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  1. @Sly Ripper The level history is one level off. Easy to see here notice how he is level 520 but only 510 is listed in level history.
  2. Searched for "Heavy Fire Afghanistan credits", found this, looked under music and saw Wiktor Kuna and The 30th of July. Googled "The 30th of July band" because it sounded like a band, found this Googled "The 30th of July album" and found the above video which also has lyrics.
  3. Found this after some googling: Seems to be the first song on this album "At the Crack of Dawn", from a Polish band. Is this what you're looking for?
  4. So, I just got this trophy using Ming after getting a proper streak. His ability does NOT help in getting this trophy, cancelling a hatch breaks the streak. Does anyone know how egg hatching actually works? The fail trophy is far rarer than the success trophy, and I got it using Ming who is supposed to have a higher hatch rate than other characters (I believe I've read 80% somewhere in the game, but I can't find it and it doesn't seem anywhere that high in reality) which should make the trophy way harder. Is it possible that Ming is bugged, and actually reduces hatch rates? Is it possible that other characters have fluid hatch rates (every fail increases chance of success)?
  5. You need to do the mission. There aren't any other missions with proficiency requirements.
  6. Hi @GamingWithAbyss1, it looks like quite a lot on the guide on your website has been copied directly from my guide. Would be appreciated if you could change it.
  7. I have sent a request! Edit: Nevermind, got it.
  8. You need a fourth generation one. See here: Edit: Since your animals need 100% happiness you'll need a lot of food. Here's a guide for a very quick meat farm:
  9. I think they carry over, but I'm not completely sure. Edit: Stage ranks definitely carry over:,15700023,15700186,15700191,15700256,15700259,15700262&usg=ALkJrhhJt1dzpdxPKrcEhwE7PFS96zr-SQ
  10. Pretty sure CG 41 is from the Natsumi end when
  11. There are guides for all endings on the link I posted. In general ignore SOS with characters other than the one you want the ending from.
  12. Hey I noticed getting all branching choices was your last trophy you got on our world, was there a hard to find one? I can't seem to find what I missed.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Nicco555


      If you haven't done them it probably is what you're missing. So you might have to do the festval with all characters again lol. rip

    3. stupot00


      Last question but the festival/beach at night are the only sos's that change depending on end route right? I cant think of anymore 

    4. Nicco555
  13. Ignore all unrelated SOS. Try using this:
  14. I think it's in Domingo Mama.
  15. Congrats @jem! Next time for sure!