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  1. This may have been an unintended problem with the NA store at one point. I bought the trilogy pack on the NA store in a sale within the last 6 months and it gave me a single trilogy pack download.. I popped the first trophy and I have the platinum list on my profile. Seems that this is no longer an issue with the NA store and if you want the individual no plat lists you have to buy those individual games separately from the trilogy pack.
  2. Definitely a no from me. I used to be vehemently against stacking but as the years have gone on since I started trophy hunting, I have felt some desire to replay games on newer platforms and do the trophies again if I enjoy the games. I do think Sony improperly implemented their trophy system though and ruined it with the PS5 generation. Region stacks should never have been allowed and then making essentially every game have a minimum of two lists now on PS5 is just absurd. They clearly don't care and didn't have any foresight about their trophy system by not having 1 list per game. I think autopops generally ruin the fastest leaderboard which I enjoy participating in. Most PS5 games are just nothing but autopops on the fastest board now. The rarity of games that allow autopops is also not representative or indicative of the effort anymore. There are a large amount of people who would not play the game again legitimately but only did so because it was a free list after transferring their save. You can pick any game that doesn't allow autopop and go read the forums to find that thread where someone asks "autopop?" and then someone replies with no and they say "too bad then, I wont be playing it". I also think one direction autopops that are ps4->ps5 only create a stupid precedent of playing the worse version of the game all of the time. The idea behind this originally when the PS5 first launched was to allow people who didn't have the system yet to pick the game up on PS4 and then transfer their progress to continue playing on PS5 once they acquired the system. The problem is that its nearly 3 years into the generation and this situation no longer has merit so we are just getting a completely terrible precedent carried forward by ignorant developers because it is just another "tradition" that has no meaning like so many other things. I also think it is funny that this site has a rule of flagging people off the ps3 boards if they use their own save file to autopop or earn trophies in an impossible order in the event that they didn't sync trophies and lost their ps3 due to a system failure like yellow light of death or something along those lines. You also are not allowed to use your own ps4 save file to do difficulties out of order, for instance, if you built up your save without syncing trophies properly. However, it is completely acceptable to use your own save file to pop subsequent trophy lists for free on ps4/ps5 if the developer specifically allows it. So whether or not something is cheating is not actually tied to any standards in our community of what is or isn't cheating, but whether or not a developer tells you it is okay to do it. If a developer allows it then anything is on the table; who cares.. pop all the trophies in an impossible order with impossible timestamps, we don't have any standards here.
  3. I'll probably hold off starting it myself until more patches come. I think its completely plausible to wait on playing a game if it has glitches, whether they are gameplay, performance or trophy related. It sucks to go through a game when it is in the worst possible state compared to waiting 6 months to a year and getting a better experience. Paying the most money for the worst user experience is not really ideal. I do think that most of these developers are fully aware of many of the glitches they launch with as well but they don't necessarily care to delay the launch date because of all the red tape and overhead that comes with that. There is also no guarantee they will patch trophies in a timely manner at all. Usually, AAA devs do patch trophies and such, but there is no one holding them accountable for doing it. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2+ for vita never received any patches to fix that game's nonsense trophy list and they were never held accountable by Sony or anyone else. There are no repercussions for just leaving it broken, so if you do care about completion the sensible thing is to wait for confirmation that it is fixed from a patch. I don't see why any of that would be controversial though.
  4. Well you can make a save at the start of the chapter or at the very end of the prior one on a different slot and just load that if you miss a master ninja rank. You can save within the chapter as well if you wanted to make a save before some key fights that are difficult to make the time limits on or the boss fights and just reload that as well if you miss the rank you want. Mostly my suggestion just means to utilize the fact that you have multiple save slots so you don't have to do another run of master ninja difficulty to get a missed master ninja rank.
  5. The 5 Yellow Ether rooms request was my last catalog item as well. I didn't see a single one in my entire grind all the way to level 50 and my first clear of the first 30 floors. I didn't start to see any until I passed floor 30 but I had to go all the way to floor 160 to get 5 of them. I also think it is completely random and shares a spawn with the Tatari and consumable rooms. I tried to go for S ranks on purpose but it does not affect the spawn rate at all; that is just another myth that was thrown around like what normally happens with heavy RNG trophies. After wasting time going for S and gathering every item and still not getting any yellow ether rooms I just went back to speedrunning rooms and got my last one about 40 floors later. It is probably the heaviest RNG request in the entire catalog because it doesn't seem to be related to any sets of floors or personal performance and isn't floor specific like cats or yokai. The worst request, in my opinion.
  6. The PS4 version does have one kinda annoying caveat compared to the PS3 version though. You can't complete the game on normal and then do the final chapter in chapter challenge on Acolyte to get the Acolyte cleared trophy anymore. On the PS4 version you have to do 8 playthroughs instead of 7. You don't have to farm weapon kills or move specific kills with Ryu anymore at least so that saves a decent amount of time, maybe more than the time it takes to clear Acolyte story mode.
