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  1. It's indeed six players for the "online" trophies (ranked mode 250 games/wins). The game was on PSNow at least so the most efficient way to do it would be to get 3 people, each with an extra console or PSNow client and just start and quit 250 games against extra accounts. The rest of the multiplayer trophies aren't technially online as they can be done via LAN. As for the requirements you can do most with just 2 players but there's a few of the specific things you have to do require at least 3 players (might have been 4 but think it was just 3). And yeah, it's grindy. And you'd have to boost it since it's been dead for years now.
  2. It's just timezones. For some reason the website is just showing you the timestamps in UTC (GMT+0) and your system is probably showing your local timezone (EST I would assume based on what you stated the differences were). Might be you haven't logged on or something so it's showing the UTC as default.
  3. It's fixed. It still gives me the option to purchase the game on the store website (without letting me), and only says that I have the PS4 version in my download list, but when I look at my download list on Vita the game is there and downloads fine.
  4. As much as sudden unobtainable trophies suck, I can see why they decided to just kill off arena and ranked from the console versions altogether while disabling cross-platform matchmaking. I suspect if the ever had arena matchmaking with purely console players, it would have missed a lot of the more serious, high-end playerbase, and would have been kind of a joke to begin with. If they enabled it now, that the game is dead, it'd certainly be a boostfest more than anything. It'd be optimal if they could bring back arena as it was, but I doubt that'll happen, as it'd require them to update the console versions in order to have a certain standard to the matchmaking experience, which does seems to be something they really don't want to compromise.
  5. The suggestion in the original post wouldn't work. Every time you rank down, you'll be given the maximum diamonds at that level. So if you rank down all the way to lvl1, you'd have 0 diamonds. The leveling down / respec diamonds mechanic works like this: You get dropped to the previous level and you get to re-allocate all the diamonds that you should have at that level. If you have all 18 diamonds slotted, you are unable to perform this respec as there's no benefit. Now I'm not entirely sure if you are given any diamonds if you rank down from lvl1 to lvl30 (where you should have 18 diamonds). I don't think this is the case since it's kind of a glitch related to the integer value that stores the XP. Not sure how it would behave if you had a diamond and went straight from lvl2 to lvl30 via negative XP. Maybe it would let you keep the diamond, maybe not. It wouldn't be all that practical either way as you'd have to get all the manuals anyway for trophy completion, and grinding them takes about as long as it does to get XP all the way to lvl20.
  6. There are ways. Here's some resources you can consult:
  7. While I suspect it has something to do with all the specific localisation descriptions/metadata, it's not entirely correct that it's 100% about the costs. The Finnish description for this specific game for example is 100% Google-translated, and that costs absolutely nothing. But you're probably right in in the sense that all these extra requirements by different language storefronts cause mistakes to happen.
  8. I think it only counts caps from looting. So trading with players or NPCs probably doesn't count.
  9. The way it works is that when you sign in, the game creates a number and assigns it a value of 0. Every time you get XP in a match that exceeds 1500, the value that exceeds 1500 gets gets added to that number. Then when you log in the next time, the sum value of that number gets reduced from your total XP and the number itself is reset to 0. Thus, you effectively have a cap of 1500XP per match but it's calculated in this kind of weird way that makes sense programming-wise but also leads to some strange behaviour. That is, everything regarding kills, weapon usage, and XP works as you see it working until you log back on, which is when you're hit by the negative XP buffer, which is also why the lvl30 negative XP exploit works.
  10. I'm about 99% sure it's obtainable with the online shut down. The only trophy anyone ever speculated that could be online only is definitely doable offline (I did it 100% in airplane mode and someone has obtained it in 2020 as well). The 1% accounts for some mysterious thing no one took into account but seeing as the game's MP is pretty much built around adhoc instead of the online, I don't believe in this chance. Of course if you want to be sure, you can just wait for someone who started the game in 2020 to plat it.
  11. It's probably just that there's so many good/decent indie games coming out on the PS4 now that there's not enough players around to play all of them.
  12. Have you tried holstering your weapon until he tells you to draw it? Only thing that seems like something they might've programmed in, since the game has that function and NPCs react to it.
  13. It's at 53.24GB, which is Monster Hunter World alone. I like to stick to one game at a time, and if I wanted to download something else to play, I could just do so in an hour or so. If I went full prepper mode and started downloading every game in my digital library, I'd have to purchase a few terabytes of external storage. So right now I'm just taking my chances with Sony not removing all digital content (or even some of it) overnight. Sure, if one of the games I have purchased were removed from the store, I'd probably have to reconsider this stance but it hasn't happened as of yet.
  14. So in case it wasn't 100% clear, I'll confirm that you can get the rescue trophy without any kind of online connectivity, using one Vita and two savegames. You just die on one save, create a rescue code and then use that code on the other save. Tested this myself with no internet connectivity available on the Vita and it works fine. So there's no need to rush to get the game or anything like that. You'll be able to do the rescue trophy whenever you want to play the game.
  15. Yeah sounds like it works offline. I'll probably give it a go later at some point to confirm. We believe there's no actual trophies tied to the online functionality then. The only systems in the game are the rankings and the rescue (which you can do via ad-hoc), and then you get rescue points as well. I haven't actually played the game but based on what I read about the game online, it doesn't seem like there's anything that should require the online.