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  1. Well, doing it on the final week is also a bit risky since if the server happens to crash on Sunday again, you're going to have a pretty bad time. Then again the chance of that happening is probably lower than the valor trophies glitching on you anyway. Also there's always the bonus week after this one for those who want to gamble on them not shutting the server down on a Saturday.
  2. Based on the upgrades you have, I'd say that's NG+. I have my PS3 open at the moment and I checked it does indeed say "New Game Plus" in the save file. I'm not sure if the PS4 save files say that as well, but you could check. It might however be that PS4 saves have less descriptive metadata so that may not help too much.
  3. Haven't played the game but I've bought it. Few days ago there was a patch 1.02 that said this in patch notes: "Fixed War trophy. If you already have five stars in all levels in your save slot but don't have the trophy, just replay any level in that save slot again at five stars to unlock War" Check if there's an update available I guess. I have the EU version by the way.
  4. Obviously the DeS case only applies to trophy lists that obviously look like they were dropped items for, which wouldn't be possible with the online shutdown, but it would be if you were to log in to the private servers. Basically someone or some people reverse engineered how the game's online works and set up private servers, to which people can join by pretty much just changing some network settings on their consoles. The question here is whether those trophy lists that clearly are not possible without doing the game online should be flagged now that there is no offficial online. The comparison point for this is the one unobtainable GTA5 trophy, which Rockstar made impossible to earn in GTA online, but which is still possible to earn with hackers. The argument that could be made in that case is that the GTA V bounty does not even require you to log to a different server. All you have to do is to play the game normally and just run into someone who modded their console/game.So if that is going to get flagged for being illegitimate, I don't see how DeS shouldn't. GTA V: Another person did some hacking. You happen to be playing on the same server without even being aware of it. DeS: Another person did some hacking. You are choosing to participate by playing on the server. For the record, it's not that I'm arguing for any personal motive whether or not either of these things should be considered earning trophies in an illegitimate fashion. Just providing the comparison
  5. Based on what I've read elsewhere you need to own Portal 2 on Steam and be connected to it while playing for the co-op trophies to pop. I think you need to have that to even be able to connect to a partner since it actually does the matchmaking through steam. As in when you're playing PS3 Portal 2, it shows you as playing Portal 2 on steam.
  6. Faithful Cartographer has been glitched since release I think. Although I did read at some point that they supposedly fixed it. People have achieved it in the NA version so maybe nobody has bothered.
  7. No offense, but that's a somewhat questionable analogy. The inherent idea behind trophies is that you get virtual rewards for things you have accomplished in games. Therefore it makes sense that people would consider it wrong if you just downloaded save files that pop trophies for you, as that would diminish the fundamental idea of trophies. They are supposed to be rewards for things you accomplish in video games. Not to mention in order to even download and use savefiles, you have to use external tools (likely a PC and a USB memory device). So no, I don't think the idea of kicking a ball in the wrong fashion is comparable to downloading save files to play games. Kicking the football with no clue as to what was going on would be comparable to plaing a video game, but once you begin to download save files, it becomes closer to engineering the ball itself so it performs a specific functions in a manner you desire.
  8. That's the sticker called "green door", I believe. It's found within the same level. If you look at your goodies and prizes list for that level, it's the third sticker from the right on the second row. It's possible the game has glitched and hasn't registered that one for whatever reason.
  9. I imagine it is, but it's only viable if you're killing turboed alts. When I did the grind, I had to use my left hand to keep respawning my two alts, so I only had my right hand on the controller. Basically what that meant I could only aim and shoot, not move, so meleeing was out of the question. I did consider using my toes to keep respawning the alts but it didn't really feel good.
  10. Yeah the Episodes from Liberty City should work as long as it's the version that says full game.
  11. I suppose this would have looked less suspicious if you had just initially said that Zoo Keeper glitched instead of going for the more complicated explanation in the first post. The game did have some issues with trophies when it came out. I recall some of them, such as "Dog Lover" being buggy before they patched it. They should have been patched by the disputee played the game in 2015 though. I have also never heard of Zoo Keeper glitching on any of the Playstation versions, but of course that doesn't rule out the possibility that it could. That all being said, the trophy list being disputed here does not look particularly fishy other than Zoo Keeper popping after Sounds of Animals Fighting. I'm also not really sure what someone would want to accomplish by getting a save file for Hotline Miami, other than for beating all chapters on A+. But as MisteriosoX said, they got the A+ all chapters trophy a month after the mask-related trophies.
  12. Review copies, or codes rather. A number of those go to influencers, and some of them are into this whole trophy thing so it's not a huge surprise. Could also be someone wanted to be the first and bought a review code. Who knows.
  13. I noticed that too. I thought they were just meleeing instead of doing headshots since it's the same amount of XP. But if you know they are in fact getting XP faster (I assume you either have them in friends or know someone who does) it is likely something else. I can't think of too many ways that would rack up high XP effortlessly. Stuff like turrets just doesn't get kills fast enough, plus they blow up after a while.
  14. If that's the case then next week everyone should just get exactly... say 10000 points. That way even if it's 100 or 200 people at that point value, they will share the rank and get the trophy. Of course this relies on the assumption that the randoms, or anyone else won't go above the designated point value.... Can't wait to see till someone tries to organise this. *grabs popcorn*
  15. No, the second person is actually #20 if the game counts numbers and not ranks. Basically if the game just checks for the 19 top-ranked players, it might skip the second guy at shared 19th place. I mean who knows with this game.