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  1. You need to do the mission. There aren't any other missions with proficiency requirements.
  2. Hi @GamingWithAbyss1, it looks like quite a lot on the guide on your website has been copied directly from my guide. Would be appreciated if you could change it.
  3. I have sent a request! Edit: Nevermind, got it.
  4. You need a fourth generation one. See here: Edit: Since your animals need 100% happiness you'll need a lot of food. Here's a guide for a very quick meat farm:
  5. I think they carry over, but I'm not completely sure. Edit: Stage ranks definitely carry over:,15700023,15700186,15700191,15700256,15700259,15700262&usg=ALkJrhhJt1dzpdxPKrcEhwE7PFS96zr-SQ
  6. Pretty sure CG 41 is from the Natsumi end when
  7. There are guides for all endings on the link I posted. In general ignore SOS with characters other than the one you want the ending from.
  8. Ignore all unrelated SOS. Try using this:
  9. I think it's in Domingo Mama.
  10. Congrats @jem! Next time for sure!
  11. Yes, you have to beat the After Story.
  12. Try looking here:
  13. More... Danganronpa Another Episode: West Vita: West PS4: JP Vita: JP PS4: Korean Vita:절대절망소녀-단간론파-another-episode Korean PS4:절대절망소녀-단간론파-another-episode Hong Kong Vita: Hong Kong PS4: Zero Time Dilemma: West Shared: JP Vita: JP PS4: Virtue's Last Reward: JP: NA: EU: Toukiden: Kiwami West Shared: JP Shared: Hong Kong Vita: Odin Sphere Leifthrasir West: JP: Rogue Legacy Rotw: JP: Salt and Sanctuary: NA PS4: EU PS4: World Vita: Sorry if there are duplicates.
  14. Valkyria Chronicles: West: Asia: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth: JP: EU: NA: Helldivers: China possibly Hong Kong: Rotw: Shiren The Wanderer: West: JP: Tokyo Xanadu: West: JP: Korea:도쿄 Ys Origin (Vita): Asia: Rotw: Persona 5: JP: West: Korea:페르소나-5 Hong Kong: Persona 4 Golden: JP: EU: NA: Persona 4 Dancing All Night: JP: EU: NA: Starwhal: EU PS4: EU PS3: NA (possibly rotw) Shared: Hyper Light Drifter: NA: EU: JP: Steins;Gate: NA Vita: NA Vita: Hong Kong PS3: Korean PS3: Korean Vita: EU Vita: EU PS3: JP PS3: JP Vita: Steins;Gate 0: West Shared (Seemingly mislabelled, should only be Vita): West PS4: JP Shared (Seemingly mislabelled, should only be PS4): JP PS3: JP Vita: Korean Vita: Korean PS4: Trails of Cold Steel: NA Shared: EU Shared: JP Shared: Trails Of Cold Steel II JP Shared: Rotw Shared: To be continued...
  15. Grinding managers to get investors seems to be the best way to earn money by far. Especially after buying the "2% manager drop chance from killed enemies" upgrade.
  16. The objectives and trophies are still kinda buggy with the patch. Some objectives don't track properly and others don't give you the trophy when you unlock them. I didn't get the 200 objective trophy until I unlocked an objective the day after I got my 200th, and at that point I already had over 300 objectives completed. Edit: Oops posted in the wrong thread...
  17. I still need this if anyone wants to help!
  18. Pm me on PSN if anyone wants to trade for the Swap meet trophy!