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  1. I have but for the hell of it, I'm going to try again. If I still don't have it within the hour (and I'm not hopeful) I'm ejecting the disc and forgetting about it. Irritatingly someone on YouTube got this owl to spawn at Lone Mule Stead. I got 18 great horned owls to spawn there not a single coastal one. lol. On the off-chance it's of use to anyone passing through, just ride between A and B repeatedly and on your way back to B (between 9pm-10pm and 3am-4am) an owl will swoop over you and land on the chimney. Naturally if anyone does get the coastal owl to spawn at that location they are going on my sh** list. 😜
  2. I am embarrassed to say how many hours I've spent looking for the coastal horned owl. I have looked in every location possible. I can get the other owls to spawn but not this one. I can get the great horned owl to spawn reliably with minimal hassle at one location in particular so I'm sure I know what I'm doing. I have spent three real-life hours focused around the above location, following the instructions to a tee, but still no coastal owl. I have stood at the point where the character is standing on the above map. I have stood at the location where the waypoint is placed. I have even stood where the horse is standing. Still no coastal owl. I pre-ordered this game and remember putting off the remaining trophies until I had more time but this is just ridiculous. I did not anticipate it being impossible. It feels like a lottery, and I have already spent far more time than I can justify on it. I had hoped to dip into multiplayer but I'm going to lose my mind if I spend any more time in this game. :/
  3. Yeah, the game is an old PS3 title but it was a PS+ 'freebie' and it's not like PSN Profiles wasn't well known in 2012. Anyway, this is probably my favourite metroidvania game and I didn't realise it until recently. The visual style is disarmingly simple but very striking, and the difficulty curve increments with such consistency that it feels like a LOT of work went into fine-tuning it. The bosses are the real challenge though and the last one took me longer than anything Demon's Souls or Bloodborne threw at me. lol. I'm surprised that people are still obtaining the 'Don't Go Alone' trophy in 2019 because it was difficult enough to find other players in 2012 (when I first played it). It's the only one I don't have, and I'm not incredibly bothered about getting it... but I'll happily join a midnight (GMT) session if anyone is trying to get it. Just send me a message on PSN to let me know.
  4. I'm not stopping til I get the S. If it wasn't such a great game, I wouldn't bother.
  5. I haven't done the NG+/Ultimate trophies yet but I noticed that I didn't reach A rank until I was two trophies short of completing Turf Wars (TCTNS Part 2). That was with the base game and The Heist (TCTNS Part 1) both at 100%.
  6. The bolded part was key for me. Nothing would make this trophy pop until I took the mirror ball on a slow, gentle glide upwards into the big chamber with the heart.
  7. It all hinges on whether Colin Moriarty is normally a reliable source. Last I heard, Hidetaka Miyazaki had no interest in working on a remaster, but it's not his IP and Sony could just do it without him.
  8. I don't mind them selling optional add-ons to fund their game. However, it doesn't alter the fact that the networking is garbage, the multiplayer has critical bugs and the ranking system is poorly thought-out. It's a shame because there is a great game underneath it all. I uninstalled it last week. One trophy short of platinum. Just short of platinum ace in multiplayer too. Life is too short to battle a system that keeps de-ranking you because of bugs and networking problems and not through any fault of your own.
  9. Tuesday was the first day I played because I got sick of RDR2 Online. Got nothing but network errors. Wednesday (yesterday) I didn't experience a single network error at all. Today I'm experiencing one network error every 15-30 minutes. I've lost crates, I've lost challenge progress, I even completed a tournament (it took over 15 minutes) and won, only to get a network error before the completion screen could appear. I went back and discovered that the tournament was listed as unplayed. I love the game, but I can't tolerate network errors like this. The errors wouldn't be so bad if Deep Silver had at least had the foresight to cache progress locally so that it's not lost if it can't be sent to the server. I don't really understand why it needs to wait til the end of the race before sending certain progress data to the server. If I complete a challenge in the first match of a tournament, the server should be told about it immediately. It shouldn't be waiting until the entire tournament is complete before trying to send it.
  10. Sometimes. Rarely though, nowadays. The price of a pre-ordered game is around the cost of a good night out where I live, so it's not like a tremendous amount of money for someone in work. I just got tired of bugs that often occur with newly released games. For example, I recall a Watch_Dogs 2 issue that meant no online play for 2-3 weeks and don't even get me started on AC:Unity. Besides, why am I in such a rush to play freshly released games when I already own hundreds of un-played games on multiple platforms?
  11. Same problem here. Got all trophies except for the join a party one. I've put my PS3 into a DMZ, disabled both firewalls (ipv4 & ipv6), rebooted the PS3, verified the NAT Type is 1, launched the game, but even though I can see the online game in the list I can't connect. I'm going to give up and uninstall it. Not a great situation though.
  12. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus And it took me slightly longer than I anticipated... 😂😂😂
  13. Train Simulator on Steam is my favourite example of cynical DLC deployment. If you want all the different trains and routes as well as the game, the total outlay is close to £5,000. The usual reply from staunch defenders of this practice is that you don't NEED to own all that stuff, but inevitably, a lot of people DO want to own everything from their favourite games and simulators. Owners of the base game reluctantly paying £3-£20 for a new train or route every now and then are what keeps this situation alive. What bothers me most is that Train Simulator's graphics are outdated and the engine is poorly optimised, but there's no sucker like a train enthusiast apparently.
  14. Season passes have been a constant source of cynical marketing exercises since shortly after their inception.