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  1. Complete the mission without taking any health items and headshot objectives for gold medals also don't support reloading.
  2. I definitely suggest you to start a new game. Sure it takes some time but nearly all missions become so much easier when you have enough dead eye and related tonics. It took me 4 days(approximately 40 hours of re-playing) to get 70 gold medals but in the end, it was worth the effort. Playing from the start also allowed me to play as an honorable Arthur. (in my first run I was quite a psycho)
  3. Hello guys, is there anyone knows a good spawn location for "Rio Grande Wild Turkey". This animal is gonna drive me crazy. I looked all over New Austin but couldn't find it. -- After saving and quiting for an hour. I have finally find and killed them around The Hanging Rock
  4. Absolutely The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.
  5. how how how
  6. Looks like i am gonna boost it to. Thanks for the reply
  7. I keep playing vs mode for panda trophy but i couldnt figure out which button active them. Luckily one or two times i did it but even i kill my opponent animals trophy didnt pop
  8. After all those months I found all of them in 30 min, I think I am gonna cry royal convoy - (611,673) - 07:35 remaining . whale - (880,427) 07:10 remaining chest - (333,647)
  9. level 54 and 29 have stickers
  10. couldnt get the panda trophy. if there is someone who wanted as well, I will be happy to boost PSN:Alperenars
  11. Need help with co-op trophies. I will help to get yours as well. Name:alperenars -------------- I've gotten all the trophies I was looking for
  12. This guy is taking all the responsibilities of the recent attack on psn @img
  13. can't get career criminal trophy as well because Dom's last mission uncalculated risk doesn't pop up :@ looked lots of topic but none of them state any solution
  14. PSN ID =AlperenArs System=PS4 Accept blank friend request = just mention that you found my name from psnp