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  1. You are correct. The one with the cool trophy images is the EU version and the other list is the NA list. You can pretty easily tell that by looking at the leaderboards and check the nationalities of the players there.
  2. As far as I know, this trick works in all the Artifex Mundi games that let choose between doing a hidden object puzzle or an alternate minigame. You can find all but one object, switch to the minigame and find out that it's almost complete. In addition to getting the speed finish trophies done, it's probably also useful for the playthroughs where you have to clear all the alternate minigames, since those can be sped up by spamming all the easy hidden objects away first. Although I have to say I haven't personally abused this method for any of them since I'm always a bit paranoid when it comes to trophies for doing something a specific way. Don't see why it wouldn't work though.
  3. That's interesting. I thought the Vita port was dead and buried together with all the other indie games they couldn't just get working (Banner Saga, Hyper Light Drifter, etc.). Hope it actually gets released then. Papers, Please is one of my favourite games of all time and I'm really interested in how they'd get the UI and gameplay aspects to work on a portable-sized screen.
  4. The whole affair with the dreaded PEC room refers to the 3DS version of the game, which made people get stuck in that specific room, as their saves would not load after a crash. The Vita version does not have this issue. At least I've never seen reports of it. The game miight still crash on Vita, but it doesn't have gamebreaking implications like on 3DS. Also the fact that you've managed to clear the puzzle room seems to indicate you're fine.
  5. Yeah, you can definitely keep getting middle managers after the 36 it takes to fill the cubicles. Before I was done with the game, my bonus income from them was somewhere above +400%, so I had over a hundred of them. Keeping that in mind, it's a good idea to never die if you're trying to get to endgame as fast as possible, as having something like +200% production from middle managers once you hit the roadblock that happens around the quadrillion mark is a big help. Also, you can cheese the game and just quit the game every time you die and you'll go back to the latest autosave, allowing you to keep your middle managers alive.
  6. Nope. You can't download the DLC version of Freedom Cry even if you own the standalone.
  7. I'm pretty sure that any new trophies they might add will be picked from the steam achievements. It obvoiusly won't be all of them since there are too many to fit a DLC list. I'm guessing possible trophies would require us to kill the final boss in the crimson court, and doing that would give you ample opportunity to get all the other trophies they might implement. The steam achievements are pretty simple stuff like defeating all the new bosses, dying to the curse, recruiting a flagellant, etc. None of the achievements require a full playthrough of the game. I'm also pretty sure you could even do the achievements on a save file you've already beaten a game on, since the crimson court exists independent of the Darkest Dungeon.
  8. It's a very fun game and still has a really active userbase. There are also very few trophies you actually have to play MP to get. If you have two controllers, you can do most of the "Do this tricky thing" -trophies in a splitscreen game offline. There is a trophy for playing with a friend, another one where you have to trade with someone and then there's the DLC trophies for getting certified and painted items that you would likely need to arrange some trades for. But if you're only interested in getting the platinum efficiently, you'll barely need any online interaction at all..
  9. You do get it for free if you've purchased the vita version previously. Showing up as free in my store at least, and I bought the game in December.
  10. Hey, at least we got to enjoy the season of exciting multiplayer matches with our cool exclusive demons, armor pieces and emotes! Seriously though, I do wonder if anyone bought these DLC for anything else than the trophies. The multiplayer for Doom was dead from the release. I think any time a new DLC released and I was doing the trophies, there was like one lobby up. I guess they figured the only people who actually would want to buy the DLC were people interested in 100% trophies, and many of those people would be waiting for a 80%+ off sale anyway. Probably makes more sense to just throw the DLC in as a freebie to attract some new peopel to buy the game or whatever. Of course it's not very nice towards those people who actually bought the season pass, but it's not exactly the first move of that kind from Bethesda.
  11. I tried booting up the game on PS4 and it offers radiant, darkest and stygian difficulties. I'm assuming those are what you mean since there never was a difficulty called easy at all. Basically the game used to have just normal and NG+. Now it has radiant, darkest and stygian. Trophy-wise normal=darkest and ng+=stygian. Radiant is a mode they added in the latest patch on the Playstation versions of the game. In this mode, progression is faster and there are some balance changes such as more leniency in being able to bring higher level heroes onto lower level quests. In that mode you will not earn the trophy for completing the game. Darkest is the default difficulty, which used to be the only difficulty available together with NG+. I'd personally recommend this over radiant if you plan on doing stygian as well, because going from radiant to stygian might be kind of a big leap. Completing the game on Darkest will earn you the trophy for completing the game. Stygian is the hardest difficulty mode, which has more difficult combat and failure conditions. If you don't beat the game in a certain number of weeks or have a certain number of heroes die, you will lose the game. So for these reasons it's not really recommended for a first playthrough, even though it allows you to get the NG+ trophy out of the way. This difficulty mode used to be called NG+, and activating it required completing the game. But in the most recent version you could technically platinum the game in one go by starting on stygian. I think it might say which difficulty mode you're playing on in the save selection. Also you can see an icon to the left of your estate name in the hamlet, which changes depending on difficulty. On radiant there's a kind of glowing halo-like symbol above the tower in the emblem. On darkest there's a black stress symbol. On stygian the symbol glows menancingly red.
  12. They renamed the difficulties in a patch. Normal mode in the most recent patch is now called Darkest and NG+ is called Stygian. In the PC release, Stygian is actually called Blood Moon now, because of some added changes by the DLC that hasn't been released on Playstation yet. The patch that introduced the renaming of NG+ into Stygian also added some slight difficulty changes. There are now some new mobs in challenge level dungeons and an extra boss that shows up every now and then. It doesn't affect the difficulty too much though, so I wouldn't worry.
  13. Apparently you'll be able to gift those standard copies through in-game friend invites as soon as the early access goes live on the 21st. Sources: Reddit Fortnite FAQ
  14. Bosses on light and moderate can drop level 2 and 3 upgrades. Bosses on hard drop up to level 4 upgrades. Bosses on crushing drop up to level 5 upgrades. So if you want to level all your guns to 5, you're better off farming them all to level 3 on light difficulty (or moderate if you'd prefer matchmaking). After that you'd want to play hard long enough, or farm some of the easier stages to get level 4 guns. Then once you'd hit crushing, you'd only see level 5 upgrades. You don't of course have to do all that, but I believe higher difficulty bosses can still drop lower level upgrades. So if all your guns aren't leveled up, you'd be getting rank 2 and 3 upgrades from crushing bosses, since they only upgrade by +1 in one go, and not straight to level 5 from 1.
  15. Also, keep in mind that GTA IV originally released without a trophy list back in April 2008. It was added in a patch in October 2008. So what he's saying about zero trophies popping isn't necessarily gibberish, in case he played it first around its release, or just played an unpatched version on a console that wasn't connected online. So it's quite possible he completed the game before having a profile as he says, since trophies wouldn't have popped in a version of the game where they did not exist.