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  1. Requires move OR a camera** Been playing with just the PlayStation move... easiest platinum... it only registers the controller when you "hold" the position.. so you could be in any position as long as the controller is holding still during the move you get a perfect. Honestly don't even need to hold the controller... press x.. set it down.. watch a movie
  2. at the time I assumed I needed to play all the songs so I didn't have 115% on everything.. honestly if you feel like your doing really good and think you can get 115% go ahead.. iffy? move on.. you just need 45 total.. That being said you'll ultimately need to play all 90 songs 4 times for the 'play everything' trophy
  3. After getting the trophy Heart Sync today (avg. 115%) I figured out how it works. When you have 45 songs (aka half of the 90 song list) at 115% or higher it pops then. so even if you havn't played all the songs, half the list is above the average point on the trophy (I assume the 110% is same way since that one popped for me before finishing all songs)