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  1. Testdrive unlimited 2 due to one trophy needing 8 players and a pain due to online issues every few minutes making any trophy getting a headache
  2. MW2 holds a special place in my gaming history, loved ghost as a character. spec ops was fun
  3. i added you
  4. All you need is money. no exp needed. exp is only needed to level up the club to get all the club cars which takes about 100k exp to level 3. all you need is 50k to buy club
  5. sure thing, i will add you when i get back on ps3.i will help you with anything u need, i am on at all times of day. i been working on cop trophies ass well
  6. Helllo, i was wondering if anyone is still trying to get this game finished. me and my friend has clubs and need a member each that way we can do the club vs club wins
  7. i have a club that is looking for people to get the club vs club trophyies
  8. feel free to add me. Lucky0ne16 location- united states. speaks- English, but want to learn complete German, i understand little Spanish
  9. Testdrive unlimited 2 only like 7 more online trophies and blur
  10. i be up to playing it again, if anyone is going for online awards, u can add me
  11. i would be against it if u have not yet started it, long game to plat. i been looking for people to finish the game with.
  12. The one that nearly killed my fingers is the endless setlist 3 on rockband 3, beat it the first time no trophy because i skipped a song by mistake after completing it, got it the next day, so almost 16 hours of playing. cod classic nearly killed my soul, that damn truck level which got me killed many times, and the boat level. cod world at war really tested my skills at the square level where you have to destroy the AA guns. medal of honor frontline on hard was pretty tough. brotherhood took me almost 3 years to find good players with headsets to get all bonus and level up. dead space 2 and 3 on hardcore, cant tell you how many times i killed myself because i was not careful.
  13. i found it highly enjoyable, i believe i plat it on ps3, not sure about ps4. not sure if i would plat again since the game gave me mini heartattacks.
  14. this might super late, but i found them on the store's creed iii
  15. believe me i know, i went back playing battlefield 3 and the modes was full of hackers and it made me mad because it was my favorite online game. glad i got blackops 2 online finished