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  1. I used a katana/axe combo with Kara-Jishi guardian spirit for all of the way of the demon missions earlier this year when I finished off the 100%. I primarily used Tatenashi set with a few pieces of the Warrior of the West set (katana, bow and maybe one other piece). Then I used the Yasakani Magatama to get -1 set piece requirement to activate bonuses so I would have the full Tatenashi set bonus which gives massive damage reduction. You will likely need this for farming in way of the demon and way of the wise. The best way to gear up for Way of the Demon is to go into Way of the Wise and start killing the bosses there like Warrior of the West and other solo boss missions (you will most likely need to do this without taking damage as you will probably get one shotted, especially if you aren't using Tatenashi). The gear from Way of the Wise is pretty strong, but you likely won't be able to beat the final story mission on Way of the Demon to unlock Way of the Wise without farming a bit on Way of the Demon in the same way. The final mission isn't too tough if you play smart against the clones and have high enough DPS that you can kill them before you are fighting several at once. You can also get a lot of nice pieces of Tatenashi or whatever set you're after from killing revenants of other people and then just forge it up as you would anything else. I primarily focused on final blow dmg/back damage/skill damage since for the most part I used the katana's backwave parry to knock humans down and final blow them or the other parry that gives you a free back hit. Using parries properly is the key to katana so my stats were more or less oriented to that play style. I killed Hanzo in 3 hits during the Hanzo+Okatsu fight on Way of the Demon with parries. I also had the axe for killing bigger Yokai and things like that as the +skill dmg from Kara-Jishi combined with the mad spinner skill made quick work of any Yokai pretty much. Kara Jishi is also nice because he makes your block a lot stronger which you will probably need to survive encounters with hordes of enemies on WotD. I didn't rely on gimmicks like living weapon or ninjutsu or anything like that since most of those easy mode builds were nerfed. Better to just get good with some weapons you like and make sure you've got a proper stat build without waste and reforge most of your items to get +damage modifiers of the type you want to focus on. It's also smart to get scaling modifiers on your weapons that raise how much of a damage boost you get from certain stats. Make sure you get all the passive weapon skills from weapons you don't use as well since they don't require that weapon to be equipped most of the time.
  2. Easiest way to do it is to just refine the Gilgamesh card that you can win from the final CC group member into 10 holy wars. I went into the fight with Squall in critical hp range so I would not have to bother with the Aura spell then just make sure you've got triple junctioned to his speed stat along with a high strength stat via Ultima junction. You will also want auto-haste and the Lionheart blade ideally. Then just have someone else cast Meltdown on Omega and the other person use holy war. After that you can keep spamming the button to change whoever has a turn back to Squall until it triggers a limit break as he is in critical state. Just keep triggering Renzokuken and use a holy war as soon as the buff goes away. Should be able to beat omega with no damage taken and 2-3 holy wars with this strategy depending on how often Lionheart triggers. FF8 is really easy to abuse because of how strong holy war is and how easy it is to get via card mod. You can do something similar with Zell by just spamming Boo yah and Punch rush, but it will take longer overall than just using Renzokuken with Squall. Keeping Squall in critical range to spam his limit break works for basically the entire game against pretty much everything(just use standard life to revive and keep him in critical if he happens to die). It makes GFs rather pointless.
  3. The main issue with this game is how horrifically programmed it is. It is easily one of the worst performing games I've played on PS4. The incessant loading just trying to run around the different areas is infuriating... it wasn't uncommon for the game to load 4-5 times or more in a minute just trying to run between areas for collectibles. It also randomly crashes and because the save system is so poorly thought out it can cause you to have to clear entire areas again while other times it seems to just checkpoint in a random spot not near Vulgrim. The game struggles to keep anything close to 30 FPS and the combat never feels fully realized because of it. I was always fighting with the game to do what I wanted and respond as quickly as I was inputting commands. It makes the evade counter difficult to perform when the game can't run at a decent framerate. You also can't do any interesting multi-subweapon combos because of the difficulty in seamlessly switching between them. Often times I'd have to stop doing any input for a second or so to get the game to finally swap my subweapon. I think that most people just overlook the issue because you can spam Havoc form through most of the fights on Apocalyptic. I also had the game just fail to load its background/environment assets entirely when trying to get around the areas faster. This game would be horrible to try to speedrun because of all the loading and random glitches it has. It is just really unfortunate because the game would otherwise be pretty decent if it ran well. I don't like that the developers decided to make paid DLC season pass content instead of patching it to run well enough to be remotely enjoyable. I just hope that if they carry on this franchise that they take performance and quality standards a bit more seriously.
