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  1. The ******* ATM got my credit card. Won't be able to get it back till saturday!

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    2. DaivRules


      Us dumb Muricans with our magnetic strip, 'Remove card quickly" card readers... Chip cards are a ploy from the banks to eat more cards worldwide.

    3. StrickenBiged


      It's not because you're dumb. I read somewhere it would have cost too much to re-fit all the machines in such a large country, so the American banks decided to wait and skip chip & pin.

    4. DaivRules


      Using logical statements to respond when someone uses "Muricans" in a statement kinda ruins the fun of the joke. I guess I'll use more facts now: USA large banks were required to send chipped cards out by the end of 2015, smaller banks/credit unions have until 2017. Stores have until 2018 to accept chipped cards. However, banks have already decided they will not force pins and will allow customers to sign instead, "to keep things simple."

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