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  1. same exploit works in BL3 that worked in BL2 with save files. While I'm at it -- i'm looking for a god roll kings or queens call, and fire lyuda. I have plenty of great legendaries to dupe for ya.
  2. i couldnt find it in the NA store yesterday either
  3. AC: odessey. it's soooooo long lol
  4. could it be a side mission that directs you to a secret location?
  5. so it sounds like this still works? is there anything i have to do besides just playing on normal?
  6. if the reviews coming out say the campaign story is around 30ish hours, i'm guessing about 50-60 hours for all side quests + hammerlock hunts + proving grounds + circle of slaughter maybe? i dont mind longer games if the content is good! Unfortunately my challenges bugged in BL2 so i'll never have that platty
  7. Nier -- gonna get it when it's under $20 i think
  8. Note: all credit to t phant Used these videos to do all missions on authentic in about 2 hours.
  9. this patch erased all the runes and some of the other collectibles i had already. i'm not pumped to do this over again.
  10. i wouldnt mind the kill grinding for platty if the enemies dropped more coins. The coin grind is the most pointless thing ive ever seen in any game i've tried to platty. SAD!
  11. just hit 263 secondary weapon kills, but the trophy for 250 didnt pop. anyone else experience this?
  12. some good maps for authentic
  13. can you play on cadet and switch difficulty right before extraction when doing this? aka can you Wolfenstein it?
  14. watchdogs 2 - servers emptied before i got the mp trophs