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  1. I got 516.05 by using Sir Globrax after multiple runs of .04 and .02. Think it is luck based but I'm pretty sure I tapped on the last baddie on the .05 run if that helps. Desperately hoping that no 'expert' comes along and posts a better run....
  2. 50 dungeon crawls can be done as DM, player or combination of both. As noted elsewhere the counter is glitchy on DM, not sure if it is as a player as well (I lost count). Off-line solo may count for this too, but I have not tried to confirm.
  3. Coop. Sorry, I wasn't clear. If I selected restore I stayed in the same room and the next cut-scene didn't trigger and I was stuck. When I selected 'Load last save' it went back to the forlorn cliffs and I was able to make my way back through to the ending again. If your party is wiped out it does a 'restore', which is fine for the first battle, but if your AI isn't working on the second part, it will still be off after the 'restore'. Although one time the AI did come back on after being wiped out, but I don't know what actually happened as I left the screen through frustration and came back mid cut-scene. It is only the last time after seeing Metal Slime King's suggestion that I got through without any problems. One occasion when the second battle boss was down to about 25% health the quest complete message came up, so it may trigger the 'Dedicated' trophy element for that character, but until I do the others I can't be sure.
  4. Thanks Metal Slime King. I just tried it without the Cleric in the party and destroying the stone, with same result. But as you suggested making the cleric do her thing wakes the rest of them up and the last bit is easy if you have some potions. Appreciate your help. Thank you!!!
  5. Does anyone know why my AI characters decide to just stand there and do nothing during the second part of the final battle? Also annoying is if you die on that battle (which is not unexpected when your healer is passively admiring a demon's efforts to kill his party) the restore afterwards does not trigger the battle again and I have to go back to load the last level which puts me back before the pre-battle cut-scenes. Am I missing an AI setting somewhere? The 2 seem connected as the only time the cut-scene worked properly on a reload the AI did its stuff and it was pretty simple.
  6. Took me 43 DM crawls to get Master of Dungeons.
  7. *facepalm* Playing the DM mode on 'hard' gives significantly more XP, and I now see how that level jump could be done in the suggested time. @jayboo - I think you need to level 6 separate chars (one per class) to level 20, so a XP grinding method would be a big time-saver. Possibly this method could boost 4 people at once? Not sure if XP is shared.
  8. I have been trying this and it does give a bonus the summoning grind, but seems pretty slow for levelling. Best combination for me so far was kiling a Duergar cleric with beserkers for 24xp every 6 seconds or so, but this yields less than cheesing the first quest of the rage of demons story, and causes occassional crashes. Happy to try a better combination if anyone finds it.
  9. This is still possible, but you need to beat someone on your friend's list with a time in the top 1000 for the track/cc. I can confirm it works on the DLC tracks which have less than 1000 entries, otherwise your best bet may be Japan 2000cc, which has a lowest time of about 2:47 which is easily beaten if you are using a secondary account to self-boost, but be aware that I got a message saying upload failed when I posted the time, but it did appear on the leaderboard about an hour later.