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  1. I just got this trophy in my second cycle very easily using the kick me sign offerings at the stone circle. They cost me 100 gold for 5 kick me signs and you can offer 1 sign and get 1 legendary toy chest + 2 other random chests. Super efficient and probably a bit overpowered as I find it far more efficient to do this than ever bothering to do toy dungeons now. I bought like 20 of them and just spammed them one after another over the course of 2 nights and got all the toys for the trophy. It is also a really great way to level and get more chests in a hurry since its super simple to burn through the enemies very fast with the super conker. I don't think this trophy is actually glitched though in the current patch. I think it requires the new legendary toys they added via patch updates to the game. It popped after I got all the base ones mentioned in the trophy guide and the new ones that were added. The guide probably just needs to be updated. It doesn't help that most of the information on the internet regarding this game is also out of date and incomplete now. The various wikis and such don't mention these new toys of legend. I think the new ones according to my inventory are: Ultraball Book of the Dead Running Shoes Shield Rock Ring Axe Vampire Ring Auto Popper Maybe this will help people confused on this trophy.
  2. I am surprised to see not many people use ATB generating materias. First strike is incredibly useful for normal enemies since you can just open up with triple slash or a spell+magnify which often ends the fight or puts it heavily in your favor before the enemies have even begun to do anything on hard. You don't really have to worry about healing as much if the enemies are pressured or killed almost immediately. ATB Assist is one of the best materias in the game as well.. especially on Tifa with a high speed build. You use 2 ATB segments in a row and it gives everyone in the party an ATB boost. ATB stagger materias are very good for boss fights as they really set you up for a huge damage phase if you use them. Steadfast block is great for hard mode.. and Parry is just amazing on Tifa. If you spam it you can do this quick dash that gives her insane mobility. It is also decent on Cloud since you can move in Punisher mode with it, but its no where near as good as the animation that Tifa has. Typically, I will run 2x HP up, ATB assist, steadfast block, parry, fire/ice/lightning/wind + elemental in weapon, and then leave 2 materia slots open for whatever I think I will need with Tifa in a given situation. With Cloud it is pretty much the same as Tifa with 2x HP up, steadfast block, first strike or ATB stagger, fire/ice/lightning/wind + elemental in weapon, 2x luck up, and then 2 open slots for whatever. Typically I will leave the open slots as chakra/heal + revive, but can also substitute in other things such as barrier+magnify or time+magnify. If I want to use Cloud as more of a support role such as the hell house fight then I'd take the luck ups off and fill in as needed. Aerith.. is best used for damage with a little bit of support in pray and maybe revive. With 2x HP up, 2x Magic up, 1 or 2 MP up, pray, and then you can use fire/ice/lightning/wind + magnify and first strike if you want to delete most normal enemies immediately. She does tremendous damage with the right setup and will make the hardest simulation battles a lot easier. Don't just leave her as a support chump like Barret. Barret is just a support chump like I just said, he might be able to do some pretty good damage with the right setups but I always just leave him as 2x HP up, 1 or 2 MP up, pray, revive, barrier+magnify if you aren't using magnify elsewhere, steadfast block and then whatever else I feel I need for the fight ahead. I mostly just use him to raise the stagger gauge and heal/buff. The other characters are better at killing things. Don't overvalue MP ups too much, if you don't anticipate using a lot of MP on your melee fighters don't give them MP up. You also probably don't even need 2 on Aerith if you use the circlet. I did the pride and joy simulation with only 1 MP up on her and the lowest I got in the fight was 40 MP. I beat it in 16 minutes as well so it wasn't like I was taking my time waiting on summons/limit breaks or MP regen. Aggressive play is the way I prefer to approach hard though. You can recover MP from boxes and such while playing through every chapter on hard so its not a big deal to use it when needed. Just don't waste your MP on healing your whole party when pray exists and never cast if you think you'll be interrupted.
  3. I got the large gold crown for brute tigrex from the event quest. I got mini gold brute tigrex from the arena optional quest that unlocks after you capture him. Think I got mini gold silver rathalos from the event quest as well. It is definitely possible to get crowns from those event quests.. and the corresponding arena quests if you capture one. It seems to be a lot rarer to get crowns from these than the guiding lands tempered monsters, but I didn't notice much of a difference in frequency from master rank investigations at least. Master rank crown chances seem pretty much consistent across every activity except for the crown events and the aforementioned guiding lands tempered monsters which were higher in my experience. I would highly recommend getting a corresponding guiding lands region up to 6 or 7 when hunting for the non crown event Iceborne monsters. I got a mini/large velkhana, mini/large ruiner nerg, mini/large lunastra, mini/large scarred yian garuga, mini/large gold rathian, large silver rathalos, mini blackveil vaal hazak, large shrieking legiana, large savage jho, large viper tobi, mini tigrex.. and others I can't recall off the top of my head from guiding lands tempered monsters. I didn't have to measure that many times per tempered spawn of these either. The chance of them giving crowns is almost undoubtedly higher than investigations. I spent 15 hours trying to get both Namielle crowns from investigations(I was measuring.. it was an absurd amount of investigations I went through).. and I didn't notice much of a difference between 4 gold box or 4 silver or whatever arrangement. Investigations are just super inefficient for crown hunting in Iceborne, in my experience.
