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  1. Top 3 Games: 1. Far Cry 5 - 25 hours 2. inFAMOUS: Second Son - 22 hours 3. Marvel's Spider-Man - 19 hours Days/Hours played: 37 days, 132 hours played, longest streak 6 hours Trophies earned: Total: 271 Trophies - Platinum: 5 - Gold: 19 - Silver: 54 - Bronze: 193 24 games played Top Genre - Action Adventure Title - Action Hero
  2. Bought The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series a couple of days ago. Never played A New Frontier, Michonne or The Final Season so I'm excited to play them!
  3. MediEvil 2 remake honestly, would be great to see that game updated!
  4. Quite simple really: My name is Kevin, I quite liked ninjas at the time and I'm from the Netherlands. I kinda want to change my PSN name but I've had this one for so long.
  5. I only have 2 steelbooks. One for Yakuza Kiwami and the other one for MediEvil which you got for pre-ordering.
  6. For PS4 I pre-ordered the Yakuza Remastered Collection and The Last of Us: Part II. On PC I pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077, still need to do that for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2
  7. I killed it with the Magic Sword and the trophy popped up, the Dragon Armor didn't work for me either.
  8. Here's some PS4 games I picked up this week! I was seriously debating whether to get the Digital Deluxe or the physical version of MediEvil, but I just couldn't pass up that Steelbook.
  9. #14 was MediEvil! Great remake and a super fun one to Platinum!
  10. Doom would be my pick. From what I've seen it's actually quite doable!
  11. Can confirm that that trick worked.
  12. The ones I used the most were the Scarlet Spider suit and the Last Stand suit.