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  1. what's the state of the servers these days? is it a dead game? tried for these trophs a few months back and servers were empty
  2. select an order, hit to select premium order. do this on hard for LoL status as the trophy states
  3. So i've logged about 80hrs so far, building zipline networks for the last few mountain facilities (to get to 5 star) and like 40% of all the online structures on the western map were "ruined" -- still there but not functional. I removed them from the map since i'm not planning on repairing any of them, and afterwards i slept, then logged out for a few hours, then when i logged back in i had a whole bunch of amazing online zipline points and new generators and stuff. It would make sense you can only have a set amount of online structures in your world at once, but i didnt realize it updated that frequently. i can't prove it, cuz i havent seen any articles confirming it, but if you wanna refresh your world it sure seems possible. Note: non functioning structures have a small red arrow below them. TLDR: scrap all ruined online structures for new ones.
  4. how do i get timed ones to appear? all i get is the other 3 lol. even went back east region to check. i'm trying to use bots to cycle the missions at the moment, but not much luck
  5. I'm definitely on hard, i think the issue is that they re-list orders, and you have to do 20 DIFFERENT orders. unfortunately there's now way to check after the fact. when you're choosing a standard order, make sure either there's no personal best, or the personal best is below LoL.
  6. How long do the premium deliveries (LoL) take to show up in the bridge link menu? My stats were showing 18 LoL Misc orders, and 14 LoL time orders, and i just did 2 of each, then rested @ a facility, but they're not showing up.. ANyone have the info?
  7. can confirm if you take the concussion flaw (the one from falling) caffeine drinks wont give you effect.
  8. i got that but i needed 40pts in leadership (forget which) but i only had 20.
  9. I cant seem to get felix's quest, i killed lockwood now he's being a snowflake about it and won't prompt me. Suggestions from youtube/reddit i have tried, but didnt work: reload to a save and let lockwood live -- he said i'm honorable but i still cant get his quest keep playing the game and talk to him inside and outside the ship every chance i get if i start a new playthru (or start from a super early save) and complete his quest, will i get trophy if i've completed all other companions? i'd rather not have to do it all again. Thanks
  10. I don't mind MP grinding trophies like prestige mode etc, i just hated the other MP/coop trophs for things like extinction/zombies etc in the past games (yes i know there werent either in the orig MW2). First CoD iive been excited about since Ghosts lol. Even though the platty will be short/easy, it'll still be fun to have the PvP to play when i'm drunk and don't want to grind other games. MW3 was still my fav game of the franchise....ACR FTW
  11. same exploit works in BL3 that worked in BL2 with save files. While I'm at it -- i'm looking for a god roll kings or queens call, and fire lyuda. I have plenty of great legendaries to dupe for ya.
  12. AC: odessey. it's soooooo long lol
  13. could it be a side mission that directs you to a secret location?
  14. so it sounds like this still works? is there anything i have to do besides just playing on normal?
  15. if the reviews coming out say the campaign story is around 30ish hours, i'm guessing about 50-60 hours for all side quests + hammerlock hunts + proving grounds + circle of slaughter maybe? i dont mind longer games if the content is good! Unfortunately my challenges bugged in BL2 so i'll never have that platty