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  1. What I meant is that compression and optimisation of size of videogames isn't a big deal like it used to be in the early 2000s or before that. Getting things to fit on CDs was a pain back in the day, because you had to add another CD to the production costs every time you went past a certain threshold. In the DVD era you still had to care about compression, although back then most games didn't have as much audio as they do nowadays.The Bluray and downloadable era kind of changed that since on consoles you generally only need to worry about being able to fit the game on a Bluray disc, which isn't really much of a feat due to the storage capacity being so much higher compared to the DVD. For movies it's obviously a bit of a different deal since the information presented in a video file is linear and it doesn't get reused like in games. In a movie you have X number of frames that each require Y amount of bits. You can pretty easily ballpark the amount of data a video file would require based on that. Obviously compression works with video since so many of those consecutive frames share data. Then there's audio on top of that but that's compressed through similar logic. And yes, not having to compress and decompress files is generally a good thing.
  2. It could be textures, audio, movies that's not compressed very well, if at all, because they don't care about optimising file sizes in this day and age. These things kind of go by what the current standard in storage media is. So if the game fits on a bluray, it's good enough for the publisher. Sucks for the people who have to download it of course. Look at just about any modern AAA game that has a lot of audio and texture files. They all tend to hover around the 50-60 GB mark, because that's good enough as far as optimisation goes.
  3. Guess I remember that part wrong. Not too strange considering how mindnumbingly boring the MP is so my unconscious has probably wanted to forget all about it. Still, it's not something you'll want to focus on without doing something else like watching a movie or listening to a podcast or so. It's just one of those games that's not very engaging.
  4. If anyone is planning on doing the trophies eventually, I'd recommend looking into picking the MP up so you can do them slowly over a long period of time. The reason for this is that playing the MP basically requires you to pick the Vita up every 15 mins or so, clicking missions for your units, and repeating this process until you reach whaver levels the trophies require. It's boring, and definitely not something you want to focus on. It's great to do over a long period of time though, for example whenever you're watching a movie or playing another game on another console. Like I personally did these MP trophies a few years ago and I've barely even started the main game. The MP isn't at all related to the main game, story-wise or mechanically.
  5. I don't really feel bad about them having platinums by 2017 standards. It'd be another matter if they had platinums back in 2013 or so when a 10 hour platinum would have been considered ridiculously easy and fast. I mean these kind of games aren't really the worst offenders as there's plenty of games out there you can platinum twice as fast.. Obviously it's not exactly the same kind of sense of accomplishment you get earning a platinum in a hidden object puzzle game as some difficult or long game that actually took a bit of effort. I still prefer platinuming these games over some other fast games, as they're actually relatively fun and relaxing to play and don't require you to look out for missables and such to a great extent. You always know what you get beforehand since they're incredibly generic, which is part of the charm I suppose.
  6. In case of Dishonored, they were probably using a casting agency specialising in mostly American actors. I mean just look at the list of voice actors in the game and you'll see some pretty familiar names from film and TV. Also an interesting thing to consider is that the kind of English accents that are spoken in modern Britain probably do not accurately represent the varieties that were spoken in the 19th century. If people were to actually speak authentic Victorian-era English in videogames, players would probably be put off by all the weird expressions and sounds they'd be using. So even if it might seem more authentic, it might actually not be so. Authenticity is kind of an interesting concept in that sense, especially when most people underestimate the speed at which languages change. For example if there was a videogame set in 15th century England, they most likely would use Modern English rather than Middle English, mainly because barely anybody could actually understand the latter. Accents and different varieties of languages are of course a good and convenient way to create difference between characters, even in fantasy worlds. Take a show like Game of Thrones for example, where the origins and ethnicities of the people in that fantasy world are portrayed by using accents from the real world. That makes the characters instantly recognisable. I also think Dishonored 2 did something similar when moving to another part of the world, although they kept it pretty minor from what I remember. Accents can also be used in non-related settings for similar effect. It's not at all uncommon to see a person speaking English with a Russian accent in a scifi game or movie, which of course makes them instantly recognisable as some kind of a criminal or a crook, at least to many people in Western audiences. We're all quite prejudiced when it comes to evaluating how other people speak, and it's an incredibly useful tool at times.
  7. The completely silent playthrough won't give you I'm the Firestarter. That was the hardest trophy for me, since you actually have to be pretty active at getting everyone to hate you. Like in my playthrough I missed saying something at a certain point, which made Nona not hate me at the end. The reason you'd need three playthroughs is that you can't get the New Beginnings trophy if Jonas hates you. So I'm the Firestarter and that trophy can't be gotten on the same playthrough, unless I'm missing some trick. You also can't get Jonas to become your stepbrother on the silent playthrough, since you can't avoid bringing Michael back from the dead. Been a few months since I've played the game though but I think that's how it goes.
  8. Yep, they sure want you to play their game a lot. I'm kind of put off by the match completion trophies going from 1 to 500 and then 1000. Them being 1, 50 and 100 would make the trophy hunt itself more enjoyable. Doubt anyone's going to pick this up with the intent of reaching platinum in the kind of time you can allocate to a single game. It'll have to be a very long-term project, which is of course fine if you just want to play the game as your go-to multiplayer experience. There's really nothing inherently wrong with massive 1000+ hour grinds (can't remember how long matches usually take). Just saying that I feel that the list would be better and more balanced if the trophies capped out at 100 wins. Anyone still loving the game after that would keep playing anyway. It's a fun game from what I've seen on streams so it might have the longevity to not get awfully boring after 200 matches or so, at least if you don't approach it with a trophies-first kind of attitude. Hey, at least the really hardcore fans will get a chance to earn what I would assume to become a pretty rare platinum.
  9. I doubt it would since they're a completely different set of coins and there's a different number of them. The lack of simultaneous unlocks seems like pretty convincing evidence too. It's not that bad to grab them on the speedrun though. Most of the coins are not really out of the way and the time you get is pretty generous.
  10. Yep, there are new trophies alright. Five of them. Three of them seem pretty straightforward, although still possibly pretty time-consuming and the last two will probably be more of a challenge. There's a bronze trophy for reaching the centre of the galaxy in survival mode and a silver trophy for doing it in permadeath mode. Hopefully they'll at least stack because I'm not really looking forward to doing that particular grind even once.
  11. Yep, tried doing some of the trophies but the connection to the servers just breaks. I don't think it's necessarily the servers, just that some check to the server within the game is breaking. Oh and alarm.pkg is just an alarm cancel ability. You just buy it with 1 praxis, equip it and use it to cancel an alarm. That was one of the two trophies I was actually able to do, since it only requires you to be able to purchase the ability, assign it, and get inside a server.
  12. Seems to be retroactive. Popped for me in the loading screen right after character selection. Didn't have to pick the character that I was playing when the trophy should have unlocked or anything.
  13. I believe it's working as intended. There seems to be a level cap in the game, which stops you from gaining XP after reaching it. However, leveling up isn't the only source of skill points, as you also get them from completing many of the secondary quests. This also happened to me. Stopped getting XP while I was still missing a couple of skill points from maxing out everything. I was still able to get them from the secondary quests, so give that a try.