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  1. I don't own the game on console so I am still unsure what the exact parameters are for character imports on the PS4/PS5 version. If it is true that you can import from PC then it will be like I said. As far as I am aware, you cannot import from closed Battle.net from the old version of Diablo 2. If people already have the level 99 trophy on either version then it could have only been done via an import of some kind or save editing on PS4 and importing that into the PS5 version. If you can't do proper imports from the PC version then at least people can be legitimately flagged for having level 99 already since they would have had to use a save editor on PS4 otherwise.
  2. This feature is going to be the reason the platinum won't be as rare as people think. It will be flooded with people using hero editors (no different from using a save editor or cheating with someone else's save file) and importing into the console version but everyone will get away with it because they can just hide behind the "well there is no way to know if I did it legit or not" reasoning.
  3. The game does autosave.. but it doesn't really matter unless you specifically select "Quit" from the menu which actually locks in the save state. If you close the game from the PS menu or if the power goes out or something like that then the game automatically assumes you forfeited the run most of the time. When you get back into the game the save state will be completely reset before the run started as if nothing even happened. It is probably the most nonsensical aspect of the game; I can't figure out if Supergiant coded that behavior on purpose to make it more difficult to save scum or if its a bug. You can save scum the game but you have to select quit in the menu to lock in your auto save and then upload the save to the cloud and redownload it if you want to reuse the save state. You can never exit out of the game safely without selecting that option or it will overwrite your save state with the abandon run option, which is why you have to upload the save to the cloud or something like that if you want to reuse it.
  4. The $19.99 upgrade didn't show up for me over the weekend on the PS5 store. It showed up on the online PSN store, but I ultimately just bought the DLC on the PS4 store where it properly showed. After I purchased that the PS5 store's Director's Cut DLC changed into the $10.00 PS5 upgrade. Kind of weird, but hopefully they fixed that bug with the PS5 store considering there is no real reason to buy the PS5 upgrade since you have to do the DLC on the PS4 version to maintain trophy completion for the game anyway.
  5. Nectar is easy to get in mass once you have no more use for gems (beyond cosmetics) or keys. You can just turn gems into keys and keys into nectar which is how I got tons of it to advance reputation with all the NPCs. Ambrosia is easy to get from doing fates if you need more of that for the 2nd tier of hearts later on. This was my last trophy.. it requires more attention than anything else or the platinum time will extend a good deal longer than it should. Achilles and Patroclus will often share dialogue that isn't related to the quest depending on weapons you are using, events that have occurred related to other quests, or cosmetic items you bought near Achilles in the House of Hades. Many times the quest stalls out while you are waiting to find Patroclus.. or sometimes you have to talk to Achilles multiple times in a row before Patroclus is needed again to advance the quest. It doesn't help that Patroclus's room never spawned when I was waiting on him to advance it and searching through Elysium means I would have already committed to a full run pretty much. There is also one link in the quest chain that requires Nyx to tell you where a document is so depending on where she is at with some other quests it can also hold you up. The exact sequence of events needs to be written down somewhere to make it more efficient since knowing that would at least help determine if you can just kill yourself in a new run within Tartarus to reset the House of Hades or if you do need a full run through at least Elysium to find Patroclus again. I had all keepsakes maxed and all reputation maxed with everyone other than those two before I finally got the last companion I needed for the platinum due to the inefficiencies I had just by playing it blind.
