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  1. An update has been released that lets you check your progress in individual chapters:
  2. It says 40M$ for me, lmao. I would definetly buy for 20K$.
  3. Your original Fall Guys list seems to be missing, I can see it on PSN, though.
  4. update has been released that fixes the trophy issues. If you have already started Ancient Dangers before this update you'll have to reset progress in the dream from its cover page. If there still are problems please let us know.
  5. There are 15 notes in chapter 1, 18 in chapter 2, and 17 in chapter 3.
  6. Both Dreams lists need rescanning as they just got a few DLC trophies.
  7. The original tweet asks about 1.05 due to issues with 1.0, Maximum Games probably interpreted it as them asking if the fixes present in 1.05 will be on disc, rather than the disc being on version 1.05 specifically.
  8. That is not a moderator, it's a normal user.
  9. I had a lot of trouble getting this to pop. It ended up randomly popping when I ran away from some mongols between the Buddha's footsteps bamboo strike and the Shrine In Shadow.
  10. It's in the room where you find the item that lets you see the blue orbs. You may have to beat Act 3 for it to show up.
  11. Use the write a comment button, instead of review. The feedback option appears after you've written something.
  12. I don't see any images? If you are trying to post images you'll have to upload them on another site(i.e Imgur), then post the link.
  13. The screenshot was taken by @Nicco555 after seeing this post. Could you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?
  14. Feedback is an option after writing your comment.