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  1. Hello i'm fernando and lived in philippines and i'm currently Fourth Year High School. Just sharing what i'm thinking about right now. I know it's lame but i really feel like it. I'm just here writing this because i don't have anywhere else but here so please just let me. I feel like i should post what i've experienced playing Games and I hope you understand what i'm doing as i don't have anywhere to express myself right now. But i know, i'm not that well known person/gamer and i know i don't have to do this but i just want to tell what i feel and share it to you guys. Thogh this may not be perfect, i hope you like it Okay we all know that Video Games are meant to be fun but after years of Gaming and trophy hunting as a Teenager, i feel like it's chore and couldn't find any strong reason to play further. Besides, you get nothing as reward after getting those Trophies/Achievements in reality. At start, i thought i'll still play like 6 years or so but as i continue to Play, i feel like this was wrong all the time. I was Socially an outcast, didn't have any friends and i have hard time talking to people. Sure i've played a LOT of games (as seen in my profile) but this is not my only account but my third account. I can't access my first account so i created new but i've decided to create a new account (which is this) purely for trophy completion. At that moment, Trophies became my fuel to play a game even though i really don't like it. Until this day, the last game i've completed is "Black Ops 3" which is incredibly hard and i made many detours specially on the Zombies DLC. While completing it, i was planning to make this my last game and quit playing games compulsively in order to improve my life. Finally, after completing the game my aunt Invited me to go out with her friends. I enjoyed the 2 days with them and they invited me to go to their home for 9 days and i said "yes". That made not to play my consoles for days and learnt many things that made me create this so long essay of my story. If you look at my profile, you'll see Just cause 3 at 9%, i played the game before they invited me so that's why. Now i'm back on my home, i packed all of my Discs into one place for me to avoid playing. Fortunately, i don't have the urge to play but use my Computer to browse right now. I won't throw or give my Console to anyone because i'm planning to sell them someday to make the most of them. No one knows where i would be in the future, that depends on what i'll do from this day forward. I just want to "Restore" my messy life and live a worthwhile life before it's too late. I'm currently making myself better my learning basic things like how to cook, having a lot of friends, excelling at school and doing things i wanted to do besides gaming. It might be weird posting this on a dedicated Trophy hunting website but i'm here to strengthen my Resolve to reach the new chapter of my life. Stop doing it if you feel like you lack something besides that. After this school year, i'll be a "Senior High School" Student so i only have 2 years left as High school and i've been Trophy hunting since 1st year High School (Grade 7) That's how much of a time i've wasted. Now, i really desire to change myself and If you've been reading until here, thank you so much. I really have suffered many times before i decided to stop playing. How about you guys? But anyways i should be going now. Goodbye and have a nice day ~ It is you who determines the outcome of consequences.
  2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is now 100% done. I'm taking my beak on this "Trophy Hunting" thing. I need to stop... for a long time.

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      What was the worst bit zombies online or campaign?

    3. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      Congratulations, your profile is pretty good man.

    4. Eyedgrim


      Thanks man. I really had a hard time completing this trophy list. The campaign and multiplayer was fair enough but zombies were pain in the a** like f**k. Also, i've enjoyed every zombies map which is good but i wasn't able to finish a easter egg solo (except for The Giant). For me, the hardest easter from easiest to hardest would be The giant>Zetsubou no shima>Der eisendrache>Shadows of evil>Revelations>Gorod krovi <------ d*mn GK -_-

  3. Thar heartbreaking moment when you live far away from most people who joins your Session then you're forced to play Public/Solo or hopelessly look for someone who live near your place to do Easter Eggs on Black Ops 3 Zombies.