  4. i like your trophy list sooooooo much 

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      Thanks mate.  It's been a long road.

  5. I never actually died to it either, to be honest. I always just tap circle + back on the left stick to quick turn then immediately press forward and click down L3 to sprint and just cut over to the right staircase once I get down the stairs. Never had a problem avoiding death doing it this way. Definitely make a save at the gun shop if you're worried about it on Inferno though.
  6. If you use both defense coins then you can survive 2 slam attacks provided you are at maximum life, so it is a good idea to go into the fight with a few full heals. He usually only does 3 slam attacks in a row so if you fail to dodge the first slam then you will die due to the stun lock otherwise you can immediately heal if you dodge the first then get hit 2 times. If the boss gets ridiculous and uses it more than 3 times then you are probably just going to die unless you've mastered the dodge timing because he has two different slam frequencies and you need to know both. Without coins you die in one hit I believe so the fight is an incredible difficulty spike compared to the rest of the game if you don't use them. Overall, it is not that hard with the shop items.. just have to spend some time learning the attack patterns and pay attention to the arm to time your dodge properly for his initial slam. Don't get greedy on the fight either. Always let him attack and then after avoiding it shoot 1 rocket max. Also make sure you get to the side of the room where you need to push in a power source BEFORE dropping him.
  7. I got my large gold Shrieking Legiana crown from guiding lands as well, in fact. I have my Tundra region at lvl 7 and got it from a tempered variant.
  8. I got both of my Lunastra crowns from the Guiding Lands with Wildspire Waste at lvl 7. Guiding Lands tempered monsters seem to have an increased crown chance compared to investigations or normal quests/expeditions from what I have experienced. You also have no time limit and can get carted as often as you want if you're not good at fighting her. Otherwise you can do it in high rank like lightning_kf mentioned.
  9. My guess is that the 3rd Iceborne monster in Elder's Recess will be Banbaro. Brute Tigrex can spawn in Elder's Recess but the MR requirement for the event is 24.. and all Brute Tigrex investigations or events have a minimum MR requirement of 70. The reasoning is that you cannot spawn him in guiding lands due to the region level being too low until you're MR70+. Stygian Zinogre can also spawn in Elder's but given that he is a threat 3 monster and not in the thumbnail for the event.. I find it unlikely he will be in it. The pictures have generally always featured the highest threat monsters in the event. The only thing left of Iceborne monsters that can spawn in Elder's that haven't been featured is.. Banbaro who is a threat 1 and would likely not be in the thumbnail similar to how Nightshade Paolumu was handled in the Wildspire event.
  10. Make sure you don't have braking assist on as I believe it is on by default or at least it was in Driveclub VR. It slows you down heavily and makes meeting the time requirements a lot harder than it should be, but isn't obvious at all when it is enabled.
  11. Yes, you have to play on Saturday during the ritual to get the trophy for participating in one as well as to acquire randomly awarded avatars to reach 100 avatars. T-spins aren't super important for the plat beyond all clear mode which is also where you can get all 100 t-spins for the trophy pretty easily. However, learning to build for them and use them effectively makes Ultra a lot easier. The zone is a new mechanic to Tetris that is exclusive to Tetris Effect and only applies to the Journey mode of the game. Basically you can stop gravity for a short period of time where clearing lines doesn't remove them from the matrix and you gain bonus points for lines cleared in this state. It is only there for improving your score in Journey mode. If you have "hold" enabled in options you can hold one tetromino and swap it with whatever your current block is as you see fit. It is a standard mechanic in modern Tetris. It is not related to the zone mechanic at all and the default button for it is R1.
