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  1. You don't need the 1000 voices. The missing entry in the collection is the pulse rifle from the Corrupted nightfall. The only difficult part about the Dreaming City seal is indeed getting the sparrow/ship/shell, as they pretty much only drop from the weekly stuff like oracle reward and ascendant challenge completion. But it's a pretty good low effort option if you don't mind doing the Dreaming City activities on three characters over several months. Agreed with pretty much all the points you made about gambit. One thing to keep in mind however is that although they're increasing the spawn rate of the gambit meatball, they're making the ship and sparrow drops RNG instead of guaranteed on the second and third kill. So that may make it annoying if they don't make them reasonably high.
  2. For the most part you could probably do them solo with another console, but for Onslaught I would recommend finding another player as it'll actually be faster doing it with someone than trying it alone.
  3. Yeah, although the issue is that doing 3 resets of infamy + 3x meatball kills without any kind of teaming up will probably make you hate everything in existence. Agreed on the Dreaming City. Only thing I'm missing are the ship/ghost/sparrow, but haven't seen any of them so far. Pretty sure they also only drop from the weekly stuff, Shattered Throne once per week when that is up and maybe the daily bounty with legendary rewards. The Destination seal isn't all that bad really. For the Red War armor you can just dump glimmer into spider for planetary mats and get all the armor with like a million glimmer or something like that. The CoO weapons aren't too bad. The only issue is the Braytech Weapons, EP stuff and the Osprey. The Braytech stuff you can farm solo, although it will take a while. The Osprey farm is getting a nerf when they'll implement buffs to the NF legendary loot, and even EP isn't all that bad if you get on it while people still care. For the record, it took me 50 EP final boss kills after Forsaken launch to get everything from it.
  4. If you look at this screenshot, it's all the little golden symbols next to the destinations (Mars, strikes and crucible in this screenshot.)
  5. Nope, it's not glitched. In the current terminology challenges are the things that you'll see when you hover over the destination planets. Things like the flashpoint or completing nightfall or completing two weekly bounties in the Dreaming City.
  6. My experience with these games is that turning the trophy list to offline mode and auto sync off won't work if you're going for online trophies. There's some aspect of online connectivity on PS3 and Vita that just autosyncs your trophy list even if you don't look at your trophy list or user profile. Might be just specific games but I've had several games instantly sync the online trophies while playing online.
  7. @BilalElOtmani The trophy will pop once you have 20 unique ones. So you'll need 4 weapons that you do not previously have in your collection.
  8. Statistically the really easy ones seem to pop up about once a year.
  9. The last one is Malfeasance. Gambit is indeed one you can do relatively fast, without having to mess wtih timed stuff. Another triumph seal I'm "close" to finishing is the Dreaming City, which is maybe the easiest. It does require you to get the Wish Ender bow though and then basically shoot collectibles with it in the coming 5 weeks, as well as picking up the ahamkara bones. These are all scattered throughout the ascendant challenge bubbles that seem to rotate on a six week tiemer. The Dreaming City collection which is also required consists of dreaming city loot, most of which is common and then there's the ghost/ship/sparrow, which I believe are rarer drops from activities in the city. Finally the nightfall pulse is also part of the collection and that requires you to farm Corrupted, which has to be in the nightfall rotation. Basically pretty easy stuff but you'll need the bow to start and then work on it for at least 5 weeks.
  10. RNG. I've found 0 Forsaken exotics as the only one I have is Ace of Spades (chaperone quest hasn't popped up either) and I have probably put around 80 hours into the expansion. So if I have one and you have four, it's likely there's some really lucky people out there with ten, especially if they play 3 characters.
  11. Yeah the cerberus pack is basically the bundle that includes all the launch DLC that Zaeed was part of.
  12. No, because you can have plats in games you don't have at 100%, so you would be subtracting too many plats in that case. So for example I have 425 completed games and 314 plats, and by your math I would have 111 PSN 100%s. I however have 117 because I have 6 games I have plat in but haven't 100%.
  13. 97 legendary shards isn't really a lot if you play the game constantly. Which you'll probably be doing if you're working towards the other DLC trophies. Another easy collection would be the Red War one, which requires all the 5 armor pieces on the original destination planets. You'll be able to buy them all once you've received 10 reward engrams so it's basically just grindy.
  14. All I know from my experience with the DLC is that they're a mess. I couldn't find the DLC on the store either when I used my nordic disc version. I had to buy it from the store interface from within the game itself. And this is after I already had the digital GOTY, which included DLC that was incompatible with the game itself... yeah.
  15. The challenge for completing Shaxx' call to arms and the Flashpoint are currently unobtainable. They will likely change the requirements to fix it soon.