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  1. Hey if you wouldn't mind I'd like your help with the permadeath. I have the Hyperdrive installed but no warp cells. Also got full fuel. Thanks.
  2. Haha thanks. 😄
  3. Yeah I've been fighting with this problem for 2 days. Very annoying.
  4. I can help you out
  5. PSN: Mobeda Platinums: 468 Ultra Rare Platinums: 80 Average Rarity: 41.95%
  6. To answer both of your questions. No cloud sync doesn't help with the dlc transfer from ps4 to ps5. You'll have to replay the whole thing and gather all the collectables again. And you cannot play the dlc on assist mode. Has to be played on classic.
  7. I had the same issue while doing the dlc on the ps4 version. The mission where it kept crashing on me was "No other Choice". What I had to do to get thru it was speedrun the heck out of it. Seems like if it takes you much longer than 10 minutes on that mission it crashes. Hope this helps.
  8. Sign me up for Lombax Praetorian please. I have all the games Plat even the vita versions of all 3.
  9. Offline. Local Co-op
  10. I'm having the same issues. What did you end up doing to get them to pop?
  11. Nice I'll check it out.
  12. So this game's story was amazing and I think anyone who enjoys a good story in a game should play this. The platinum popped right towards the end, but I knew there had to be more to the game. So I continued on for a little longer and lets just say the ending was perfection. Glad I didn't stop at the plat. Also the soundtrack was great. Had to shazam the final song cause it was perfect.
  13. So what method and map did you end up using to get the 2 throwing trophies?
  14. Reminds me of an NES game called Life Force. Great game.
  15. I just finished the other version which is NA and would like to know which version this one is.