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  1. This isn't the first trophy list for this game. The game was released digitally a few years ago, and this list is probably for a physical release. The game is fairly challenging. The platinum rarity on PSNP is 1.92% on the previous list. It's basically a collection of retro-esque games, many of which were originally released on the Wii so it has plenty of motion control fun. And yes, the main character in the game is Commander Video, who also appears as a playable bonus character in Super Meat Boy.
  2. Looks like it's a VR game, though it's apparently also playable without PSVR. Based on the trailer I watched, it seems like you play as some kind of god, shooting explosions from your hands and destroying alien invaders in cities. So it focuses on collateral damage and cool special effects. Probably cool in VR but not sure how interesting the gameplay will be without it.
  3. You might also add that he eventually unlocked that trophy that the person with the exact same name on NGU was looking to cheat just 15 hours prior to unlocking the trophy being disputed here. I mean I guess that could be just a coincidence.
  4. If you're talking about the trophy list, it will use the one currently on your profile. There's only one trophy list for the game, and digital and physical releases tend to share trophy lists anyway. So yes, you can keep earning trophies in the same list you already started with the physical edition. As far as saved games go, I'd assume you'll also be able to pick up where you left. In most cases save data is identical with physical and digital releases, although there may be some exceptions.
  5. Well, seeing as you'll need to complete episode 3 anyway to even get the platinum trophy, it's not going to cause any issues with the platinum if they fix it at the release of the second episode. I assume what will happen is that episode 2 release will change the names and icons of the episode 2 trophies, which are currently placeholders, and move the deluxe edition trophy to DLC. That, or they'll change the specific trophy to any other action in the game that doesn't require the deluxe edition. I mean they can do whatever they want with the trophy since nobody's even unlocked it yet.
  6. Many games (I would even say most) do not just automatically pop all the trophies you had when you use cross save. There's of course Sound Shapes and Sly 4 for example, but those use different lists. On the top of my head I can't think of a single game that autopops trophies on crossave and shares a list between Vita and PS4 for example. There's probably some, but they're not that common. Even in that case though, you'd be able to get the suspicious trophy timestamps replaced with the earlier PS4 ones as long as you hooked that console online and synced the trophies.
  7. Well, it is a (mostly) multiplayer shooter published by EA in 2017. I think I would have been absolutely shocked if the game didn't have microtransactions.
  8. The game does have some pretty glitchy physics, that's for sure. All I can think of is that you could check if there is a more recent autosave. If you go to the load game option in the main menu, it'll show you a list of recent autosaves. Hopefully there's something there that's before the event in the wine cellar.
  9. Not sure if I understood your problem correctly, but is the problem only with the trophies not showing on the activity feed? As in you are still actually accumulating the trophies, if you go and look at the trophy menu on any console or the mobile app? If that'st he case, it's pretty much working as intended. No trophies you earn on the Vita or PS3 ever show up on the activity feed on PS4. Guessing the mobile app shares the same feed. Basically the legacy systems (PS3 and Vita) seem to use a slightly different infrastructure when it comes to PSN services.
  10. I've also had issues with the browser store repeatedly asking me to do some card verification stuff through my bank so I pretty much stopped bothering with it. As in it would do the verification and then it would just ask me to do it again right after, never going through with the payment. What I do now is just top of my wallet from PS4 or Vita and then use the browser store. But then again I buy a lot of stuff from PSN so I don't mind having money on my account. Clearing cookies or trying another browser might also help.
  11. If you would prefer not to use a video guide, I would recommend going with maps instead. I was using maps on an Amnesia wiki while platinuming the game and found them to be extremely useful. Not only do they show you where the notes, tinderboxes and oil jars are, but they also help you navigate the otherwise confusing corridors. Although in order to make sure you don't miss anything, it's also a good idea to keep track of number of tinderboxes and notes in each area.
  12. I agree that it seems a bit glitched. For me it popped as I was taking a legendary gun out of my vault. Wasn't even touching an exotic. I also don't think I had 15 unique exotics at that point, though the total number of exotics I had acquired at that point was certainly over 15.
  13. The wording on the Playstation site seems a bit misleading. What they mean is that you can't activate it through the system settings on a PS3, PSTV, Vita, etc. However, those devices all have a browser, which can be used to set up 2 step verification.
  14. Prize Catch is a bit tricky. The trophy will pop when you complete the misson "All You Can Eat", which only becomes available once you've completed every variation of the Off The Hook operation once. Basically the game will keep assigning those operations randomly. They all consist of 2 objectives. Although some of the missions share one objective, you still have to do all the possible variants at least once. So for example destroying three stashes and freeing a prisoner is a different mission type than destroying three stashes and downloading data, even though they share one part. I believe there are around ten different combinations. If you keep getting the same mission types over and over, you can quit out of the game to refresh the missions if I remember correctly.
  15. Nope, it's still considerable effort even after that. Resources are pretty scarce on permadeath and all the planets will seem like they exist only to murder you. Still doable though, particularly since you can skip 680KLY worth of jumps with the gates.