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  1. Yes, you can. It's what I did, although I never actually needed to load any of those saves as I ended up getting everything done fast. Best advice I can give is trying to get used to playing on nemesis. Just abuse the hell out of the arrows you get. Use poison and fire against the uruk captains and to build up your combos so you can use finishers against them. Additionally, getting bodyguards early is very important, as they make the fights easier for you.
  2. Nope, not without being able to connect to Steam on PS3. I think you could before though.
  3. Yeah, this is pretty much why Portal 2 was one of the first PS3 games I did after I started cleaning up old MP trophies after the Killzone and WipEout shutdowns were announced. I don't have a lot of faith left in Valve, and at this point this whole cross-platform thing is very much a legacy system, as it was never expanded to any other games. I think it was originally supposed to be like a feature, seeing as they had Gabe on the E3 stage announcing it and all that. That said, suppose there is a chance they may fix it, but wouldn't count on it. Oh and the fact that the PS3 trophies unlocking is actually tied to the steam servers is just a horrible idea to begin with. Seems so unnecessary.
  4. Yeah, that message about Portal 2 no longer being supported was there back when I did the plat in January. Scared me a bit but it still worked. Of course what it also means that the game the cross-platform functionality could stop any moment, which may have now happened.
  5. D2 has a difficulty scaling system where things get harder if you're below the recommended power level for the activity. However, once you're at or above the recommended power, you don't see things getting easier. So you can't really overlevel the content and roflstomp it. I believe the nightfall recommended power is at 270, which means that as long as you're 270 power you won't really see any difference in difficulty. The base game has a power cap of 300 (305 with mods). The second DLC puts you at around 330 power when reaching max level, while having a cap of 380 (385 with mods). So if you just want to do trophies, it's definitely doable with just having the base game. But Destiny 2 is one of those games where it's kind of hard to just jump out of nowhere and complete the prestige raid for example, as it takes some getting used to the game's nuances. Also I think it might be easier to reach 300+ power while at least having the first DLC. If I remember correctly, the prestige mode of leviathan has a recommended power level of 300, with the last boss being at 310. So if that's your goal, it may be worth it to get the DLC if money isn't a huge issue.
  6. There's a trophy for completing a nightfall strike though, which is technically unobtainable this week as you can't play the current nightfall without owning the DLC.
  7. Nah, it's the same shitshow. But technically it's not unobtainable since you can just wait a week and do another nightfall.
  8. Meh, I platinumed the game when it came out and I never even touched the marketplace other than for the one trophy that required assigning an order. That said, it is obvious that the marketplace can have an impact on the game. The whole game is kind of balanced around you having orcs fighting by your side, and it obviously helps if they are of legendary quality. Honestly, I think they are removing the marketplace because it wasn't making them money anyway. To an ordinary dudebro gamer who enjoys buying FUT packs and time saver gems, the special orcs you get are too complicated. They don't have numerical stats assigned to indicate which orc is better, but you have to do the thinking yourself by figuring which nemesis perk combinations kick ass and which don't. Basically even if you buy a pack of cool orcs, you don't instantly know which one of them kicks ass. What I'm saying is, the product they were selling wasn't very good, which is why I think it wasn't selling very well. This combined with the backlash towards lootboxes gives them a good opportunity to get some positive PR by removing them, without losing considerable profits. So it may not be WB doing the "right" thing morally, but them doing the "right" thing business-wise. Anyway, I would recommend you buy the game if you want to play it. If you liked the first game, there's a chance you'll find at least 50% of SoW enjoyable. I personally got fed up with how they over-emphasised the nemesis system. The first game still had fun batman-esque combat where you occasionally stumbled upon some puzzles presented by invulnerabilities. Shadow of War on the other hand constantly throws immune crap at you, which for me made the combat really annoying. The last 20% of the game I wasn't even doing any fighting, just letting my orcs kill other orcs while I ran around making sure that I don't get killed by some random crap.
  9. I can relate. I platted this game back when it came out and it was pretty frustrating even then. Did the first DLC a year ago and the gameplay put me off so much it took me another year to get to the second DLC, which I did a few weeks ago. The second DLC pretty much broke my FuckKonami-o-meter. To be fair, the game was quite enjoyable back when it came out. I remember liking most parts of it despite some of the more annoying parts.Its mechanics weren't that bad compared to other 2010 games and back then it was audiovisually quite pleasing.
  10. Yeah noticed the same thing. Downloaded DLC when it hit the store 11 hours ago but there's no option to play it anywhere in the game. Let's hope they're just patching it when it hits 8th properly in the US timezones rather than them just completely screwing it up. Not that I'm so excited to play the DLC. Just kind of wanted to be done with the game.
  11. So... has anyone actually been able to get this patch on a disc version of the game? I have a feeling this particular patch is just for digital copies of the game, as those are the only copies the publisher is getting any money from at this point. I don't they are legally required to do anything about disc versions as those have all been sold ages ago so it wouldn't make much sense to patch them to begin with.
  12. I don't think the patch is even out yet on PS3, at least not the disc versions. The most recent patch it gives me for the original disc version is 1.08, which is a under 20mb patch and that's a patch that came out in 2014. I think it's the same patch as 1.02 for the complete edition.
  13. Booted up the game today and I don't see the new patch yet (EU) so I'm just going to grab 1.08 and never update it. Can't really play the game unpatched when I'm going to 100% it since trophies weren't included in the base game.
  14. Yes, I don't mind if games run at 30fps as long as I'm playing on a controller. It's only when playing on a mouse that I would prefer having at least an fps of 50+.
  15. Yes, either the digital game or a physical copy works. Basically if you log into the store and see the DLC in the download list, then the full game purchased on that store is compatible with it. I think LBP is still like $20 on the US store when it's not on sale. I don't think you'll be able to use your save though, but you can earn all trophies. Basically you'll have to play through the first level, after which you can play the DLC and do the online trophies such as playing levels with water and publishing one (although I believe that trophy requires playing one of the levels).