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  1. Sometimes. Rarely though, nowadays. The price of a pre-ordered game is around the cost of a good night out where I live, so it's not like a tremendous amount of money for someone in work. I just got tired of bugs that often occur with newly released games. For example, I recall a Watch_Dogs 2 issue that meant no online play for 2-3 weeks and don't even get me started on AC:Unity. Besides, why am I in such a rush to play freshly released games when I already own hundreds of un-played games on multiple platforms?
  2. Same problem here. Got all trophies except for the join a party one. I've put my PS3 into a DMZ, disabled both firewalls (ipv4 & ipv6), rebooted the PS3, verified the NAT Type is 1, launched the game, but even though I can see the online game in the list I can't connect. I'm going to give up and uninstall it. Not a great situation though.
  3. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus And it took me slightly longer than I anticipated... 😂😂😂
  4. Train Simulator on Steam is my favourite example of cynical DLC deployment. If you want all the different trains and routes as well as the game, the total outlay is close to £5,000. The usual reply from staunch defenders of this practice is that you don't NEED to own all that stuff, but inevitably, a lot of people DO want to own everything from their favourite games and simulators. Owners of the base game reluctantly paying £3-£20 for a new train or route every now and then are what keeps this situation alive. What bothers me most is that Train Simulator's graphics are outdated and the engine is poorly optimised, but there's no sucker like a train enthusiast apparently.
  5. Season passes have been a constant source of cynical marketing exercises since shortly after their inception.
  6. For some reason I just could not get into this game when it was first given away through PS+ back in 2012. I tried three or four times but always got distracted by another game I considered more interesting. Then yesterday I fired up my PS3 for the first time in two years, noticed this was still installed and thought I'd give it a shot. I'm loving it. As you indicated all that time ago when you started this thread, it's not an outstanding game but it is a lot of fun. If I end up going for the platinum, it will be the longest I've ever taken to get one from first trophy to last. "Platinum in 6 years, 6 months," may just be the impetus I need to go for it. lol.
  7. Chris, Sam & Jess were my first play-through survivors. Oh and Zombie Josh, I suppose. It's taken me so long to play this game. I must have abandoned it at the prologue four times over the past year.
  8. I got the platinum after two play-throughs on normal and without consulting a single guide. It's very easy imo. I initially found the six-headshots trophy tricky, but it turns out there is a super accurate machine gun with silencer that makes it easy. I was routinely getting 8 headshots in a row with that thing the second time around. It helps if all the enemies are in the same area (you can throw a voodoo doll for this), and I think the silencer helps too because they initially don't know which direction the bullets are coming from. Without silencer they immediately scatter and start ducking, making it problematic.
  9. I took loads in AC Origins. Finding Our Feet in Siwa Lazing on Lake Mareotis Journeying to Alexandria View from the Temple A Sneak at the Palace A Pre-coital Interruption Swimming with the Fishie Silhouettes and Symmetry Pyramid Clingin' The Height of Archery Dejected Infant-ry Every Hill Has Its Leopard An Arrow from Edfu The Dead Roman A Narrow Encounter in Blue Inspiration for the Renaissance One Foot Forward Shameless Roman Symmetry The Cyrene Eagle Red Sky at Night Golden Wonder Nomadic Sunset Silhouette Reminiscing with Senu Free as a Bird Riding off into the Sunset
  10. This post was a mistake and I can't figure out how to delete it. If a moderator can help I'd be grateful. Thanks.
  11. And platinum #30 goes to... 🥁... Assassin's Creed Origins.
  12. It matters because many people use their gaming platforms socially even if you do not. When all of my PS4 friends buy the same game at the same time and when we all use our activity feeds socially but I am the only one unable to share screenshots and videos from my game, it means I am denied access to one of the intended features of the platform and my gameplay experience is reduced. This is not just about trophies not appearing, it's about all activity sharing being denied for specific games.
  13. Just posting an update because it adds another dimension to the situation that I've not read about elsewhere: Ubisoft Technical Support confirmed to me in a support ticket that the game not updating activity feeds is a region/format issue that will be corrected in the next patch. So it seems the developer must enable permissions for individual regions/formats of PS4 games to ensure content can be shared on the activity feeds. This explains why I can't even *manually* share screenshots from ACO, never mind trophies - but all other games can update the activity feed without problems. Next time any of you have a problem with the activity feed not updating, ask yourself how many games you're actively playing at that moment in time. If the answer is one then try playing a couple more. Take screenshots in all of them. Open the screenshots app on your PS4 and manually share a screenshot from each game to the activity feed. If the screenshot from the first game doesn't appear on your feed but the others do, then more than likely it's specific to that game's region or format (or both) and you should let the developer know.
  14. It's actually only happening with certain games for me. I only realised this a few days ago. The Wolfenstein games and Wipeout Omega Collection update the Activity feed fine. Assassin's Creed Origins does not. Uncharted TLL didn't either. For a long time I thought the entire Activity Feed was intermittently failing and fixing itself but that's clearly not the case (for me anyway). Whether it updates or not depends on the game I'm playing..This goes beyond trophies too. If I try to share a screenshot to 'activities' from an affected game (like ACO) it will not turn up on the feed. Do the same with a screenshot from Wipeout OC, and it works perfectly fine. Friends playing Assassin's Creed Origins aren't having this problem, so maybe it only affects the game when bought in a certain region and format? I don't know. (Mine is a British/physical copy.) It's just very weird and annoying. Some of the best screenshots I've ever taken were in ACO the past few weeks and I've been unable to share them on activities with friends doing the same.
  15. So sick of this problem. It fixed itself for me a few months ago but has broken again. Some people say it's related to going into offline mode but I never do that. Trophies of friends are appearing but mine are not. I've checked with an alt account and my trophies and other activities aren't appearing on that feed either.