  6. I noticed this as well. If you do the platinum in 2 runs by saving hardcore for a 2nd run, you can just skip all the objectives and boss fights that aren't required to obtain a stage key or feather/talisman for primagen keys except for the first stage objectives. You can just abuse the quick warp feature of the checkpoint portals to go back to the hub or other worlds so it is not necessary to do any objectives that are out of the way. The reason you have to do the objectives in the first stage is because you can't unlock the hub warp point without visiting it once and to do that you have to complete the mission objectives in the first stage to actually exit to the hub. You can save anywhere so hardcore is not overly difficult with save scumming and making liberal use of respawning ammo/health locations. Mostly only stage 1 and stage 2 are difficult. Stage 1 does not give any useful weapons and the enemy HP increase is absolutely insane on hardcore so if you do not get headshots the enemies are just enormous damage sponges (It took about 8 shots to the body with normal arrows to kill an enemy). Always aim for the head on this difficulty unless you are using explosive weapons or ammo which don't have the headshot damage bonus. Stage 2 is only difficult because the stage's pacing is bad. The stage is extremely long, the distance between checkpoint 3 and 4 is basically 70% of the stage and there is just NO ammo on this stage. I pretty much ran out and had nothing but pistol and shotgun prior to reaching the 4th checkpoint despite having all the weapons from stage 3 and 5 before I did it. I mainly used explosive shredder, charge dart + headshot with either mag 60/standard shotgun, plasma rifle in sniper mode, cerebral bore, scorpion launcher and flamethrower for small spiders/mites etc for the majority of the run. The big drones with the gun arms in Primagen's Lightship are really easy to dispatch with charge dart + cerebral bore combo, 2 rounds from the explosive shredder or a headshot with the plasma rifle in sniper mode. You can fully refill health and ammo in the center room after clearing each wing so I personally found it the easiest stage to clear. There is also no reason to bother building the nuke if you don't want to. I assembled the nuke on my run but really only used it on the final boss's flying drones and even there it isn't that important. Can easily dispatch the flying drones with the explosive shredder and just pick up more explosive shotgun ammo during the fight. Doing the false portals with the oblivion enemies can be useful if you just want to grab the respawning health/ammo though. All of them are easy just using explosive shredder/scorpion missile launcher and grabbing more ammo at a respawning ammo point within the portal. Lair of the Blind Ones is not that bad either, just make sure to save often because the guys with the crossbow do like 36 damage per shot so its almost always an instant reload if one of them hits you. However, most of the rooms are pretty wide open in this stage and you can easily snipe most enemies with plasma rifle or hit them with the charge dart before they can do much to you. The giant spiders are incredible damage sponges so I just used the scorpion rocket launcher on them since it takes 3 direct hits to kill them with that. Turning the brightness up on this remaster also makes it a lot easier than I remember it being on the N64 version since you can actually see everything. The stage also isn't near as long as people make it out to be. Stage 2 and 5 are much longer stages and were pretty tedious to get through.
  7. I am on the third DLC now and I think the DLC is largely pretty terrible. Not worth playing unless you want the trophy completion. Each DLC takes around 10-15 hours if you want to do everything, but the content just doesn't add anything to the experience. The base game is better than each of the DLCs by a fair margin. The first DLC consists of trials that are combat, platforming, archery, block/atlas ball challenges or a mixture of each of those things. There was one Athena trial that was more of a mind puzzle where you had to look for patterns.. it was probably the best trial in the entire DLC because it was the only time the devs attempted something new and you had to think a bit more. Most of the puzzles were VERY easy to solve, the problem is they were tedious to solve particularly with the atlas balls or stupid wind mechanic puzzles. It was so easy for the physics to get messed up and cause things to fall off ledges that forced me to restart the entire sequence. I especially hated any trial that used the floating blocks as well. There were also way too many cycle based mechanics that were super boring to wait around for. I felt spending 20-30 minutes in a single trial was just too much time.. especially considering the mechanics and puzzles never really evolved or were particularly well thought out like puzzles in The Witness or The Talos Principle were. The second DLC seems like it is probably the best of the 3, but its hardly saying much. The story has nothing to do with anything.. it is basically an entirely different universe from the base game and the other two DLCs. None of it makes any sense at all and the story is completely pointless. The voice acting is also not good at all nor is the dialogue. The abilities and gameplay are identical except for they changed the main character's sword and axe combos.. which are both much worse and track more poorly than Fenyx's combos in the base game. They also changed the hammer and Ares uppercut powers slightly but it doesn't really make any difference. Nothing really noteworthy or interesting in this DLC overall. It is just more of the same stuff. There is one epic chest puzzle that is probably the most poorly designed atlas ball puzzle in the game though so that's something, right? The third DLC I've only just started and put a few hours into it, but I can already tell it is going to be tedious garbage. You start with absolutely no abilities and have to unlock all of them once again. The isometric viewpoint serves no purpose at all and unnecessarily complicates the explorative aspect of the game as many things such as resource crystals are not marked on the world map. As far as I can tell the farsight ability was removed as well so you can't look around to see where things are. You have to gather up resources to use fast travel, save your game, unlock essence slots on all your abilities and progress through the game by requesting miracles. That alone represents a major drop in quality of life as you have to grind resources to freely fast travel. I went through some dungeon that was just a long boring maze of paths and random fights not too long ago and it was just such pointless shite. Maybe it will get better with more abilities unlocked but it just screams garbage within the first couple hours I've played thus far.
