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  1. 1. what an annoying trophy 2. is this boostable?
  2. make sure you used the fighter class ship
  3. Is there a way to track We are the spark and Not All Miss? i didn't see the challenges/milestones anywhere\
  4. took me 4 hours but i got the trophy. Sticking to my opinion that's it's a terribly annoying trophy -- not "difficult" just not fun and i felt like a jerk killing myself immediately in Hero Starfighters just to spawn as a fighter. Also, you get far more points not using a hero, so that and the trophy almost suggest that as a strat, which is stupid.
  5. how do i specify region?
  6. i was working on bomber trophy and interceptor trophies first, and got a bunch of hero kills, but the Take out the leader challenge is still 0/25, i'm just pissed they don't count. i'll try the hero starchips mode -- but do i have to kill them after my hero is killed to have them count?
  7. So looking at the guide, it says only 2 playthrus are required: 1 for obey the iron code, and 1 for (3 endings) staying loyal to kuro, so i get that. My question is that if you need all bosses on 1 save file, but staying loyal to kuro locks you out of fountainhead palace, how do you get the remaining lapis lazulis ?? unless you're still able to access it somehow? i haven't actually done that ending yet, i'm doing the kuro endings on my first playthru.
  8. easy cheesey way: beat them all in less than an hour when i reached lvl 180ish. just have to run away and use high stance strong attack twice -- once to stagger and once for more dmg, then run away again. rinse and repeat.
  9. Is it just me or are the dojo weapon missions hard AF? i'm lvl 114, almost beat the game, and i have 134k spear proff. tried to do the spear mission for like 20 min, and it's crazy hard compared to any game mission. ********YES I'M TERRIBLE********* but jesus, i'm doing 180/hit dmg to hiis like 50000k health bar and he's doing 700 per hit to me. wtf? any tips? or is this just the way it is for mystic art dojo missions?
  10. ok so more than 2 are required? That's more what i was asking. i'm already at the divine dragon (haven't tried fighting him yet cuz i still have cleanup to do) on my first playthru, so i was hoping to get 6 lapis this time. I can get 4 lapis during shura ending? How do i get shura ending with half of a playthru?
  11. yeah i guess i got lucky on the fume knight and alonne. on NG+ now but can't seem to farm the sunlight tokens. Im in the sun covenant, wearing the ring, gold serpent ring +1, jester hat, and rusted coin. smh
  12. got the plat for DS1 offline, wasnt bad at all., wondering if DS2 is as easy ranking up the covenants without co-op or pvp.
  13. Thanks, just beat fume knight, gonna work on alonne next. anyone know if you can use a bonfire ascetic in drangleic to get wellager to sell the ng++ spells?
  14. can you use ascetic for this? or do you need to actually beat the game twice?
  15. I had saved my vault last at 31 or so dwellers, then tried to save around 51, and it wont pop the GAME SAVED dialog. then i quit and reloaded and there was no save. anyone else experiencing this?
  16. Evil Within games. too nervous for the AKUMU mode lol.
  17. Does My Private Stash carry across NG+ playthru? i missed the first warden one cuz i hadn't seen the guide yet. Also, are there any trophy specific guides in english? I only find foreign language ones and I'd like to play the game on my own instead of following the complete walkthrough listed in the guide.
  18. Do these have to be in a row w/o breaking stealth? or just total? Edit: They do not. TOTAL....was missing a rocket gunner
  19. what's the state of the servers these days? is it a dead game? tried for these trophs a few months back and servers were empty
  20. How long do the premium deliveries (LoL) take to show up in the bridge link menu? My stats were showing 18 LoL Misc orders, and 14 LoL time orders, and i just did 2 of each, then rested @ a facility, but they're not showing up.. ANyone have the info?
  21. select an order, hit to select premium order. do this on hard for LoL status as the trophy states
  22. So i've logged about 80hrs so far, building zipline networks for the last few mountain facilities (to get to 5 star) and like 40% of all the online structures on the western map were "ruined" -- still there but not functional. I removed them from the map since i'm not planning on repairing any of them, and afterwards i slept, then logged out for a few hours, then when i logged back in i had a whole bunch of amazing online zipline points and new generators and stuff. It would make sense you can only have a set amount of online structures in your world at once, but i didnt realize it updated that frequently. i can't prove it, cuz i havent seen any articles confirming it, but if you wanna refresh your world it sure seems possible. Note: non functioning structures have a small red arrow below them. TLDR: scrap all ruined online structures for new ones.
  23. how do i get timed ones to appear? all i get is the other 3 lol. even went back east region to check. i'm trying to use bots to cycle the missions at the moment, but not much luck
  24. I'm definitely on hard, i think the issue is that they re-list orders, and you have to do 20 DIFFERENT orders. unfortunately there's now way to check after the fact. when you're choosing a standard order, make sure either there's no personal best, or the personal best is below LoL.
  25. can confirm if you take the concussion flaw (the one from falling) caffeine drinks wont give you effect.