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  1. Have you found out how? I am trying to find out too and I read somewhere that you have to do it while playing Division placement matches. It should work best with matchmaking with a booster partner who is from the same region as you and searching for match at the same time. I also read they dimmed the yersey color and all so you can't know if you matched with the right person so it's a lot harder now. I also don't know if you can reset your placement match progress once you started it. By deleting your club maybe? But if that is the case then you have to get all the other trophies first so you don't loose progres.
  2. No tips for the game but you might wanna drink some chamomile tea, it will help you to stay calm. 🙃 EDIT: Not helping, not helping at all. That moment when you have a perfect drift run and randomly a van spawns in front of you. And these trophies are bronze, freaking bronze... Someone should lock DEVS in a room with this game and not let them out until they complete this. 🤓 This will bug my OCD but I'm out and I won't even complete the prestige challenges let alone all gold. Stupid DLC. 😒
  3. They really are terrible. Once you loose them you can't even catch up to them, at least it was like that for me on my last challenge (get 12 takedowns). I then found out that it is better to just give up and stop driving and then the game will get you back in action where you will be put right in betwen them so try using that trick instead of trying to catch up to them.
  4. Would instantly buy premium if that would be an option. 🙏
  5. Nope, but probably one day. The Last of Us?
  6. Show me your favourite actress.
  7. 7730
  8. Ratchet & Clank
  9. It has to be Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. I'm sure you enjoyed it. 👍
  10. 9/10
  11. Haha! Yeah they did. I'm not a game programmer but I think that all these things could be fixed with a few if statements by prioritizing a few things.
  12. It's gonna be a lot easier than it was because they merged some of the old and new maps. But still on DLC maps there are mostly players in parties and if you are solo and new to this kind of MP games, you can have some troubles to get those 3 downs/kills with 0 deaths, other than that you should get it eventually when doing the journeys anyways.
  13. Yeah it sux! I stay and defend if my teammates are all in Rambo mode... a few times the teammates were even mad at me for camping by our box.
  14. Checkpoint for sure!
  15. It just isn't for everyone I guess. I like Uncharted series but dont like the MP. I LOVE Last of Us SP and enjoy in MP as well. The things that make me angry in TLoU MP are self-smoke... Just the other night the guy with level 700+ was doing it. I also hate the unlogical decisions game makes... like opening supply box instead of shiving, reviving a teammate instead of shiving an enemy. I mean c'mon who would want that with enemy standing right next to you. And of course the jumping / climbing over things instead of healing your teammate. Since one of the latest updates stuff keeps disappearing from my inventory after I pick it up from a supply box. And even if I use Lucky Break. And also since they merged the old and new maps some of the places on certain maps are kinda laggy to me. C'mon Naughty Dog, fix yo ship! IMO if they would fix this stuff the MP would be perfect!