  8. I just stumbled into this quest as I didn't realize it was a preview quest for the DLC that gives you all the unlocks and makes you extremely overpowered. I can confirm that you do not need to do the Ares questline to get the maximum combo rank during this quest as well. I think I got almost a 400 hit combo in a few casts of Athena's Dash. The trophy guide didn't mention this quest but it makes it extremely trivial and can also can be done very early in the game before the proper progression has occurred under normal circumstances. The quest seems to be attached to the "A New God" DLC or it was patched in later, but it definitely isn't a timed event or anything like that. You can get a trophy for the first DLC by falling off the side during the quest as well.
  9. I agree that there should only ever be one trophy list per game and no region/platform stacks. The problem is that sometimes they change the trophies or content of the game which requires a new list.. or in the case of the PS5 they changed the trophy list feature entirely by allowing trophy tracking which ended up requiring all PS5 games to have a unique trophy list. However, I do not agree that someone is entitled to every trophy of every stack if they have done the game once before and should never have to put any effort into it again. Using a save file, even if it is your own, is considered cheating in all circumstances except where Sony and the developer of the game specifically supports it, which is a little funny to me. I understand in the case of an online only game where your save is stored server side that there is no real way to get around the problem without autopop/retroactive completion, but I still think its a bad precedent to establish and should be mitigated as much as possible. I don't like the concept that you can do something once and then just earn 2x, 3x or even 4x the trophies by just downloading another version and autopopping the list. It also opens up a loophole to cheat PS5 games since you can resign a save on the PS4 then upload the save to later download on PS5 and autopop all the trophies on the PS5 version never having done the game on PS4. Currently, PS5 game saves can't be saved on USB devices or anywhere other than the PS+ cloud so allowing a PS4 save to be imported into the PS5 version gets around this limitation. Anyway, this is more of an aside to the original point of the thread. Whether autopopping is a good thing or not doesn't really matter. I personally consider it corner cutting and trophy list padding, but a lot of people obviously won't agree with me.
  10. It is somewhat irritating, but the fault lies more with Sony for allowing autopopping of trophies via save transfers. Sony doesn't give any thought to statistics, valuation or competitiveness with regard to trophies. The true time of anyone who uses autopop is the original game list they got the save from but with the way the fastest time is calculated.. it is not compatible with using save transfers to instantly get every trophy. Most PS5 lists are ruined with regard to the fastest board right now due to save transfers, but I am hoping that this will stop being so prevalent within the next year or so.
  11. In Ninja Gaiden Sigma, there are a few trials unlocked at the beginning on the ps4 version but it seems like you have to progress most of the story to unlock more tiers of trials.. and then completing trials just unlocks the later tiers from that point on. I've also read that getting gold on survivals unlocks them but that isn't required for platinum. You start each trial on normal and when you beat normal it unlocks hard, then very hard and then master ninja. You have to play every trial on all 4 difficulties to get platinum coins in every trial.