  7. I didn't try a knife stunlock method when I did Savage Mutt on hardcore and professional, but there is a way to loop it so that it doesn't do anything if you have enough grenades/flash bangs. If you throw one of those at it.. it always falls down then you can run and stab it on the ground. Then just wait for it to fully get up and throw another grenade/flash bang and repeat until it dies. It is also pretty safe to do this even if you don't clear the ganados out of the village ahead of time as they will also be stunned/knocked down if they are nearby. I think it is the fastest and best strategy for completing this contract on hardcore/pro if you don't want to clear the village first. I think if I were to go for an S+ pro run I'd still probably save before attempting it just in case, but I didn't have trouble completing it pretty quickly on my S+ hardcore run with that strategy.
  8. I used it as my primary weapon on my Standard S+ run.. but honestly I had to keep the rifle/pistol still for backups when I needed ranged accuracy. The gun is similar to the broken butterfly in that it has a huge reticle, no laser sight and takes a long time to focus. It is not suitable for anything beyond close to mid range, but it one shots basically everything outside of bosses which don't last too long either. The firing rate when maxed out was alright to me, I don't remember the exact value but I never got swarmed with how fast I was dispatching enemies. I used the sweeper for my hardcore S+ run and it felt kinda similar with it being completely inaccurate for anything beyond close to mid range. However, I'd say the handcannon is the better pick just because it prevents plaga from spawning a lot when you blow limbs or torsos off with it. It is also easier to kill regenerators with it if you don't want to use the biosense scope on a rifle. It has piercing properties since its a magnum so it can eliminate hordes of enemies pretty efficiently. Can't get much mileage out of it in the village though as you won't have any magnum ammo for the most part so you'll need to use the shotgun/riot gun up until castle.
  9. I didn't have issues with it crashing when I did it with the PSVR2. I did have a different issue where the right PSVR2 controller would not lock onto anything properly in Area X when holding down the X button. I had to quit out and then reload Area X to fix it. It happened multiple times though and never happened in the original Rez stages. Maybe this version of Rez Infinite still has some bugs that need to be patched with the PSVR2?
  10. Pretty much all the guns are viable choices depending how you use them on impossible. I personally used the plasma cutter, flamethrower, pulse rifle and force gun on my run. The plasma cutter is the go to all around weapon that is used most of the time for single enemies or things that are far away so it needs to be upgraded first. I tried the ripper but the damage is not good enough without some serious power node investment on impossible; however it does stunlock very effectively and is very efficient when you upgrade the damage. I had the same issue with the line gun. It feels like a slow, gimped plasma cutter unless you want to cheese with the laser on some object you can telekinesis grab. I used the pulse rifle for the mine and only upgraded it for damage and mine specific upgrades. It is a great burst damage tool and can get you through a lot of the more challenging fights early in the game. You can set mines down when you know enemies will cross that path ahead of time similar to the detonator in dead space 2. I also used the flamethrower.. which is kind of strange on paper but the gun was insanely buffed in the remake. The fire wall secondary fire is absolutely incredible. It burns for an extremely long time with upgrades, stunlocks almost every enemy in the game, does enormous damage and melts flesh for easy dismemberment with the plasma cutter. It pairs super well with the force gun's gravity well which incidentally was the only reason I had the force gun in my loadout for impossible. The primary flamethrower fire is also great for small enemies and makes it super easy to hit the stasis pack on the chest of the fast necromorphs later in the game. You don't really have to aim at all.. just spray em and it always triggers the stasis. I kept the contact beam around the mid game just for killing brutes because it can 2 shot them on impossible with the secondary fire charged up and saves a lot of ammo with other weapons. Contact beam does not need to be upgraded at all either to do that so I recommend stashing it until you are going to need it for a brute fight. I also highly suggest using telekinesis for the pipes and objects that have that blue ring on them since when you spear necromorphs with those.. its always a one shot and makes chapter 2 on impossible a lot easier. Your guns suck that early on so you want to try to save resources when you can.
  11. Temporary cooking buffs in basically any RPG or action/adventure game. Muramasa Rebirth had food that could give you extra hits in one hit kill mode that was super useful. Tales Of games usually have some very useful ones as well. Traps. Anyone who has done random matchmaking in Monster Hunter World would definitely understand this one. Also, in Dead Space 2 they make the detonator one of the best guns in the game.
  12. The trophy guide is just not right with regard to the overall S rank requirement for this game in general. You only need SS on both Crevasse and Vascilia if you want an overall grade of SS. That is not needed for any trophy as you only need the second highest grade which is S. This is quite easy to do as you can save up to like 19 times, continue 4 times, get A on one event and S on the other and still get S. It is not difficult at all but the guide isn't correct. The PS4 version doesn't seem changed at all with regard to how the grading is done to me.
