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  1. The elusive targets were time-sensitive targets that were only available during limited time periods. Nothing you can do to attempt them now. They'll probably return in Hitman 3 (all the ones in Hitman 2 have passed as well).
  2. If the trophies aren't synced on PSN yet, then they exist only on that local user on the PS4. It is possible to wipe that data by deleting the user off the PS4, which will wipe all trophy data stored locally, all save data and trophy screenshots.
  3. I've had some weird behaviour where I earn a trophy on PS4 while playing online and it syncs directly to PSN but doesn't appear in my local trophy list on PS4 (if I check later with network disconnected for example). I've been speculating the trophy unlock just kind of skips the local PS4 trophy listing and directly syncs it to PSN if you're playing online. Haven't really experimented it with enough to know exactly how it works. Now, if that's the case, you could possibly run into some issues if you played a game that doesn't have its trophy list uploaded on the server yet. Basically the trophy unlocks would directly upload to PSN, but since there's no list there, nothing would be saved. Then you'd actually be in a situation where you think you have unlocked every trophy but none of them are saved on your local profile on the PS4. Load a save then later on and you'll have all the trophies autopop based on the progress in the save. Now, this is purely speculation but there's at least a chain of events that would explain what happened there. If I were you, I would just nuke that local trophy list off the PS4 before syncing it online.
  4. Just checked and I have the same issue. Purchased the game when it came out but it's not on my download list. However when I went to the browser store, it gave me the option to purchase the game for free. I did that and it got added to my download list on Vita. So yeah, try doing that and it could fix the issue for you. Might be they changed something with the game listing after it came out. These things happen every now and then.
  5. I can now purchase the DLC on the store but there's no extra trophies available in my PS4 trophy app. Of course they could add them later if people request it but this is fine for me. I'll probably still play the expansion at some point but I don't really mind not having trophies for it.
  6. I'm not so sure it's unintended that the giant crabs give 300K amrita, as they're often quite annoying to kill. Unless of course you know what you're doing. It is indeed good advice for leveling fast if you use some kind of setup (like the thundershot talisman) to just destroy them fast, as the crabs spawn really close to that shrine.
  7. I think that's normal. From what I remember, the trophies only unlock once you inspect the stuff you've unlocked in your home by talking to the cat there. Pretty sure if you never went there you could even unlock the 50 and 120 decor trophies within like 10 seconds of each other.
  8. It could get better if you play it a bit more and get better at it. The game can feel really unfair when you've just started out as a survivor player and have no idea about any of the layouts or what the mastermind is capable of and how generally anything works. It's really easy to get destroyed at that point, and that can feel pretty frustrating. The matchmaking in particular can often feel like that. When I started I got paired together with other low lvls usually against lvl20+ masterminds. Got destroyed most of the time but that's fine as it's a learning experience. Once I got to higher levels, I kept getting paired with lower level players and still got destroyed a lot, usually due to lack of any kind of teamplay, which will punish you pretty hard as it's a 1vs4 game. Was even more fun when I started playing as a mastermind because then all of a sudden I kept facing only teams of lvl50+ survivors together, with the occasional lowbie thrown in. Guessing they were using team matchmaking. That all said, I had some good games there too during the three weeks or so it took me to finish the trophy list.
  9. Yep, it's working again. Took roughly the same amount of time it did all the previous times this was an issue. Probably would have been fixed faster if it weren't for the weekend. Still, a good reminder to be conscious of potential issues related to digital games. Then again, we'd have almost exactly the same situation, if say the update download server on the PS4 was broken. Just have to acknowledge how things are these days. But that said, I'm sure Sony does everything in their power to keep people's digital libraries intact, as it wouldn't exactly bolster digital sales if people weren't under the impression that digital ownership was pretty much life-long.
  10. I can still see/purchase the pack via the PS4 library store link so maybe you can try there. But it's possible it's available on my storefront but not the US one for whatever reason. Also for whatever reason the extra encore pack seems to be labelled as "character" whereas the other packs are just normal content packs.
  11. Yeah, the PS3/Vita seem to use a different download service. If you look at your download list on either the PS3 or Vita, you should see both Vita/PS3 games available to download. The PS4 on the other hand is completely separate and you'll never see those games on the older systems. The PS4 doesn't even have a download list as it seems to use a different service to access content. Then there's the browser download list, which seems to be more like a purchase list with links to the actual downloads as it also has the PS4 games listed. Also based on what I'm seeing, this seems to be isolated specifically to games published by a single entity (SIEE). So you wouldn't see this issue on the affected games on any of the non-European storefronts, because there wouldn't be any games published by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe on any of those. This leads me to believe it's some kind of a database-related error linked to this one specific entity/entry, possibly caused during some changes they were making for whatever reason.
  12. My guess is that it's just how the PS3 version of the store is dealing with the issue. I'd assume the download list on the browser version of the store would tell you that you already own the game. The Vita store would tell you that you do own the game as well, and give you the download button. But on the Vita you wouldn't see any of the games in the download list despite this. The PS3 store is probably just pulling the info whether you own the game or not directly from the download list, and as such it's a bit confused. Then again, even without issues like this, the system doesn't work flawlessly. There are a few games on PSN (such as Undertale or Oddworld New'n Tasty) that tell me I don't own the game and offer to let me buy them, despite the fact that I have the games in my download list able to be downloaded.
  13. Wouldn't worry too much about this (other than in the general sense where you might as well worry about all digitally owned content). Seems to just be an error with the downloads not initiating for whatever reason on all the SIEE-published games. I'm 94.56% sure it has nothing to do with the system not knowing that you own the license to the games, just that the storefront isn't communicating with the service that's responsible for the downloads. Like I said before, I've had this exact issue with several games before, although those were just recently released games so I assumed that was the reason the download wasn't properly connected to the game listing on the store. Took them a few days to fix the issue the previous times I've had it. Would expect this to get fixed by Monday/Tuesday.
  14. Yeah, I've actually seen this happen with some new game releases. You buy the game and it doesn't appear in your download list. The purchase option is replaced by the download option but that does nothing. They've previously fixed these things in a few days, but seeing as this is pretty much affecting their entire catalogue, it should hopefully be faster. It seems like an issue where the storefront itself isn't properly connected to whatever service the game downloads are initiated from. The store knows you own the game as it would show in your purchase history as well as the download list on the website, but if you were to look at the download list from the console itself or click the actual download button, it would not locate the game to actually begin the download.
  15. Yeah, I have the same thing. Tried a few of the games and none of them start downloading. Must be an issue on the backend. Very much doubt it's on purpose or anything because all the store pages for the games are still up.