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  1. I've not had any issues with the camera so far. I do get what you're saying about the way the camera acts with enemies who are leaping, as that's kind of a thing with all of From's games. It's probably something I've gotten so used to by now that it doesn't bother me, and I can generally keep track of the enemies even if the lock-on is removed. One thing you want to get used to is toggling the lock-on though. Moving around generally doesn't work if you're locked on. It works great for most 1v1 fights but when you're facing a group of eniemies, you'll only want to stay locked on while you're attacking one of them.
  2. I'm guessing it probably won't have trophies, as I don't see them adding those just for the sake of doing it every time they release an expansion. Could be wrong though. Keep in mind that this is technically an expansion, not DLC. It'll contain new cards patched into the game and from then on they'll be part of the game, and you won't be able to opt out. It's pretty much the business model of all CCGs to release an expansion every now and then to add new mechanics and new cards for people to play with.
  3. Nope. Time to import.
  4. Yeah I've had that happen too. I swear sometimes trophy notifications just don't appear.
  5. It should unlock the second you pick it up at the top of the mountain. If someone can't come up with a better idea, deleting game data and trying to pop the trophy again by loading a backup save could work.
  6. What happened was they patched out Comrades DLC and delisted it from the store. It is however possible to obtain the Comrades trophies by reverting to a previous patch and doing them all offline by yourself. What you need is: 1) Access to the DLC itself, which requires an account that has the DLC previously purchased as it has been delisted. You can also get the DLC by using the code in the physical version of the royale edition. 2) Knowing how to install previous updates of games by using a PC as a kind of DIY update server, fooling your PS4 into thinking whatever update your'e giving it is the most recent one.
  7. There is? I thought the flagellant was Crimson Court only. The only other one I can think of is the musketeer, which is just a reskin of the arbalest that was originally available to KS backers. It's for all intents and purposes the same character though.
  8. The shieldbreaker also has some unique "content" so it's not just a character you're paying for. Basically they have unique dream sequences that happen the first few times you rest in a dungeon with one in your party. I mean it's not much... but then again the DLC is fairly inexpensive. Honestly not sure why they didn't just make it free.
  9. Looks nice and enjoyable. It is indeed very much in the spirit of From's other lists, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
  10. Nope. You could shoot his head once to get the hat trophy but that's about it. For most purposes it's a better idea to never waste any ammo on him.
  11. The honor-gated missions are only after a certain plot event at the end of chapter 5. Up till that point your honor gauge actually only goes up to like 70% of its max. So you can basically do all the homesteads, bandit bounties, whatever that lowers your honor while you're still in chapter 2-4, and then before finishing chapter 4 you can just fish or help random strangers. I would actually recommend doing the homestead robberies and evil bandit stuff as early as possible, because then you can just play a nice guy afterwards. It's ridiculously easy to increase your honor in the game as you constantly meet strangers in need of help and even greeting enough people gives you positive honor.
  12. Don't worry about honor at all. You'll only need it in chapter 6 and you can always just farm it up fast by fishing or whatever. Probably shouldn't worry about the homesteads either as there's plenty of them, and they don't actually go away until like chapter 6 (if even then).
  13. This happens with just about every single release by Sometimes You. Probably has to do with the Vita submission process not being as streamlined as the PS4. Just a guess though.
  14. This happens every now and then. The trophies themselves aren't on the server so you can only unlock them locally. Usually gets fixed within a few days but there's games that have gone on for months (or even a year with NBA 2K18) without the trophies being able to be synced.
  15. For the platinum, you only have to do one of the buddy missions you get at the hub where they hang out. The guide is probably referring to the radio towers, convoys and the underground missions as side missions.