  13. Hello, I got this game in the most recent sale and thought it was a surprisingly polished and well made metroidvania title. Definitely deserves more attention than it has received so far as I didn't have any glitches and its based more around exploration than combat. Anyway, this platinum is not very difficult as the only challenging part is beating the game within 3 hours for the Time Attack Gold trophy. The description of this is a bit misleading, but there is no "time attack mode".. it is literally just the main campaign that you have to beat within 3, 5 and 8 hours from gold to bronze respectively. These stack though and pausing the game pauses the timer. This game has a very large amount of things you have to collect to advance the game forward so a proper route is super important. I had to look at a speedrun video to get through the last area quicker than I was on pace for. This game requires a minimum of 2 playthroughs to platinum. The reason being is that there are two trophies for endings.. a default and alternate ending. The alternate ending only pops up when you start the game on a new file after having beaten it once already. Then you need to pickup the maid costume in the prologue area and carry that to the end of the game to see it. The no death trophy can be cheesed by just quitting to main menu every time you die and just loading your latest save. I tested this on my first run so this trophy is very trivial to achieve. The combat is super simple and there isn't much of a chance to die to anything except bosses or environmental hazards. Some environmental hazards are instant death like being squished by elevators/moving platforms, getting hit by fireballs/lava, running into laser beams or drowning. The game has save stations and also autosaves every time you pickup key items/collectibles. There is a map on steam that shows the locations of all the dark quartz, mega tranchips and secret items. The 4 secret items are scattered in each of the 4 worlds, one each. The in game map will show you where to look for the wandering Dramos after you speak to the Dramos mother, but you have to bring up the map and move the marker down to that category to see them. It defaults to the tranchips markers. It also has one for showing where key items and chests are. The 3 sightings of the black cyborg are not marked on any map in game and I couldn't find any resource online for the locations, but I did manage to find all 3 myself. There is 1 sighting in each of the first 3 worlds. The first sighting is in world 1 to the right of the teleporter to world 2. You have to backtrack to this location to get some tranchips so this is unmissable. The second sighting is in world 2 when you go up to the top of the map on an elevator after placing the wind cog. If you go left and drop down to some statue hand looking thing, you can then jump off to the left where there is a ledge that you can land on and just below it is a dark quartz you need for 100%. The black cyborg sighting happens just above that dark quartz on the ledge you land on there. The final sighting is the easiest to miss. It occurs in area 3 and is just above the frozen lake where you have to downward stab through the ice to get one of those panels to place to open up access to the 4th area, but instead of doing that if you look up there is a ladder you can climb to a ledge where the final cyborg is. For 1000 blocks destroyed, you can farm the ice blocks in world 3 as they respawn. This won't come naturally otherwise. For all gallery pictures.. these unlock after you beat the game once and you can just scroll through them from the main menu. The game manual trophy pops from reading the manual on the main menu as well. For a 99 combo you'll need to use the bike and just drive back and forth killing unarmored enemies and respawning them by moving the screen away. There are a few good spots for this. The area right outside the lvl 1 door lock robot is good.. or the subway metro area in world 2 underneath the bike elevator to get back to the top is good. There is also a good spot at the top of the map in world 2 just to the left of the Mother Dramos. That is all the information I can think of to share right now to make this game's platinum more accessible since it has very little information and its actually a pretty great game. I would recommend giving it a try if you like metroidvania games or just want a relaxing 2D action/exploration game to play.
  14. It has been a while since I did it on the PS4 version so I am just trying to remember exactly how it worked. But I want to say that for the first 200 jumps it was just purely matching my taps with a specific pixel his hand crossed at the apex of his jump, but it also matches the sound of his boots clicking on the ground as well. I was able to close my eyes and get to 200 just hitting the button at the same time his boots clicked, but it was more consistent for me to just hit X when his hand crossed this little pixel for a perfect jump every time; however, this only works on single jumps. For the double dutch movement, I would start at 201 jumps. Getting into the double tap is hard but I think it was immediately after 200 jumps then I'd quickly lay the controller down and start tapping X then Square, rest, x then square, rest.. repeat. The key with that is to match your taps to Vivi's feet tapping the ground. You'll quickly get the rhythm down and anticipate when those taps will come so it will be hard to miss once you get into the zone. Transitioning into the double tap is tricky.. and transitioning out of it is also tricky. I failed one or two times around the 300 transition before I finally got it, mainly because the fast jumps from 301 onwards are quite fast taps compared to the slower double dutch "tap, tap, rest" beat. It might also be worth trying to just thumb tap 201 and 202, then during the rest set the controller down and start the double tap from 203+204 onward. I always treated them as sets of two and just followed the sound of Vivi's boots. I HIGHLY recommend turning off all in game sound except for the tapping of the feet from Vivi as it is the single best indicator of the timing for the double dutch part. I recorded a video of my successful run of this with only Vivi's feet for audio. You can hear that the gallop noise starts at 201-202, rest, 203-204, rest, etc. You can also hear that the last double dutch ends on 300 so the single jump fast taps start at 301.
  15. Did you try setting the controller down on a bed/table top or something like that and just tapping X and Square alternatively with one index finger from each hand? It is much easier to match the tempo doing that.. or at least it was for me. I couldn't make any progress until I started doing that and I got to 1200+ jumps pretty quickly afterward once the 200-300 section felt doable. The rhythm is kinda funky because you want to tap the X then the Square soon after.. then pause for longer than you'd expect before repeating. It isn't a very fast section overall, just tricky.