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  1. It's been a thing for a while now. August 2020 based on a quick search and that seems about right based on when I remember seeing the option.
  2. Based on what I've played so far, it should be pretty manageable solo. The first Soul Sacrifice I can confidently say was, since I've completed that, and so far delta has been less of a challenge due to the AI actually doing something. Freedom Wars is indeed a different beast. Did that years ago while the online was still populated with people doing high level stuff and that saved a lot of time and effort. Oh and although the matchmaking itself might be P2P, there are some online functions in the game like a faction standings system where you can log in and claim rewards based on your faction and weekly contribution. But it's just extra as far as trophies and playing the game are concerned.
  3. It works again. Guess I'll take this as a signal to finish all my digital Vita games.
  4. The activation thing is a different error. I've had that one too where my system randomly deactivates and I have to reactivate it in order to play any purchased content. Although I've only started having that error in the past year as well. I suspect the PS+ thing is an error with the licenses not having refreshed properly because the store has become increasingly broken. Back in the day I'd always have all my PS+ content repurchased on the last renewal date of my PS+. This didn't happen this june, and they still all show June 2020 in the download list. On that note I've noticed other weird things with the store on the PS3 side. Bought a game a few months ago and when I checked a few weeks back, I couldn't find it in the download list. Turns out it was at the bottom of the list among the oldest entries, despite having the most recent date.
  5. Yeah, can't download any PS+ games either on Vita. Even though the device is no longer supported, I suspect they'll fix this at some point as it affects purchased content.
  6. I guess you could try building a chiral bridge.
  7. Yes. Can't play anything without it being in game mode. Just feels wrong with the input lag. Might depend on TV but that's been my experience with like the last three televisions I've used.
  8. Yeah. I was just able to download the content within the game, after which they were also added to my download list. Basically when you buy a season pass, it should let you purchase the included content for free. It's just the PS3 store is broken about it and when it's supposed to let you purchase it for free, it jus won't let you purchase it at all. However the storefront that you access from within the game is a the old type of PS3 store, which doesn't have this problem.
  9. Yeah I had this with Black Flag and Life is Strange season passes that I bought recently. Basically getting the SP nukes you from being able to purchase the individual content for free because the store is broken. Luckily for those games there's a menu to download/purchase the specific DLC from within the game, which worked. But if that's not available for this game, a support ticket is probably your only option. Good luck.
  10. Early trophy guides often contain information partially derived from logical assumptions. Information gets more accurate over time as more empirical evidence is collected. Seems to me like what you are experiencing is how the trophy works. It's just that most people did the mythic tales before the other side missions, so it just took a bit longer for anyone to point this out.
  11. Yeah, the PS3 store seems to be kind of broken these days. Just flat out won't let you buy a game if you aleady own the trial. Only way seems to be to do so from within the game itself. I've ran into this issue with a few games where I've purchased the season pass from the PS3 store but it then tells me I can't purchase the individual DLC. saying it's unavailable and cannot be purchased at this time. Solution was always to download the content from within the game itself. But if it's not available there, then I can't think of a way to get it on the same account.
  12. Because the triggers on the Sixaxis and Dualshock 3 were convex, and thus awful to press. I think this was realised by almost all game developers and thus L1 and R1 were the default shooter controls in just about every game.
  13. I think they're just telling you that legends multiplayer is separate from the legend system, which is the reputation you get from doing things in single player. I don't know why they're telling you this, as it didn't seem like there was any confusion about it, but that's probably just due to my lack of knowing all things in life. I'm pretty sure you do need to do the legends mission in order to recite the story for the lady for one of those common courtesy events. The "story" list for Iki only has one trophy for the main story. The rest are just for doing things. Really, the distinction between story and exploration with these lists is a bit arbitrary, as they're both just completion things. The only thing you can't avoid popping from the story list is the legend trophy for reaching that specific reputation level, as that's essentially experience points. None of the collectibles, side activities or side quests require completion of the main story but you do have to reach a specific point. Also the dye trophy requires completing one out of the two mythic quests, but you could avoid popping the story trophy by avoiding the other one. Also as a priority I would advise completing a few main story missions, as there is a plot thing that happens that kind of adds extra little scenes for just about every event you do on the island. I assume you'll just miss this if you complete all the side stuff before that specific mission (if even possible), or after the story has concluded.
  14. It's a fun game if you enjoy prison breaks. It's definitely not hard, nor does it take long.
  15. No. If you have the PS4 disc, you can use that to install the PS4 version. Additionally you can purchase the free upgrade to the PS5 version, which is basically a download that you can only launch with the PS4 disc inserted. You cannot download the PS4 version if you have a PS4 or PS5 disc inserted. There's really no reason to buy a PS5 disc of a game if there's a PS4 version with free upgrade available.