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  1. Also, since no one's mentioned it yet, Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition just has a code for the season pass.
  2. For me the DLC that came with the goty wasn't compatible with the disc iirc. Had to buy it separately. Nordic version of disc so I presume the goty DLC is central Europe or something.
  3. Yeah some of the EU versions have this fun thing where the DLC that comes bundled with the goty edition is in fact incompatible with it (wrong region or something). So your only option is to get a disc version + buy the DLC separately or get the US Goty version on another account.
  4. I only played it for a bit to check it out. It felt like a more advanced version of Stick it to the Man. You have some platforming and some collecting of things but it's still mostly talking to people and manipulating them, just that you have more options this time.
  5. Eh, sounds kind of weird. I mean, first off, I can't imagine how they'd implement something like that. Second, I don't imagine they'd care enough to implement something like that. Is it by any chance possible that you accidentally uploaded to the cloud instead of downloading your save?
  6. Yeah, every other mode but deathmatch is pretty much dead in the game. It's almost ten years old after all. And yes, turning DLC off in the matchmaking options will give you more matches but it'll still be just deathmatch.
  7. Nope. It's another "yearly" expansion. In fact it has its own season pass that costs like 30 bucks if you want to experience all the content.
  8. You can't play with a friend and a bot. The bot aonly appears if you're alone. While it's doable with two people, you're going to have an easier time with three. And yes, three coordinated people can do much better than one person wtih the stupid AI.
  9. Before you go about wasting your money, you should be aware that the discs are read only media. There's no data being put on the used copies when they are being played. Every disc is for these purposes identical. I don't think there's a unique identifier tied to every disc either which would let the servers know if the "owner" of that disc is eligible for the dedication trophy.
  10. Looks like there may not be any new trophies. The Xbox trophy list is out and it's the same 27 achievements that we've previously had as trophies. Still pretty excited about this update. Definitely will want to pick this up as I'm one of the few people who bought the game after seeing the initial hype dissolve and I still put 50 hours into it in like four days.
  11. I have the Vita version available for free on the EU store, the Finnish one to be specific.
  12. It does have cross save. That said I did the plat and the DLC 100% on Vita. Great game to play on the go or in small bits. The only issue was the DLC area played at like 5fps after it was released, which made it somewhat slow and frustrating. Not sure if it has been fixed but there's a good chance it hasn't.
  13. Yeah, the games look fine. It seems to me like the flags are based on timestamp editing. Just look at how all these games have every trophy except 1 (with Batman and inFamous) or 3 (Splinter Cell) done in 2011-2012 and then the last trophy done just a while ago. Also the lists (despite being several years old) don't appear on some cached versions of his profile.
  14. Yeah I'm quite confident it's 20 unique legendary weapons and outfits. I didn't do any kind of time or save manipulation and only ever played one vault and both of the trophies popped when I got my 20th unique legendary. I didn't sell or scrap any of the ones I got either but I doubt that matters.
  15. It would be great but it's probably way too much porting effort for Bethesda. When it comes to the PS4 version they could basically just take the PC/Xbox version and slap it there and it just works.