  4. I still haven't decided to do Wolfenstein 2, but I kinda gathered that they began to turn the game into more of an over the top experience where immersion doesn't matter anymore. I am just tired of games and movies making me feel like every situation is just a setup for a one line joke. I will always enjoy a game if the gameplay is good, but it is nice to get immersed into a game world beyond just enjoying the gameplay. I would not recommend playing Youngblood until its very cheap and hopefully they will rework the game mechanics or the grind to be a bit less tedious before that happens.
  5. This game's grind may not be the longest as I finished in less than 50 hours, but it just isn't fun at all. The loop this game offers is pointless. Having to farm all those silver coins to buy gun mods you don't even want to use since you can only use one set of mods at a time feels so pointless. Farming your mastery up with weapons that aren't worth using that have severe ammo limitations is not enjoyable either. However, the main issue with this game is that it lacks content and the plat requires you to play the same things over and over that were not that fun the first time due to them ruining everything that made Wolfenstein what it is. The gameplay is slow with the RPG mechanics they introduced and the two ammo types they decided to force you to swap between to penetrate armor is just tedious. It is so arbitrary in what type of armor each gun penetrates and the block armor has less options for some reason. The girls have very irritating personalities that you can't relate to at all and the game cannot be taken seriously in any way as it feels like they are trying to turn it into Borderlands with over the top, unbelievable characters. The level of immersion this game offers compared to The New Order is just terrible. It just isn't a great entry into the Wolfenstein series and thus the trophy set that requires you to grind the game for many hours beyond the story content feels a lot worse than it is. There will be people who don't mind the game or defend it as with anything, but I'd take the Monster Hunter grind over this any day. A fun game that has a rewarding gameplay loop is always going to feel more worthwhile even if it ends up being more time. For me, this game doesn't check those boxes.
  6. Yes, the gun is glitched and sometimes it triggers a weird glitch where the gun's static electricity sound effect continues forever until you close the game or leave the area. It also causes the controller to vibrate as if the gun is still being fired and doesn't stop. Super irritating when it happens, but it seems that it happens less if you don't use the gun against robots or supersoldaten. There is another audio glitch with the flashlight attachment as well... toggling it can cause the sound to start cutting in and out. I hope that both of these issues are fixed in the patch next week since it did state they were fixing audio glitches.
  7. Sting Like A Bee is the only other glitched trophy. It didn't count any "stealth" kills on Supersoldaten until I switched to the knife and started killing them without anyone noticing during the kill animation. The money grind is really not too terrible if you just wait 24 hours for the resupply crate reset and run around grabbing all the supply crates in each area. Takes about 2.5 hours for me and I get about 15k coins so it is not slower than the boring stealth method. This game is a lot less annoying to plat if you don't try to rush it and just get on each day for the resupply crates. You can also work on your gun masteries while doing this where as you cannot work on masteries doing the stealth coin farm method. The game is not so bad if you are willing to work on it for a couple hours over the course of a week, but if you want to grind out all the trophies in 2-4 days you are going to have a very bad time with it.. and frankly waste your time.
  8. This game is mostly just a giant grind fest. They made it more like an RPG and increased the amount of time it takes to complete the activities of the game such as leveling up, mastering weapons and upgrading weapon parts way beyond what is reasonable to incentivize microtransaction boost purchases and keep the game's online active. It is sorta similar to Far Cry New Dawn in that aspect except New Dawn is far more respectful of the player's time than this game is. The amount of content in this game does not justify what they are asking of the player in terms of time for the trophies. The gameplay is typical Wolfenstein though so it is still enjoyable to play. There isn't much story and the protagonists have some irritating dialogue, in my opinion. Not sure if its the delivery of the voice actresses or the script itself.. not really fond of any moment where they speak.
