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  1. I had the same issue. The actual requirement seems to be throwing webbed enemies.
  2. Pretty sure it's the N.Sanely Perfect relics.
  3. Thanks! TfB relics aren't needed, just plat. Good luck to everyone else!
  4. The items are held by specific enemies / barricades. You need to defeat them to get their item. You can press a button(can't remember which) in the stage select screen to see which enemies drop what.
  5. Both Dreams lists need rescanning as some trophies were changed.
  6. I checked both of your profiles, and it seems you both did the Ancient TIMES imp quest, instead of the Ancient TEMPLE one. Take a new look at your imp quests, it should be one of the earliest ones in the list. I've updated the guide to point out the difference.
  7. You can reset your homespace by holding down L1 + L2 + L3 +R1 + R2 + R3 during the screen on game boot.
  8. I managed to get the trophy! In the end I don't know what was different this time, but I started a new playthrough and got the trophy just before being pushed into the fridge on day 4. I'm not sure why I wasn't able to get it before, even after several playthroughs, and hours cycling back and forth, but in the end I got the trophy and that's what matters!
  9. Can you remember if you got the trophy while cycling in bushes? It's possible the trophy has been mixed up with "Diamond in the rough". That would certainly explain why I haven't gotten it even after hours cycling around.
  10. I have been trying to get the Tour de Penfurzy trophy for hours. Me and my brother who I played co-op with seem to be the only people to finish the game without it. If you have the trophy: What system software version are you using? What system language? Did you play online or local? Singleplayer or co-op? Did you play as Nessa or Demelza when the trophy popped? When did the trophy pop? While riding, during a scene transition, etc? PS4 Pro or standard? For me: 7.00 beta Norwegian local co-op (I have also tried fresh saves that have never played coop) Pro Any help is appreciated.
  11. Try disabling adblock.
  12. You are only missing the boss area, which consists of 11 rooms.
  13. You are missing a hidden room:
  14. Some trophy descriptions were just changed in The Adventure Pals: