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  1. yes, i loved it, good storyline and easy enough trophies
  2. i would keep messaging them, it worked with black ops 3 easter egg that prevented people from getting one easter egg finished and they went and fixed it,
  3. I really hope it's not another online game for resident evil. I was hoping for an outbreak remaster to be discussed. I hope it has a story.
  4. Reposting this. Feel free to add Lucky0ne16. I try to play everyday when I am not busy with college. I love playing music style games and final fantasy
  5. The only tip I can say is use the instrument that you are good with and practice. I wont be starting rockband 4 since I am retiring from music games. But some songs are easier on mic or bass than guitar.
  6. I loved the game. Getting money in the game was not so boring for me for some reason. It was very fun and made people jealous of the game because it was too hard for my friends.
  7. Cant post a picture due to moving in apartment. Mine is a basic day at the. Each theme with waves crashing kn the beach. Its like I am at the beach
  8. This is not as bad as what happened to me in gta 4 where I lost money. That was a bitch to grind because of the times and winning every game mode atleast once
  9. Thank god. Looks like I need to find people to do it with.
  10. I gave it a solid 5 only due to me knowing where things spawn and upgrading the force gun is a life saver.
  11. is the online easy, always wanted to play the game
  12. The sinking city. Was not too happy on how the game was displayed. A lot of backtracking and was hard to get into the story and understand what was going on.
  13. Same here
  14. growing up with a 64 but never got the chance to play it, i would try if its a good price on psn store.
  15. Final fantasy 10 was pretty hard due to the high level monsters and farming for weapons damage upgrades. Ff15 was easy