  9. I have seen that method a few times, but I never tried it myself. It seems like it'd be faster for people who struggle with stacking and piece placement as you always put pieces in the same regions.. very similar to ST stacking in that the pieces always have set zones and you just take advantage of the 7 bag randomizer to loop. Main problem with it is that you have to soft drop sometimes. You also need to be careful with your S/Z towers because the T will reverse it so it would probably be best to hold your T pieces to always place two at a time.
  10. Managed to finally get the plat tonight after putting a couple hours into practicing ST stacking a bit more for Ultra. I will say that Ultra SS is significantly easier than sprint with ST/ZT stacking. I was able to play so slow and methodically making sure I got things in the proper spot. I messed up once even and was able to recover so you don't even need to be perfect. Here is my video of it:
  11. That isn't true, you can get all clear, speed lvl 1 and gold tetriminos which provide 2x bonus score as beneficial effects. My SS run of mystery mode... i got like 3 or 4 all clears I think which gave huge amounts of points at speed lvl 15. It isn't very difficult to get the SS on it once you can play at speed lvl 15 without ever dying. You can also flip your controller upside down or sit upside down for the reversed effect which makes nothing difficult at all to deal with except sometimes you'll get garbage at the bottom of your stack in combination with a huge block that can be problematic.
  12. You have the Puyo Puyo Tetris plat done well before Tetris Effect though. I wouldn't expect anyone to get a 15 combo done within their first two days of playing Tetris Effect with 0 experience either. 4 wide well combo setup is a fairly advanced technique and it took me some time to master it. I wasn't capable of anything more than standard Tetris builds for several weeks when I started. It took me 300 hours to get my sprint down to 1:10 over the course of 3 months and my first ever sprint on Tetris Effect was about 2:50. Tetris skill gain is not linear though and everyone is different, but I personally found it very hard.
  13. Nice that you were able to get it done. I had been getting frustrated with the game a bit more lately so decided to take time off and play some other games. I came back today and put about 8 hours into sprint and finally got the SS though... but only barely with 1:09:71. I had missed it by less than a second a few times prior though so it was really nice to finally get it done. I just need to start practicing Ultra now for the platinum. I hope that it proves to be easier and less stressful than sprint was. Playing Tetris at high speeds is pretty stressful to me because you have to play perfectly while also pushing yourself to go faster. I did record a video of the sprint though. It might help give people trying for this trophy an idea of how well you need to play for SS in sprint since I did about the worst you can do and still get the SS.
  14. Hmm.. I may try changing the controller layout a bit to see if that helps me, main issue is messing with my muscle memory after I have put so much time into the game. I did improve my sprint to 1:11:18 tonight, it really hurt to not get that SS at the very last second literally, but I start thinking about the time too much and it slows me down. I downstacked too early though on that run and had to clear about 4 lines one by one and that cost me. I just wish it were easier to see lines remaining or the game had an audio call out or something so I don't do that. I also struggle to see the next piece queue at the bottom of the matrix so I prefer to play mid to high stack during sprint for as long as I can. Would be nice if they provided an option to enlarge the piece previews so I can see them with my peripheral vision more easily from all points in the matrix.
  15. I'd agree with the 300+ hours estimate. I am probably around 230ish hours of play and am about 4.5 seconds away from the 1:10 sprint. I do think that it will come soon though as I've had several attempts where I was on par for the time but I get nervous and lose my focus and start to slow down a lot. It is really unfortunate, but it is hard not to get nervous when you've been trying to do this for months. My biggest enemy is mainly misdropping though. I find it super difficult to get a clean sprint at high speeds with the d-pad due to how easy it is to hard drop by accident when just trying to tap left or right. I'll probably just teach myself ST stacking for Ultra. I don't really want to try to do it with just B2B Tetris because you need to clear about 100 lines to get that score doing that and I am not sure I can stay consistent for that long over 3 minutes given how frustratingly inconsistent I am in sprint. With ST stacking you only need about half that so you don't need to drop as many pieces or play as fast, you just need to know how to do it and not misdrop.