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  1. I heard it might be a soft reboot I really hope it's not a remake of call of duty 4 because it was remastered. Was hoping for mw2 remastered
  2. glad there is no hard trophy in rage 2, going to be fun not having to worry about a nightmare run
  3. i cant find an image for these, but beating call of duty world at war on vet was one of my worst some missions took me forever and the come back Kenny trophy in FF15 because i did it offline because of the online part going down, got lucky on the standalone, but my god took me around 150 missions to get him to show up
  4. nope, i tried and cant connect to anything, i think they will not fix it, shame i only had three trophies for plat
  5. damn i downloaded it, i guess i will wait
  6. i usually play games for enjoyment and dont usually care about reviews, i loved fallout 76, i might get to days gone someday, backlog is high up
  7. i might get the remasted of rogue, only thing that i dont already have
  8. For anyone wondering it has the rocketluncher,minigun, and machine gun u get from a ranked hardcore
  9. wont be getting this game at launch, before someone says i dont like hard ones, i just suck at fighting games
  10. i loved ac3, plat was easy for me.
  11. i hate patches like this, i got the trophy by pure luck last year but cant wait to finished this game because of the op weapons and patches that might trophies impossible
  12. i linked the video in my post, its to my facebook video on how u did it, its not easy, here is the video, i dont mind sharing my videos with my name if it helps fellow gamers
  13. i wish i can link the way i did it, i did it twice once on 360 and ps4. 360 was harder, i try to get video try this, might help on those who need a guide
  14. i got mvp on the hold the frag doing nothing
  15. i cant help you, i tried helping other people in bad company sessions to get it because i already got the trophy. try connecting EA