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  1. It's pretty easy to see whether a physical game is NA or EU based on the rating on the bottom left corner of the front side of the game case. If it has an ESRB rating, it's NA. If it has a PEGI rating. it's EU. Could also have a USK rating if it's the German version.
  2. You still see PS3 games and DLC on sale every now and then. They're usually among the big deals where everything is discounted. Though we're at the point where it's usually cheaper to buy the complete edition of the game rather than grabbing all the DLC, since they're usually only like 5euro. I'm also pretty sure the halloween sale in Europe had the Castlevania LoS DLC discounted, and that was like a month ago.
  3. You get access to all the features after you complete the prologue, or a bit after that. The exception is that you won't be able to receive furniture from the treasure hunts until you reach a later part of the game. There aren't really online modes. It's more that there's some online interaction between players that is very similar to how it works in the Souls games. Basically what you can do online is: - Share photographs taken with the in-game camera and rate other people's photographs. - Challenge the scores/times of other players in the in-game challenges. - Ability to send and receive treasure hints - View other player's deaths or something. (I'm really not sure about this one. I only witnessed it once in the mining rift. I think you basically just find places where other players died) Now all these things reward you with some amount of dusty tokens. You get rewards from dusty tokens, such as costumes and photo items and talismans. The rewards cap out at 6000, where you get a talisman that gives you infinite shifting power. Additionally the treasure hunts are the only way to get certain furniture and talismans. There's a finite amount of items you can get, after which you only receive gems from them. I believe you can still find treasures even without the online services running, but it'll be extremely difficult since the game doesn't give you much of an indicator when there's a treasure nearby, whereas with the online you get 4/8 treasure hints a day automatically. So if you don't want to miss out on anything when the online service ends, make sure you keep doing all the treasure hunts daily. Also note that you can only get furniture once you reach the second half of the game. Also do note that you get more treasure hunts daily after beating the main story. You don't necessarily have to rush the campaign though. I personally spent a week just doing the first part of the game slowly, and I believe I had all the dusty tokens well before finishing the game.
  4. You actually get 8 treasure hunts per day once you finish the story, so it doesn't take quite that long. Still, if you care about getting all the things from the dusty tokens and treasure hunts, two or three weeks sounds liek a reasonable minimum time to be safe.
  5. Although the platinum rarity is 0.14% on this website, it's actually 8.4% on PSN, which is quite high. Compare that to Super Meat Boy, which is a 0.13% on this website and 0.1% on PSN. It's basically one trophy on the list that has super low completion. It is really weird though that it's so much higher on PSN than here.
  6. Yes, although it is questionable whether the increased power level would help you at all. Whenever PVE activities in D2 have a power level requirement, it means you'll underperform if you're below it but being above it won't help you at all. So yeah, don't expect to roflstomp it just because you can achieve a higher light level due to the dynamic power scaling in D2.
  7. Well, Bungie just posted a fix to this trophy issue. Basically they're moving the prestige raid back to 300 power so it won't require the expansion. The prestige nightfall will stay at 330 power so that'll require CoO still. Trials of the Nine on the other hand will only require CoO if it's on a map that requires the expansion. However, they also said they'll change the phrasing of the prestige trophy to reflect this change, so that it'll say it requires completion of the prestige raid. Their phrasing however makes it a bit unclear if they'll also change the requirements so that you can no longer get the trophy at all from doing the prestige nightfall. If that is indeed the case, it's going to be a bit of a pain to get the trophy now since the prestige raid is about 30 times harder than the prestige nightfall.
  8. Didn't expect that. I was pretty sure the indie Vita love was dead with the Switch. Will definitely purchase and play it though.
  9. You complete an action in game that awards a trophy. Even though you don't have the list now, it'll appear once you pop the first trophy. So with Fortnite I guess the easiest thing to do would be to complete your first mission, as that is the most common trophy in the game. If that doesn't work then there might be something odd going on with the game. Wouldn't entirely surprise me since it's a kind of quasi free to play online only game.
  10. While it is definitely not very cool of them to do this, I doubt it's against any actual rules Sony place based on previous examples. I mean there are plenty of games out there that have unobtainable trophies for whatever reason. Some games had unobtainable trophies from the beginning. Some games had them after patches or multiplayer shutdowns. Technically the trophies in question are now unobtainable for Destiny 2 owners. The only real difference is you can still obtain them if you purchase the expansion pass. On another note, I really doubt this is to get people to purchase the season pass. I have a feeling it's just an oversight nobody at Bungo even considered.
  11. Awesome. Love dungeon crawlers with good amounts of plot, and this one doesn't seem to be lacking in that department.
  12. You might have missed Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden which did come out in October.
  13. I did the whole game from beginning till platinum trophy on nemesis difficulty. Took me something like 50 hours. But I also did a lot of the stuff that wasn't required for the platinum, like all the Celebrimbor missions. Also spent several hours just fooling around and having fun. The grindy endgame part took me something like 8 hours I would say. Wouldn't say it was particularly difficult even on nemesis, seeing as you get your own orcs to help you defend the fortresses. Oh and never even considered microtransactions. Gear was never an issue and the normal orcs got the job done just fine. I feel like the legendary and epic orcs from the lootboxes is mostly for people who love minmaxing. I usually didn't even look at what perks mine had when I was assigning them positions.
  14. Well, I had this exact same issue with another Vita game not too long ago. Got fixed very fast, so I'm sure we'll all get to play this awesome game soon enough.
  15. And the game has now finally arrived on European shores. Guess those viking navigators had some issues finding their way back from the new world.