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  1. Restoring it to factory settings should do. Settings > System Settings > Restore Ps3 System
  2. You can get all the trophies with randoms as long as you keep utilising opportunities. I'd advise playing the game first to get an idea what the abilities are you need to use for trophies anyway. Also you may as well rank just about every character to 20 since you need a few of them for ability-related trophies. When I played the game back in June or so, Meddling Kids was by far the worst trophy as it relies on you playing against an Alex player who kind of sucks. But even that one can be made a lot easier by playing as Valerie so you can pretty much nuke the big plant thingy down solo with molotovs. Basically once that was the only trophy I needed, I was just playing survivors as Val, praying to get matched agains a low level Alex, which eventually happened.
  3. No one knows since the game isn't out yet. But I shall apply logic to this question. The answer is either yes or no, which gives us exactly two scenarios. A ) Yes. They will pop. B ) No, they will not pop and anyone who transfers their stats over will not be able to unlock these trophies. This will probably lead into some criticism being raised at this thing and the devs will remedy it in a swift update. So, I'm going to say yes. EDIT: I guess there's also the scenario where they won't autopop until you complete a mission, but that's essentially the same as scenario A since if you're at mastery 20 you can probably clear that mission in 5 minutes.
  4. From Next-Gen Upgrades HITMAN 3 physical editions will be fully supported by our free next-gen upgrade program, just like digital editions of the game. Console players who pre-order or purchase a physical copy of HITMAN 3 (either Standard or Deluxe) on the current generation of consoles (PS4/Xbox One), will receive a free upgrade to the next-gen version of the game for no additional cost. Here’s how that’ll work: When you insert your PS4 disc into your PS5, you’ll be able to download the next-gen version of HITMAN 3 for no additional cost. Simply keep the disc in your machine whenever you want to play and you’ll be good to go. On Xbox, HITMAN 3 leverages Smart Delivery allowing access to both the Xbox One title and Xbox Series X title. If you go for either the PS5 Digital Edition or Xbox Series S (i.e a disc-free console) this won’t be possible.
  5. It'll probably display correctly once you sync PSNP again after earning a trophy. PSNP probably just synced some weird incomplete version where it has your total trophy count at the correct number but some of the individual trophies were missing (and as such they are showing as hidden). I'm guessing It's not going to resync the profile until it sees an increase in the total trophy count, which is the same thing that happens with hiding trophies afaik.
  6. Going from 105 to 110 ki will make 0 difference as the recommended level for gold is like 85 or something. It's doable solo but you'll really just be wasting your time if you're just doing it for the trophy and not for the sake of challenge.
  7. You can definitely reach 110 via just the crafting. Once you get 105 gear it basically rerolls at +1 level until 110.
  8. Did you try clicking the link? It worked for a while, then they killed it off and then made it work again.
  9. There's no expiration date. Based on that, we know that these upgrades will work until they stop working. That doesn't mean the function will be available for all eternity (likely the PS5 service won't be available literally forever either). Hopefully that answers the question.
  10. This also happened to me. Did pretty much a 100% perfect ghost/no kills/no alarms playthrough first time. Everything popped but the no alarms trophy. Was quite sure there couldn't have been an alarm. My theory back at the time was that there's at least one side mission or smaller objective that for some reason does not award the smooth operator bonus when you finish it, and this would be the reason the trophy/achievement fails. Either way, the solution is to just do a speedrun of the game where you stealth through the main missions. Takes a few hours and you gotta do it anyway.
  11. Wouldn't hold my breath while waiting for them to make it so you can do the raid solo. There are several segments where you need to split your party in multiple groups to proceed with platforming sections. You pretty much need four people for those. It's honestly not too bad if you can find a few people to do it with, but you do need to be able to communicate verbally somehow. You don't need to play even nearly perfectly, but you do need to have some idea of what is actually going on. I am not a fan of added DLC MP content in single player games either, as I try to avoid MP like the plague. But Legends took me maybe 20 hours (of which the raid took 4 or so) whereas I probably spent like 70 hours on Uncharted 4's survival DLC, so that was far worse for me (also way harder).
  12. The game has had server issues like this from time to time.
  13. Play the first story mission over and over, at whatever difficulty you're geared to handle. Everyone does that.
  14. Thought crossed my mind. But I don't have enough memory cards. Too many games. One solution would be to fill a 64gig card with games, back it up to a PC, erase and repeat with another batch of games. Not sure I'll bother with that though.
  15. Yeah the problem isn't necessarily that you can't buy new Vita games, it's that you can't download your previous purchases at all which is not very cool.