  4. Hello, i just finished all mission in Veteran without using a checkpoints and i thought this would help fellow Trophy hunters here. I. First, are you a experienced Call of Duty player? *if yes, you could try doing this on your First playthrough if you're confident enough. *if not, i recommend playing the Campaign once on Veteran to gain some experience so you know what to expect each level. *alternatively, there's always a Co-op session available for you but this is for people who want to do this Solo. II. Loadout Primary Weapon - Kuda/Man o War Attachments - Ext. Magazine, Quick Draw, Grip, and Long Barrel. (You choose on Sight) 2nd Primary Weapon - Locus/SVG Attachments - Thermal Scope and (You choose what attachment) Grenades - Really anything Tac Rig - Repulsive Armor and Reserve Kit*(Really essential to use reserve kit) Wild Cards - Overkill, Primary Gun Fighter 1&2 III. Tips *Everytime you die and revive from Emergency kit, immediately go to Mobile armory (if there is) or wait for it and select your current Loadout again and you should be able to use Emergency kit (can be used many times). *Take it slow on all levels, if you happen to die on a middle of mission and think what you should've done to avoid the same result and gain a good position to attack from range. *Always use your Sniper Rifle whenever a gun fight starts to take down enemies you can see with Thermal Scope and use your Kuda/Man o War for close/mid range gun fight if you need to take them down from coveror they're right in front of you. *Don't get ahead of yourself as you might end up having to restart the whole mission again... *if you're stock on a mission and you're exhausted or tired already, STOP. there's always another day and you perform well after you take a rest. probably a day or two if you're repeating the same mission more than 4 times... *gee i didn't take a rest because i was stock on last mission so i thought after finishing this, it's all over then i end up getting exhausted so take care of your health Soldier! IV. Mission Strategy So instead of texts, it's more effective on Videos. Checkout this. I do not own them so credits to: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCjwAoqh9iCBDhezC1gMjpdg(Richard Rowley) V. Thanks for Reading I intend to help people so that's why i've written this as i know how much stress i've taken while doing it. this is not a guide, it's just a tip so i'm doing this on my own for free, in short, just Voluntary. if there's anything bad or wrong just tell me so that i know. if you have some questions just comment here. lastly, if you see any bad grammar in here, please it's not my main language so i'm taking time to learn. (This is written via Mobile)
  5. Just Completed GTA V's Trophy set with pure luck specially on Heists, i'd say 5/10 but it felt like 10/10, proud of my 50th platinum :)

  6. I've searched around the net and a lot of people says that Japan server on GTA Online is region locked. and i can confirm that since i've invited my friend and even mashed the invite button on every way i can invite them. he didn't receive anything during our boosting session Freeroam, Game Sessions are not working, also i can't join in when i select the join friend's session and i receive no session invites. so yeah that's that and it sucks :/ i even looked up on Rockstar Social club and i can't doubt about this Tell me if i'm wrong though, GTA Online japan server is Region Locked If you're my fellow region player and playing GTA Online, why not add me as friend lol don't worry i've created a gaming session. I can only think that japan region players can't play with other regions, but they can play since they are same region
  7. Looking for a Crew in GTA V, i'm active also

  8. Looking for a Crew in GTA V, i'm active al

  9. Looking for a Crew in GTA V, i'm active als

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      Have you tried the boosting sessions?

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      So nice, he had to post it thrice.

  10. Thanks for the replies i think i'll resume the main missions while getting them gold medal, don't know why it's a ultra rare though it's easy once i've platinumed the game, i will post tips for getting the platinum for GTA V having a lot of saves is by far, my totally suggested tip but seriously, the game itself is great but dem' glitches making the game horrible... I hope the game won't mess with me </3
  11. So here's what i remember today so far, i finished all kinds of races available like off-roads and the Sea-Races but i noticed, i only cleared street races 2 out of 5 and i can't find the 3rd race, but then i tried to make a save with the phone just right in front of ther race start. ofcourse during 20:00 (night) then reloaded it, finished the race with 1st place, 1st try and no retry then waited a couple of seconds, Hao texted me and the 3rd race became available. i did the same as what i did, save in front of the starting race and then reload the save. finished in 1 try 1st place but no texts from Hao. although i haven't finished the main story and i'm at the point before doing the "Blitz play" mission but i got all gold medal for all previous missions. so right now i'm typing i'm waiting for Hao to text me LOL still no text. ;( glad i saved before completing the 3rd race just in case something happened. anyone have any ideas? specially people who completed all Street Races and people got the 100% completion? also i tried waiting a couple of in-game days but still no result on my previous attempt. (i've reloaded my save data before completing the 3rd race a couple of times)
  12. Project Platinum God of war is done ... now GTA V PS3&PS4 50, 51 <3

  13. iPhone 5s As usual, many of the people uses this.
  14. Finally, Project Platinum God of War is nearly done ... *Nearly ugghh

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      Congrats! Are you going to go after God of War III Remastered? :P

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