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  1. Has to be a flawless run. Nine wins with zero losses.
  2. It's on the Finnish store too. Another win for the PlayStation store search I guess.
  3. Well, not entirely. The moves currently being sold through retail use micro USB instead of mini USB, and they have little text designating the select and start buttons as share and options.
  4. As far as I can see, stores in Finland have them in stock. If they're really nowhere to be found in The Netherlands, you could probably order a set from Germany or somewhere else close.
  5. So yes, the game's servers will be shutting down on April 8th. Source: This is for the PC version but the message is also apparently live on PS4. They are saying they are giving players a "a substantial free grant of hard and soft currencies to enjoy the remaining weeks of live play", so that may help with those grindy trophies (if that goes live on PS4). EDIT: okay so apparently those free currencies won't help with the trophies as the grindiest trophy for spending gold isn't related to them but is a resource during individual matches.
  6. I might be wrong, but I believe the spymaster's letters actually only refer to the ones in the reports tab, as they are the ones that give you strategic intel. The ones in the letters tab are stuff you get from events, and you can easily miss a lot of those, or get different ones based on choices. That said, I don't think the trophy is missable at all as long as you read all the letters just before the end of the epilogue.
  7. Well, the search function on this website is passable at best. I dare you to search for the game called Fe.
  8. I got mine from a 9-0 arena run. Pretty sure that's the only one you can get outside of specific contracts/achievements. One easy way of getting a border would be from the gold chests in Thronebreaker. It's a good game but costs 25 bucks. The final option would be to just wait till they start the season or whatever and you can purchase it from the rewards unlock grid with enough rewards points. That or just wait till the season finishes.
  9. Yeah that #1 fix may work on the Xbox360 due to how it does achievements. On any Playstation system no trophy will ever pop through methods like this. Basically your options are to wait if they ever fix this, try buying more camp stuff and hope it unlocks or delete your character and start again.
  10. Yeah, all the spymaster letters are readable in the epilogue. I believe you get the last one after the second combat encounter. I don't think you can actually miss any of them, as they're not like the other letters you can pick up depending on your choices.
  11. That's really interesting. I didn't think the profile actually had anything persistent linked to it on the system, which is why I didn't think deleting it would do anything. Glad you managed to get the trophy to finally unlock!
  12. It has a save file but I believe that's just settings. Whatever cards you own etc is on the server-side. Also deleting the game itself wouldn't get rid of saves anyway. Actually now that I think of it I'm not sure if deleting the game will do anything, as it doesn't actually store any data. Think deleting the save file itself (after backing it up) might help. Someone else said they got the 100 kegs to work by deleting their profile, the game and then opening 100 kegs at once, but that may be more due to the last part than anything. Then again someone else in that thread said they got trophies working by deleting and reinstalling the game, so it could be worth a shot. Other possibilities I can think of why it's not glitching is that some of the leader cards just aren't flagged for the achievement/trophy for whatever reason,although that would be weird.
  13. Are they all ones you've acquired by crafting or through the unlock grid? The initial 5 you get don't count. If they are all new, you can try reinstalling the game and logging on and then getting one more leader if it still doesnt pop.
  14. I was under the impression it'd been fixed a while ago as people have gotten the trophies. They may have broken some stuff again though.
  15. Tried relogging? Someone had an issue with one of those trophies not popping and it did on relog. The game checks whether you are eligible for trophies on launch but I guess it 's possible it just doesn't fire off the trophy trigger.