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  1. dont waste your time, i gave up because of sessions not working
  2. i dont see why the game list is not out, hell resident evil 2 is already out
  3. i can say on the Angelo Brontë, its glitched on my end, did it 4 times and i heard you have to watch cutscenes to get gold, lucky i did a few of the hard missions to replace this one.
  4. thanks i try that once i am high enough level to stand a chance against them, i am a level 28, trying to grind horns and laser things to build the dragon spear and get the bow from the woman that drops a good bow, have no idea what level to fght the final boss, the fire guy not the the first one
  5. man, does anyone have tips on kenny spawning, my al died many times with no food and keep getting the women, just my luck
  6. i have yet to see him, level 23 now, no lucky, al keeps picking up food
  7. funny it loaded for me, just play offline and not install patch, i stopped all downloads
  8. strange they told me if i deleted my origins account, i would not be able to use the same psn id to play it
  9. Time travel will tell black ops 3
  10. i was wondering if people have a would setup for the spawn monster and kill them trophy. only ones that seems hard to do
  11. the crew 2, i am also working on godfather 2
  12. Alien vs predator, i have yet to plat due to the nightmare runs for the solder and the online is a big huge grind since finding your friends can be hard enough
  13. my first was the order 1886 which i loved, i got my ps4 in 2015
  14. mine is band of brothers and lost
  15. strange i had survivor right off the bat when i first started the game, i did have to beat the dlc three times to get the trophyies unlocked.