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  1. since I got the 2.01 retail version would i be better off not updating or update and follow the trophy guide anyways?
  2. read shards, ones taken during the blue NCPD fights sometimes lead to a gig quest thats just going to a close location and looting a body
  3. i found having monowire equipped wouldnt let me get this trophy for some reason...once i unequipped it i got it on my next attempt at landing the jump
  4. that fight was prob the easiest boss fight ive done so far. with Namba , Eri and Saeko all host/hostess lol cuz he weak to cold and doesnt attack the women only used Guard and Fearless Command with Ichi while others used Sparkling Cannon or heal Ichi fight was cake walk
  5. just got it doing the Ravager Lullaby Puzzle while Offline in Adventure Mode
  6. its around 50hours to plat...none missable according to most the sites i follow reviewed
  7. i recommend like the others just go to Hero Starfights under Heroes Vs Villians, got the last 15 i needed in a few games. crash your hero ship as soon as match starts then select the 1st fighter on select screen... found rebel side easier to get the kills since fighter also has a turret L1+R1
  8. Starting a new game after redownloading according to previous game save I have 6 hours played but have no idea what I should be doing and party keeps dying. Any recommended party members I should be aiming for?
  9. back when i played it on 360 i took out rockets and machine guns on the big monster claptrap then hide in the building and left it running while i went to work lol you'll basically let the thing spawn the kamikazi clap traps and let the big machine run them over killing em while ya go afk for few hours
  10. go back and look at the season 3 episode select screen be sure they say complete on each episode and all gold medals. i had to do 1 of the episodes again the next day after it was released cuz for some reason none of the progress got saved in the game
  11. shouldnt have a problem doing this wit jeremy since he use a bigger gun magazine in the last of the 3 to shoot, also had a better time going into ps4 button settings and swapping the left and right stick just for the shooting part so that i aimed with the right stick
  12. i dont get the drifting in this game seems to sensitive, most of time i lose speed and just run the back end around and just end up going into the grass/wall on the inside of the turn
  13. Yes same problem and it goes away pretty fast most of time i cant even read half of it before its gone
  14. done this numerous times and still havent got the trophy also the Surgical Strikes, New Recruits and Greater Good Trophies even tho i have finished all the Quest and DLC and quest log shows every quest related to those trophies as being complete
  15. Can someone explain it to me there is 4 packs but im only able to get 2(Dragon of Dojima, Kamurocho fun) of them as Kiryu now i'm just barely into chapter 2 but i'm guessing the other 2 would be while playing as Majima? Dragon of Dojima Pack Sotenbori Fun Pack Kamurocho Fun Pack Mad Dog of Shimano Pack