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  1. Thank god a an MP game with a tacked on 5 hour story didnt get a list of mostly SP stuff.
  2. Maybe another Energy Cycle stack will come out to make it even. I beat NYMHC, but this might be harder. Won't know until i try.
  3. There's not a single hard fight in this game except maybe when you fight the secret boss, but you can do that after you beat the game so you can change your difficulty back down. The Ubisoft club artifacts are better than most stuff you get in the game so I would suggest getting those to give you a boost.
  4. I feel like I just don't understand the combat in this game or something. To get through the boss fights I just brute force my way by using a shit ton of medicine. The bosses won't attack unless I attack first, and then when I do they'll dodge and hit me with an unblockable combo. That, or I'll counter or dodge an attack from them successfully, but it doesn't break their combo or anything and I'll just keep getting hit anyway. Only thing I can really do I guess is just build up some heat with Rush, switch to something else and do all my damage with heat actions. Rinse and repeat.
  5. 170 posts, maybe about 50 unique posters and like half of em don't care whether or not it has a platinum. Damn look at all them lost sales! I bet they're really kicking themselves now!
  6. Free considering you have ads on it, just throw up a donation button. People on this site help other people for free all the time. Plus, aren't you just using someone else's code that they put up for everyone to use in the other thread?
  7. Pass. This game is so boring. Everything about it is so bland you'd swear you're playing somebody's RPG maker tutorial game. No story and all you do is grind until you get strong enough to go to the next area. It's just something you play so you can do something with your hands while listening to a podcast or something. Play Tactics Ogre or War of the lions on PSP or something else instead.
  8. So anybody wanna go in and buy access and post all the answers somewhere else? EDIT: Oh. It doesn't work like that.
  9. More trophies than the last one si that's better at least.
  10. Downwell is a damn good game. Super challenging. Don't dodge it because the trophies are tough!
  11. Don't want to ruin that precious 76% completion!
  12. This game doesn't actually have 1000 4K images right? I only played 8 games and had 2 repeats.
  13. Well, when the value of Super Meat Boy is the same as some crappy VN then there shouldn't be anything as a reward. But if individual games want to do it, that's fine.
  14. Yeah you uh...need to watch the video to the end.
  15. Well that sucks. Started Deformers after having it for so long and the game is already dead as shit.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TehCro


      It's a pretty fun little game. Maybe not worth what they were asking for, though. I actually feel bad because it probably sold next to nothing with most people (including myself) getting the game free from Gamestop. Good news is that you can get a majority of the trophies really easy in a few hours with the local MP update that just came out and if you really want to you can self boost the online ranking up, but that's probably pretty boring.

    3. Scyther


      I liked it, myself. Other than crashing issues, it ran fine when I played. Some of the reviews I read seemed to indicate it didn't when it was first released, and that's what probably led to all the negative reviews and hindered sales.. And yeah, I got it free, too. Probably wouldn't have bought it, but I do feel bad not giving them anything for it. 

    4. TehCro


      Turns out there's a free weekend starting today so player count jumped up (at least temporarily)