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  1. The "Your Worst Nightmare" trophy is possible to achieve in one playthrough of Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus. It will pop while fighting the final boss before you actually finish the game by defeating him. You could pause the game and take a break, fail the boss and do something else or whatever you feel like with your saves before finishing the game so there could feasibly be a difference in achievement times on that. It looks like his timestamps indicate a 30 minute difference which isn't impossible at all given what I just said. I remember when I did this trophy, I also achieved it on the final boss of my first playthrough.
  2. Same issue here. I earned 4 DLC trophies from Uncharted 3 and synced my trophies prior to updating my PSNP account. Now it seems my entire Uncharted 3 list is hidden.. and it isn't just PSNP either that is displaying me as having hidden trophies on U3. I checked my trophy list to make sure the trophies are still set to public on both PS3 and PS4 and they are as well.
  3. I just updated my profile earlier this evening and now mine won't load anything past 200 games oddly enough. Nothing I can do to fix it on my end it doesn't seem.
  4. PSN ID: Elegy PS Systems: Vita, PS3, PS4 Accepts Blank Friend Requests: I dislike blank requests. I prefer to know if it is from psn profiles at least. I may make an exception for someone who shares game interests/trophy hunting interests. I wouldn't mind having some more friends on the PS ecosystem as most of my gamer friends don't share my enjoyment of PS or trophy hunting. The PS4 activity feed is way too lonely