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  1. Dragon Quest XI platinum
  2. RNG sucks, just keep trying, it's there. Got his item 6 times on diner and 3 on gym. (from the box)
  3. Just holding circle in the air will make me slide? I'll try it again when I get home from work, thanks a lot.
  4. I'm still having trouble with this trophy lol Recorded my latest attempt: Way more than 10 zombies in this attempt and no trophy :/
  5. I'm in SA, no solo for me. It sucks.
  6. Where did you "farm" his item?
  7. I only need Shawn, saw his item 2 times since his launch...
  8. I'll try again later and record it, it's so frustrating.
  9. Yep, I just killed 20 zombies again, the round ended before the monkey bomb detonated.
  10. So, I already did it more than 10 times today, no trophy. Just killed 20 zombies in a single slide and no trophy either, I watched a lot of different guides and I'm sure that I'm doing it correctly, what's the deal?
  11. I didn't play blackout after 1.06, will check it on saturday.
  12. I already have 14 or something, no trophy
  13. Me too, just created a topic about it, didn't see yours.
  14. Just got 10 wins from mixed games, 2 solo, 2 duos and 6 on quads, no trophy.
  15. Oh boi, you're going to be surprised when you get this trophy rofl