plat Lego Indiana Jones 2 eu plat ps3 might change later to see if this one has trophies on it terminator resistance ps5 plat dirt 5 ps5 plat should be fixed will check bugsnax ps5 plat both wreck fest and Crysis is plat, i believe i am at 79 points now, i did some changes to my list
  10. i believe so i have the plat
  11. thanks for the answer, i did the online first
  12. glad I got it done when i had the chance, do we need online for the other trophies that is singleplayer
  13. thanks been looking for a list to build up my collection for ps5
  14. seems kinda of odd it took this long to figure out