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  1. The fact that every other trophy but the endings one says you have to "finish", I think they might all just pop at the end of the game after you've fulfilled the requirements during the playthrough.
  2. Unfortunately this is not something that can be fixed. What happened is your Vita ran out of battery completely, which made the internal clock lose track of what time it is. In this state any trophies obtained will get missing timestamps, which actually override any previous timestamps when synced due to them possibly representing the earliest moment in time.
  3. Vita trophies tend to sync out of order. Like if you earn a trophy on the Vita but don't sync it, then play a PS4 game and sync that, the Vita trophy will actually appear after the PS4 trophies in your trophy log once you do sync it. That is, the actual timestamps are just fine but the order in which they appear on the default ordered view is off. I believe it has to do with there being additional metadata related to when the trophies were synced in addition to the timestamps themselves. As an example. Look at the OP's trophy lists of LEGO The Hobbit (100% on July 31) and Paradox Soul (100% on July 13). Even though the latter was platted earlier, it still appears after the Hobbit game on the default view. I believe this is what the OP is referring to.
  4. Look again. That account has some pretty shady trophy lists.
  5. Haven't played the game, but I am familiar with what it is. Trophy is 2.50% rarity on PSNP and 1.4% on PSN. If we take into account that the game is not one with massive casual ownership, that would put it somewhere in the 6-7 difficulty bracket. It'll give you a challenge but it's clearly something that's doable with enough dedication and practice (and we're not talking about putting 40 to 100 hours into a single trophy here).
  6. No, there's a few games where it just happens to be like this. More people completed tha game overall than among the limited owners on PSNP. I found at least one game like this a while ago but can't remember what it was. Then there's all the Vita games that have crazy high platinum % on PSN due to hackers and low owners while being close to 0% on PSNP, but that's a different thing.
  7. Yes, there are several difficult expert mechanics that have to do with chaining different actions at precise frames. There's also simpler momentum tricks you can do with transitioning off sliding surfaces at the right times, etc.
  8. I get these messages every now and then when I finish platting a game. Terrible propositions considering the pay per hour ratio. Also keep in mind they likely want you to use your copy of the game too, so if you add that to the equation it seems even worse of a deal. Not to mention there's never any guarantee if you'd even get any of that money.
  9. Yeah this happens a lot. It's an indexing error that happens between different games from same publishers. It's all over Telltale titles but not restricted to them. You'll for example find Shadow of War DLC listed under Batman Arkham Knight and Life is Strange episodes under another SE game.
  10. I believe there was a preorder on Limited Run Games up for a while, so it's not exactly from out of nowhere. Personally I love the terrible 90s FMV games (and the good ones too), so they can keep them coming for all I care.
  11. I don't like the idea on principle because every DLC pack has its own rarity calculations based on number of owners, which makes them directly incomparable. If this weren't the case, I too would be all for it as I also go for 100% trophies.
  12. Around 50 hours. You'll only really need three consoles and then 12 other players for War Party (only the host can join with multiple consoles for that).
  13. More than enough time if you do 12+ hour days and don't have to return favours instantly in the DLC. Everything in the co-op for example becomes a lot faster if you don't have to get every medal for every player involved. Also helps if you play with people familiar with the co-op, which can potentially eliminate dozens of hours from the learning process. Of course, even if you do everything super efficiently, you can still get stuck on the last treasures for 10, 20, 30 or more hours.
  14. Six. 3vs3 minimum.
  15. @big_bob002 From what I remember, I had a save before Meridian where I could talk to just about any of my crew to "lock in" the romance. But the final scene (ie. the sex scene) in the romance only happens after the Meridian mission. So I actually romanced someone first, then did Meridian and finished the playthrough and then later on loaded up the save to do another romance and Meridian and the trophy popped after the sex scene ( I also romanced the reporter in that playthrough). So I'm pretty sure all the romances remain possible until Meridian, as long as you haven't committed to anyone. However I don't think you can do Meridian and then do the romances, as I think there's like an important romance scene before that mission or something like that.