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  1. Dead Space. First game I earned a trophy in over ten years ago. Meant to do it on the 10 year mark last October but was too busy. Guess I may as well wait another ten years at this point.
  2. Business as usual at this point. Oh well.
  3. It is possible to 100% on Vita. There is however clearly some bug when it comes to one of the letters appearing. I probably played that stage like 5+ times before it finally appeared. Not sure what triggered it but it is possible.
  4. Nothing wrong with the trophies or the game itself. I imagine people buy it for the nostalgia and then realise the games are actually crap (they're not), or too difficult and the game goes to the backburner. And the completion isn't that low anyway. People just generally don't complete games.
  5. It's a Vita game with very few owners. You see all those profiles with every Vita game done in 40 secs? Yeah, there's a lot of them out there. What this generally means is that when a Vita game has very few owners, the trophy rarities tend to be like this. Check out https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8575-scintillatron-4096 for example.Zero platinum achievers on this site and 54.3% rarity on PSN. It's more of a thing with games that have come out recently, since the Vita is pretty much "dead" these days as they say.
  6. Is there actually any need to go the Hirata estate for lapis or anything else? You could use the truly precious bait of the pot noble in the Fountainhead Palace? Should work in theory.
  7. Yeah, I understood that. Was just commenting that it wasn't technically incorrect, just an old post. I think it was the first week Xur sold year 2 stuff when I bought an engram on my warlock, who was missing like four armor pieces and three weapons. I had all non-Forsaken exotics on all classes for ages. Got some year 1 gauntlets that I had already. It might have been fixed soon afterwards, as I didn't really bother checking.
  8. I believe it was correct when he posted it though. I saw Xur selling some year 2 stuff a while ago and bought a fated engram only to receive some year 1 gloves I already had. Good to know they changed it though.
  9. As a card game, there's always going to be luck involved. But everyone has to deal with it so it sort of balances out on the averages. Also you can just boost most of the annoying trophies if you feel like it, so the six win arena is really the most "luck-based" trophy. The arena system I believe is zero sum. Everyone gets to draft a deck and then they're allowed to play until they lose three times. You're always playing against people at your tier. So the first game is against someone with 0 wins, and by the time you get to 8 wins you're likely playing someone else with 8 wins (or close to it). The fact that the arena trophy requires you to get a win rate of 75% (win 6 out of 8 matches) isn't really that bad, because eventually you'll get a better draft and worse opponents which will allow you to exceed your average score. So if you're an average player, you'll statistically win 50% of your games, and as such the trophy will indeed require you to get lucky. But the 25% deviation really isn't all that outlandish. Then if you're a better than average player, it's obviously going to take you less of a lucky streak to get up to the 75% short term win rate. Of course, if your skill level at the game is less than average, you're naturally going to need more of a lucky streak to get the arena trophy. Luckily there's a pretty good correlation between time spent in the game and improvement of personal skill level, which we could refer to as "learning" the game and getting better at it.
  10. It's not all that much RNG really if you know how to draft. I was consistently pulling off 6-9 win runs after learning the game (so on the fifth run or so). It really comes down to evaluating the individual power of cards, not necessarily based on their rarity or cost, but on how they perform individually. Combine that with a few potential trump cards and it's not that bad. Also obviously helps if you understand the core mechanics of Gwent, like the value of card advantage and the tempo.
  11. Well he must've been to parts of Ashina Depths if he's been to the hidden forest for the fragrant stone. The question is which individual areas the game actually counts for the trophy. Like, do you actually have to get to the bottomless pit part of the depths or just the poison caves. The first one is technically skippable.
  12. It still seems extremely likely that the stats are tracked by an external server. After all, there's an error where you log into the game where it fails to retrieve your stats and consequently prevents you from playing ranked at all. So while it is true that the lobby system and the game itself works on a P2P principle, this likely won't do any good for obtaining trophies whenever they decide to pull the plug on the servers. Basically, never outright trust anything you read on the internet. You can either believe a general statement like "The game is P2P, it's fine", or consider the argument I presented and draw your own conclusions.
  13. Few things to keep in mind in addition to the above. 1) The game has a spawn shield so the characters getting killed have to fire at least one shot, otherwise they'll take like 10% damage. 2) There's a cap of 1500 persistent XP per match. Any XP you gain in a match over this will be deducted from your total XP the next time you log on. This is what actually enables the negative XP rank 30 glitch but it also makes it so there's little point going above 1500XP in a match.
  14. Not only does the timer pause in the pause menu, but I'm pretty sure you can also see what the timer is at while paused, and in fact observe that it is not running.
  15. I think the one thing you might be overlooking is that bosses themselves reward quite nice chunks of XP. So if you managed to run through the game in under 90 mins without dying too much, it'd probably be worth it. But I do agree that for most players who just want the platinum fast, the safer way is to just grind on NG+.