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  1. Yeah I'm like 95% sure this is the case. Trophy popped for me as soon as I bagged a fluffy moly. I checked the Japanese wording of the trophy and a quick machine translation seemed more like it was referring to "various areas" instead of "every area". So guessing the initial description was really vague and they just translated it wrong base off that.
  2. Yeah, in case it wasn't clear, before the 6.66 update you needed to own the somewhat expensive season pass to access the online DLC trophy content, so some people like me just did all the DLC trophies as they popped up and it only took a few hours, as you were just kind of given the cosmetic stuff that you now need to grind for. Think you'd also have automatic access to the cosmetic items if you owned the season pass before the 6.66 update but I think you had to at least log on at some point for the game to register that you had it.
  3. The DLC content is borderline unplayable on Vita. Courtyard is a frame rate hell especially in the bigger maps. That said, I almost managed to 100% the game on the Vita, but ultimately I had to swap to PS4 during my endless mode farmstead attempts, because the game started to flat out crash during saving, which not only made me lose progress, but also eventually made me unable to progress as I found a spot where it just would never let me progress past without crashing. Thankfully it's extremely easy to transfer your estate back and forth between Vita and PS4, so you should never be totally screwed as long as you own a PS4.
  4. The international version shut down. The one referred to in the list as uncertain is the Japanese version which has different servers.
  5. No one's obtained the trophy since September 30th so it seems to be currently unobtainable. Best you can do is report it to CDPR and they'll likely change the requirements at some point. It seems like there's one unobtainable trophy in this game pretty much all the time so I'd recommend everyone just 100% the thing when it's possible again, seeing as they'll likely keep changing the game in the future.
  6. You'll need someone for the supply boxes, which takes about 5 mins. You'll also need someone for the necromancer (20 revives) trophy in the intercept expansion (also takes about 10mins). Suppose you could do the supply boxes while just playing the online but it'd take a while as there's no guarantee people will use them. When I did this game about a year ago, there were a few online lobbies going at all times. Still probably the case. Everything else you can do solo, against bots in online warzones. Even the co-op is doable solo, although a fair bit harder than with more players.
  7. Been a while since I played the game and I've never played the EE, but looking at the relative position of the trophy in the list, it seems likely this pops when you clear the bandit camp. Guess it should just say "defeat Tazok" or whatever.
  8. They're base game monsters in Iceborne, included in the disc and all so makes sense they're needed for trophies. The stuff that's coming later on like Rajang clearly won't be, since their aim is to keep the trophy requirements consistent between versions.
  9. It was there before Shadowkeep release, but I think all the D2 content has been moved to the ingame Eververse store. So basically you buy the license for Forsaken just like you'd buy any microtransaction.
  10. You're right. I forgot there were two trophies related to it. So yeah, absolutely nothing's changed.
  11. The current description says without dying. So if it's indeed changed, that's a pretty big adjustment in difficulty.
  12. Those aren't squad flags. They're stuff you place on the battlefield.
  13. The base version that you got from PS+ is free to play now anyway. You do need to get Forsaken to get access to Dreaming City quests and The Last Wish raid, but that'll be enough for 100%:ing the trophies. However, some of the new season-related triumph seals may be easier than the ones you get access without having the new season.
  14. Well, most expansion content in D1 and D2 didn't have trophies to begin with. It was only the ones that were sold as a retail copy. Also I remember there being something about every retail copy of a PlayStation game needing to either add new trophies or to have a new trophy list, although I'm not sure if that's true or being enforced anymore. Seeing as they're moving to the battlepass/seasonpass system when it comes to monetising the game, I doubt we'll even see any more big expansion releases like Shadowkeep, if you even count it as one. I think part of why this one feels big or comparable to TTK, Forsaken, etc is because they're revamping the entire structure of the game, not so much because of how much content it has.
  15. Of course it's possible they have yet another update coming but it doesn't seem like it based on what they're saying about preloading the patch and getting it ready. Seems more likely to me that they just didn't add any trophies. They have no retail release this time, plus they have their own cross-platform triumph system, which effectively provides the same function as trophies with much more flexibility.