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  1. kill bill vol 1 & 2 are awesome. what are you using to watch your movies?
  2. Nah man, you just have to reinstall the game + update afterwards. You shouldn't lose your saved data.
  3. The Evil Within.. AKUMU looks like a massive pain in the ass 😂
  4. tried against cpu but it didnt work. I called sony and told them, they sent me an email and i deleted the game then rebuilt the database and it worked. thanks for your help mate.
  5. I havent tried them solo, im guessing they'd be pretty luck based, It's strange how they both unlocked straight away first time we completed them on my brothers account (with 2 controllers) but mine nothing did you get triple crown solo?
  6. Anyone else having issues with trophies not popping? I've got 4 left before the plat, and none of them have popped. I've done 'Reach Out' & 'Triple Crown' about 10 times each with a second controller and nothing, as soon as we did it on my brothers account the first time, he got the trophy. At one point I heard the noise that i got the trophy but still nothing...
  7. I finally got it, I had 3 players 95+ but after messaging one of the achievers, you need to do the training schedules instead of manually choosing which stats you want to upgrade.
  8. Anyone else had problems with 'Cream of the Crop', I got pendlebury to 95 on my second season, now im on my third and it still hasnt popped.
  9. it has been achieved
  10. just got it ffs, i even backed my data up and still get the error. any work around?