  12. Ninja Gaiden Sigma is probably the easiest game in the master collection to platinum since you can not get online help anymore in 2 or 3 which makes those trials require a fair bit more game knowledge and skill to complete. NGS is still not very easy to pickup for a new comer to the series as there is a good deal to know, but this game gives the most liberal access to healing and ninpo. Save points and shops are super plentiful in the campaign so most of the difficulty is going to come from doing all the ninja trails on master ninja. Mostly there is only one you need to be concerned about as all the others are doable if you are good enough to beat the game on master ninja. Beating Nicchae and Ishtaros on master ninja with Rachel is a pretty frustrating trial, I highly recommend getting her Biker costume from clearing hard for that. On the vita version it took me 4 hours to clear that trial because I didn't have the costume.. and on the ps4 version it only took me 30 minutes with it. The costume may not be everything since I already knew what to do but even when you know you still are going to take damage if the AI decides to do certain attacks or patterns that Rachel has no answer for. The games are well worth picking them up and learning them, but it won't be easy at first. Everyone's experience will differ but if you have a lot of experience with action games and hack n slash combat then it will come more naturally. You will need to have really intimate knowledge of i-frames, recovery frames and cancelling them, strict camera management, how all the enemies react to various things you are doing and most of the moves of the key weapons like the dragon sword and dabilahro. The sooner you take the time to learn the moves and not button mash the faster you will get good, this game is not a button masher. You have to play highly defensively in Ninja Gaiden Sigma compared to many other action games.
  13. I just finished the tag missions and I will just say that Mentor 05 is the plat blocker of them since I found it to be by far the hardest to solo. MN02 and UN03 are also pretty difficult. MN03 and MN05 aren't too bad if you know the bosses decently well. UN01 and UN02 were pretty heavily nerfed so they are not too bad to just bullshit your way through them. I found that Rachel makes for the best AI by far so make sure to use her all the time unless you have a different strategy in mind. The only time I didn't use Rachel as AI was on MN05. I did Lunar Ryu + BOTA Ryu so I could loop kill Genshin then switch to BOTA Ryu to deal with Liz. The AI takes less damage than you so you can switch characters when getting grabbed to lower damage. You also never have to revive the AI if you don't want to as it will never fail the mission which can be super useful if one of you is about to fail the mission from too low of life. I left the AI dead on Mentor 05 and just ran around with Rachel shooting adds and picking away at the last boss to finish that trial successfully. I also found another pretty good tip for UN03. First of all take 2x Rachel, then during the 2x statue of liberty part.. once one of you dies go and revive and then switch to the Rachel that was just revived. Both statues of liberty will be focusing the reviving Rachel which should now be the AI which will be taking reduced damage and also give you complete freedom to deal damage to the hands or shoot the neck until the AI dies. Once they do die you can revive and then just switch to the revived Rachel and repeat. It will make this mission a lot easier to finish so I recommend it. I also took 2x Rachel on MN02 and I wish I had done the same on Mentor 05. I highly recommend doing so as the Rachel AI is significantly better than the others and she has the ability to quickly and easily dispatch all normal enemies with her gun. Her SSTTT combo is also great for damaging bosses. They did just enough to make it reasonable to solo everything offline, but you still need to be pretty competent with the bosses.
  14. I personally think Darksiders 2 is worse. It is a very bloated game and doesn't know what it wants to be. It uses a lot of concepts from other games but doesn't do anything deeply enough to be compelling or effective. The light action RPG elements where you pick your build are not very interesting because you're essentially choosing between a caster or a melee type. The loot isn't interesting because you're really only looking for specific stats to go along with your caster or melee build. Weapon loot entirely revolves around the items that devour other items since you can fix the stats and make items that literally make the character build. The difference between a build with devour weapons vs a build without is just staggering. You'll be unable to upgrade your weapons without a new item of this tier once you acquire your first. You also can't get to max level without NG+ so the game requires essentially 2 playthroughs regardless. Dungeons are not super interesting and a step back from the first game overall. I didn't find many to be that interesting with the exception of maybe the one that required two different timelines to advance. The DLC dungeons are just a waste of money as well. The first game was a better experience since it was more of a hack n slash adventure game, but the 2nd is more of a looter action RPG where everything just feels shallow. Nioh 1 and 2 are a lot better as looter action RPG games.
  15. You don't get any bonus karma points for ET/UTs or kills on fights that aren't timed. The only reason to ever kill an enemy outside of a timed challenge is if you are trying to meet a chapter's total kill count bonus that is for some reason higher than the amount of enemies you get just doing all the timed fights, drag essence to another fight or if you want to farm essence to buy stuff at Muramasa's shop. I don't recall it being necessary to farm on any chapters on master ninja, but I might have got some extra kills in Chapter 6. Any other time I killed extra enemies it was just because I wanted to drag essence to another fight or farm some money.