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  1. Good luck I have too many plats to start over. Some of the games i started was hurt because of servers closing
  2. I hope it's not as bad as three where trophyies would not unlock
  3. i would beat classic first to get the hand cannon the finger gun to help with pure survival and hardcore runs, here's a little tip. on hardcore backup your saves to flash drive or cloud to make an unlimited save expert , this will save a lot of time
  4. holy hell the boss this week is tough, cant land a hit, how do we see how many hits we land on them
  5. Hard to know when they have them online
  6. I am glad because it looked good
  7. Hello. Please disregard my request to join the crew. I got the trophy. So my spot can go to others
  8. I sent request to the trophy hunter crew. When I join and get the level 50 trophy I leave for others
  9. I agree it be fun to play it again. Wished they would remaster resistance series to ps4
  10. I be mad if it's not part of the pass. What's the point of the pass if it didn't come with it
  11. syphon filter 1,2,3 and the twisted metals games would be nice
  12. Sadly I forgot to do the trophy and prevents me from getting the plat. I would have had all the plats for need for speed. Thanks ea Sadly that's how ea is. The people for blackops 3 finally fixed the Easter egg and now people can get the 100 percent but ea dont care
  13. its still not fixed, they hacked the trophy, ea refuses to fix it
  14. Call of duty Mw 2019, it was very easy to plat, i enjoyed the campaign and the shocking ending to it.
  15. Nice I need to finish tron