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  1. u can sign me up, not sure where i be at, i have completed these 7 games Dead Rising 2 Dead Rising 2: Of The Record Dead Island Dead Island Riptide Dying Light Lollipop Chainsaw Zombie Army Trilogy
  2. my bad, just saw it now that its shutdown, the game was a fun one for sure that didn't need online
  3. i cant believe this is still up, i got the trophies about five years ago, figured this game be down by now
  4. already have the plat, it was hard for me to go back to finish it on how boring it was
  5. BF bad company, online trophies are long-winded
  6. i would love if it would get deleted but ea wont do it, preventing me from plat
  7. trying to get maddon 18 done for Halloween plat, and maybe do both deadsland games again
  8. when it comes to censorship, i usually don't pay much attention to it since i am usually focusing on the game itself vs the nudity in the game. i can usually live without it, if i wanted to see nudity i would look online. its mostly the gameplay that i have fun playing
  9. just brought a ps5 on Gamestop. I cant wait for next-gen, i love playing games for fun even when i earned all trophies on it. What is everyone playing that is new and fun. i been mostly playing mlb the show 20 and helping my best friend work on trophies 

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    2. lucky0ne16


      i know right, i seen a lot of them on ebay, seen one for 100k, i hate how bots have the ability to steal them from people

    3. Lorajet


      Can't wait to get mine in November.  Will be sweet!  Congrats on your purchase!

    4. lucky0ne16


      what games are your guys looking forward to playing, i cant wait for the new ratchet and clank game, gt racing simulator, and spiderman. feel free to add me 

  10. i just been on my friends account getting blackops 3 finished
  11. LEVEL 1 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (ps3) Level 2 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel DLC (Ps3) Borderlands 1 (ps4) Level 3 Borderlands 1 Dlc(ps4) Borderlands The Pre-Sequel (Ps4) Borderlands The Pre-Sequel dlc (ps4) Level 4 BattleField Bad Company (ps3) Borderlands 2 (ps4) Borderlands 2 dlc (ps4) Medieval 100 plat. Resident evil 6 dlc finished Level 5 Battlefield hardline ps3 all dlc but 40k kills Battlefield bad company 2 all dlc finished Mass effect 1 plat mass effect 2 100 percent Maddon 18 plat for Halloween I managed to get hardline to 100 percent, i forgot about the page
  12. when i did it, i just brought the speedcross dlc by itself. i think the other packs just add random cars to the game
  13. i found this one to be pretty easy, got it after like 4 tries of not knowing what to do, once we did it was just a matter of keeping people alive. much easier than the first i believe
  14. i found it, i just needed to get though the supermarket part of the prologue to do the glitch.
  15. i started new game plus and got past encounters but they are not showing up in the story, do i have to get passed them