  12. I used a katana/axe combo with Kara-Jishi guardian spirit for all of the way of the demon missions earlier this year when I finished off the 100%. I primarily used Tatenashi set with a few pieces of the Warrior of the West set (katana, bow and maybe one other piece). Then I used the Yasakani Magatama to get -1 set piece requirement to activate bonuses so I would have the full Tatenashi set bonus which gives massive damage reduction. You will likely need this for farming in way of the demon and way of the wise. The best way to gear up for Way of the Demon is to go into Way of the Wise and start killing the bosses there like Warrior of the West and other solo boss missions (you will most likely need to do this without taking damage as you will probably get one shotted, especially if you aren't using Tatenashi). The gear from Way of the Wise is pretty strong, but you likely won't be able to beat the final story mission on Way of the Demon to unlock Way of the Wise without farming a bit on Way of the Demon in the same way. The final mission isn't too tough if you play smart against the clones and have high enough DPS that you can kill them before you are fighting several at once. You can also get a lot of nice pieces of Tatenashi or whatever set you're after from killing revenants of other people and then just forge it up as you would anything else. I primarily focused on final blow dmg/back damage/skill damage since for the most part I used the katana's backwave parry to knock humans down and final blow them or the other parry that gives you a free back hit. Using parries properly is the key to katana so my stats were more or less oriented to that play style. I killed Hanzo in 3 hits during the Hanzo+Okatsu fight on Way of the Demon with parries. I also had the axe for killing bigger Yokai and things like that as the +skill dmg from Kara-Jishi combined with the mad spinner skill made quick work of any Yokai pretty much. Kara Jishi is also nice because he makes your block a lot stronger which you will probably need to survive encounters with hordes of enemies on WotD. I didn't rely on gimmicks like living weapon or ninjutsu or anything like that since most of those easy mode builds were nerfed. Better to just get good with some weapons you like and make sure you've got a proper stat build without waste and reforge most of your items to get +damage modifiers of the type you want to focus on. It's also smart to get scaling modifiers on your weapons that raise how much of a damage boost you get from certain stats. Make sure you get all the passive weapon skills from weapons you don't use as well since they don't require that weapon to be equipped most of the time.
  13. Easiest way to do it is to just refine the Gilgamesh card that you can win from the final CC group member into 10 holy wars. I went into the fight with Squall in critical hp range so I would not have to bother with the Aura spell then just make sure you've got triple junctioned to his speed stat along with a high strength stat via Ultima junction. You will also want auto-haste and the Lionheart blade ideally. Then just have someone else cast Meltdown on Omega and the other person use holy war. After that you can keep spamming the button to change whoever has a turn back to Squall until it triggers a limit break as he is in critical state. Just keep triggering Renzokuken and use a holy war as soon as the buff goes away. Should be able to beat omega with no damage taken and 2-3 holy wars with this strategy depending on how often Lionheart triggers. FF8 is really easy to abuse because of how strong holy war is and how easy it is to get via card mod. You can do something similar with Zell by just spamming Boo yah and Punch rush, but it will take longer overall than just using Renzokuken with Squall. Keeping Squall in critical range to spam his limit break works for basically the entire game against pretty much everything(just use standard life to revive and keep him in critical if he happens to die). It makes GFs rather pointless.
  14. The main issue with this game is how horrifically programmed it is. It is easily one of the worst performing games I've played on PS4. The incessant loading just trying to run around the different areas is infuriating... it wasn't uncommon for the game to load 4-5 times or more in a minute just trying to run between areas for collectibles. It also randomly crashes and because the save system is so poorly thought out it can cause you to have to clear entire areas again while other times it seems to just checkpoint in a random spot not near Vulgrim. The game struggles to keep anything close to 30 FPS and the combat never feels fully realized because of it. I was always fighting with the game to do what I wanted and respond as quickly as I was inputting commands. It makes the evade counter difficult to perform when the game can't run at a decent framerate. You also can't do any interesting multi-subweapon combos because of the difficulty in seamlessly switching between them. Often times I'd have to stop doing any input for a second or so to get the game to finally swap my subweapon. I think that most people just overlook the issue because you can spam Havoc form through most of the fights on Apocalyptic. I also had the game just fail to load its background/environment assets entirely when trying to get around the areas faster. This game would be horrible to try to speedrun because of all the loading and random glitches it has. It is just really unfortunate because the game would otherwise be pretty decent if it ran well. I don't like that the developers decided to make paid DLC season pass content instead of patching it to run well enough to be remotely enjoyable. I just hope that if they carry on this franchise that they take performance and quality standards a bit more seriously.
  15. I still haven't decided to do Wolfenstein 2, but I kinda gathered that they began to turn the game into more of an over the top experience where immersion doesn't matter anymore. I am just tired of games and movies making me feel like every situation is just a setup for a one line joke. I will always enjoy a game if the gameplay is good, but it is nice to get immersed into a game world beyond just enjoying the gameplay. I would not recommend playing Youngblood until its very cheap and hopefully they will rework the game mechanics or the grind to be a bit less tedious before that happens.