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  1. I'm not sure, but if you pause then go > bridge links and find your friend, you can press triangle to form a strand contract. The game says you'd be more likely to see eachothers' structures, though I didn't get to really test this with anyone.
  2. Happened to me as well, they are on a different map than you are, either Central or Eastern region.
  3. Hey all, just made a quick checklist for the Passionate Listener trophy. After spending about 2 hours in the final boss and not getting the trophy, I decided to just reload the save before the boss and make this list. Passionate Listener Checklist To use, click File -> Make a copy The checklist will count for you how many lines Total you have, as well as sub category lines, and will highlight lines you have to make it easier to read. These subcategories are directly copied from this guide on PSN profiles, by GoldenDevilGamer (I've added 2 that were missing), and many of the lines were written in by either me personally or from this list by optimusmart from gamefaqs. It is not an exhaustive, there are about 25 ??? lines I could not get or find. The majority of the lines are character-specific, and don't have the actual line listed, but they should be really obvious which line it is, for instance "Joker's down!" would be said when Joker is downed. Just as a note, in the final area before the final boss, I was able to get 157 lines before the trophy popped. It is just my estimate, but you can probably get 180 lines in the final area alone. Then 30 more on the final boss. If anyone wants to feed me lines that they know so I can edit the document, please do! Good luck yall
  4. I got one of them to work. QueueTip's script actually should be checking if vivi fails and reseting if I remember correctly. I think QueueTip's script doesn't reset when PS4 remote play's window resolution is 'wrong'. But it's been a long time since I've seen their script.
  5. Sorry I was late to this one, it's a very easy game, probably 3 or 4/10 on difficulty. Only one medal was possibly difficult though I got lucky and did it my first attempt trying for it. The issue with the game is tedium, you have to play through the game either 3,6, or 9 times depending on your definition, with 25 levels for each difficulty (Normal, Hard, Retro) and 3 modes (Arcade, Survival, Boss). In short, you have to play 225 levels. I could have platted it in probably 5-7 hours, but I was really only interested in 100% each difficult per session. It is fun though, worth 12 cents for a platinum and 35 trophies.
  6. Yes, you need the 3 visages
  7. make sure you talk to him to move him as well, he should be at the last screen before the cathredral like area, Mother of something (2 screens left of the tree called 3 knots). There is an enemy with a couch on it's back blocking the way, if you kill it then talk to him, he'll move to the leaning statue at the far right end of the map in the yellowish looking area.
  8. You have to complete Redento's quest (the guy who is constantly bowing and handcuffed) to get through.
  9. You can beat the game and load up the save right before the end to get 100%. One trophy that ruins 100% is getting the meeting between Cleofas and Redento. You can do a cloud save/usb save to restore progress before doing this though if you really didn't want to do another playthrough. Also if you meet the conditions for ending A, I don't think it's possible to get ending B, ending B being the default ending. If you get B though, you can still get A.
  10. Oh that's right, I'm sorry I forgot since I never used her prayer in my first playthrough. I suppose it would be best to kill her off on your no-flasks run then.
  11. No Yes it is missable, there is another missable bead as well, Frozen Olive which is given by Gemino, the man stuck in the tree.
  12. Yes, 3 trophies are affected by this, one is Last Breath, which needs you to use her 3 or 4 times then she will die. The others are 100% and all prayers which you need her alive til the end. She does not cancel the 'do not use flasks against boss' trophy if that is your worry.
  13. Hey, if you installed Autohotkey, then you should be able to hit your Windows key and type in "Window Spy" and an ahk file Window Spy should show up. If not, it will be in the place you installed ahk, for me it was C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\AutoHotkey\Window Spy After opening Window Spy then you can view certain properties of any window. Click on your PS4 Remote Play and you'll see a lot of values. The ones that are important are Window: x y and Client w h (on the top row if you hover your mouse over the Options button on your PS4 Remote Play, then hold Ctrl, you can then go back to Window spy and copy the values. You want to copy Window x y. Client w h should be 800x600. Next edit the script at the lines xXXX and yYYY Sleep, 1000 MouseMove, 100, 100 MouseMove, -20, -30, 50, R Sleep 500 ControlClick, xXXX yYYY, PS4 Remote Play,,,, D Sleep 300 ControlClick, xXXX yYYY, PS4 Remote Play,,,, U Sleep 1000 Note, for the MouseMove lines to work, PS4 Remote Play must be at the top left of your screen. There is an alternative if that is too complicated, but I'm not sure how well it will work with a Russian keyboard. Please let me know if you need more help 🙂. Also you can't press triangle sadly in the default app
  14. Hey, I'd really like to know how you did that, because I'm looking at it using ahk_exe RemotePlay.exe everywhere, but it won't find the process at all. Yeah automating needlessly repetitive things are pretty fun aren't they? I'm currious to know what you did for RDR2 actually, I'll have to go look
  15. Here try this one DetectHiddenWindows, On buildings := 0 Gui, Add, Button, default, Start Gui, Add, Edit, vTEST w250, %buildings% Gui, Show,w420 h145, Space Overlords Grinding return ButtonStart: SetKeyDelay, 250 WinGet, remotePlay_id, ID, Дистанционное воcпроизведение PS4 WinGetClass, remotePlay_class, ahk_id %remotePlay_id% WinMove, Дистанционное воcпроизведение PS4,, 0, 0, 800, 600 ControlFocus,, ahk_class %remotePlay_class% WinActivate, Дистанционное воcпроизведение PS4 loop { Sleep, 1000 MouseMove, 100, 100 MouseMove, -20, -30, 50, R Sleep 500 ControlClick, x529 y560, Дистанционное воcпроизведение PS4,,,, D Sleep 300 ControlClick, x529 y560, Дистанционное воcпроизведение PS4,,,, U Sleep 1000 ControlSend,, {Down Down}, ahk_id %remotePlay_id% ControlSend,, {Down Up}, ahk_id %remotePlay_id% ControlSend,, {Down Down}, ahk_id %remotePlay_id% ControlSend,, {Down Up}, ahk_id %remotePlay_id% ControlSend,, {Enter Down}, ahk_id %remotePlay_id% ControlSend,, {Enter Up}, ahk_id %remotePlay_id% buildings += 194 GuiControl,, TEST, %buildings% Sleep 24000 } return GuiClose: ^k::ExitApp And let me know if that works