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  1. Can anyone help me get the trophy? If you can add me on psn.
  2. Sign me up for everything except kh3 (for obvious reasons)
  3. Video Games Enjoyer

  4. @Yadilie I think they have also changed the challenges as well, i can only see a couple a day when I open the director (in Crucible or Strikes)
  5. Hi guys, can anyone confirm if the following trophies are bugged: Show me what you got -> I've completed 2 quick play matches then 2 competitive and after that shaxx didn't gave me a new quest or tell me to play more matches even though I've completed multiple matches after that. In a flash -> I've completed the patrols quest but never got the flashpoint quest and even though I've completed today the flashpoint on EDZ by talking to the vendor and got the reward for it I didn't get the trophy... Any thoughts? PS According to the trophy guide there are challenges in every patrol zone, but I haven't seen any. Why? ( I've started the game last Thursday )
  6. Hey guys I have a 25% discount code fro Persona 5, may the fastest man that wants it redeem it 554RPMRH5M The code expires in 3 days.
  7. You could try One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 if you are fan of One Piece