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  1. With the new patch im seeing and issue where items prices are not being updated in the journal. Not all prices just some. Anyone have info on this?
  2. The on button for my Samsung TV remote also turns on my PS4. I've read that because of my setup this is an expected feature.
  3. Unstoppable. There was really only one location post game where you could kill 8 enemies with your Fury meter. Not only was it difficult to accomplish and before looking at a guide I couldn't find a location. Over and over I failed and when I did finish killing everyone the trophy still didn't unlock. I did this over and over and for whatever reason one time it unlocked.
  4. Congrats man! I was in the same boat as you a year ago. Thought it wouldn't pop until it finally did!
  5. Naturally I got the 2x Objective Pet. What is the most effective way to use them for platinum? Which dweller do I give them to?
  6. If you can walk under Kirin without touch it, it's Large. Now that I've offered advice, Monster Hunter gods please bless me with crowns.
  7. "Finish him!" Mortal Kombat announcer, Mortal Kombat [4th Entry]
  8. Trevor: "Well, hello there beautiful. Here, (hands over money) go buy yourself something nice." Woman: "This is seven dollars?!?!" Trevor: "I said something nice, not something expensive!..." - Trevor Phillips [GTA5] [3rd Entry]
  9. “My cousin’s out fighting dragons and what do I get? Guard duty.” ~ Guard ~Skyrim [2nd Entry]
  10. "All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible. This, I did" - Nathan Drake [1st Entry]
  11. My Country Image
  12. Connor was a clear favorite for me, I played him with the thought of getting the job done no matter what and listening to Hank if I couldn't get the job done.
  13. Yes I just started playing and it seems to be free.
  14. Coming from the industry side here is my take. If you don't buy a game at launch you are most likely going to buy it at a discounted price. Either second hand at a game store like EB Games, Gamestop or from a digital sale that is on the PSN. The difference is that game sales second hand from a gamestore does not bring revenue into the developer/publisher's hand so they need to discount their own product to compete with the second hand sales so that revenue makes it back to them. This money is important as it does effect; server quality, extra content and potential for additional games in the franchise.
  15. Witcher 3 plat is 100hrs less than Skyrim
  16. 90 Hours. Zero Gold Crowns
  17. What HR level was the quest? I'm not sure why we are fighting as we have not confirmed officially how the crown system works. The large crowns seem to be in a prize pool immediatly in the game but the small crowns aren't. I say this because if they were just a lower % in the same pool some random by now would of got a small crown on the first Great Jagras he killed and that hasn't happened. So clearly we don't have 100% design on how we are being rewarded crowns. My assumption is they won't be too much harder than large crowns once we find the requirements for them to enter the prize pool after a capture or kill. I personally have have over 10 crowns in 50hrs of play, sometimes I just get a second large crown. I've gotten crowns most often when soloing and doing SOS quests. We don't know but maybe being a good person or a solo hero increases the chances
  18. I've noticed all my friends and squad mates only have Large crowns. Are small crowns hidden behind some other criteria?
  19. 8hrs of playing. Killed 10 Large monsters. Only 1 crown.
  20. If you start a quest and it's open people can join. There is even a feature where you can shoot an SOS Flare into the sky that puts your quest on an SOS board so that other players know you need urgent help.
  21. How does crown hunting work?
  22. In the past I have worked with 1st part compliance, Sony has a guideline about user generated content. I imagine the reason that mods took such a long time to get on Sony and why they are so lackluster is Bethesda didn't have an effective way to filter all of the mod content. Sony wants to make sure a mod doesn't appear that raises the age ratings of the game or would get a complaint from their users based on inappropriate content. What we have now is the agreement that Sony and Bethesda came to that does the least amount of harm to the users and is the least amount of time for Bethesda to triage. Of course it leaves the users with a limited selection of mods.
  23. How much harder does this update make the game to plat. I was so close
  24. Osiris Shrine. Go down before and turn the dial for the seasons