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  1. You need patience, sometimes the game doesn't register some hives. Keep going and don't give up, you will get it soon.
  2. No issues from me. Keep playing as usual and you should get it. I'm fighting for the 100 AIM rescues, 50 strongbox and 50 hives 🥲.
  3. Hey guys, this trophy is fixed. No need to downgrade the patch or anything. I just got it by upgrading one of my equipment to lvl 140. You can check my profile as well. Basically, what I did was to upgrade my equipment by buying things every certain time at Roy's store as you will get higher level equipments than you have.
  4. 1. Rock Band 3 - (0.20%) 2. Rock Band: The Beatles - (0.22%) 3. XCOM: Enemy Unknown - (0.93%) 4. GTA 4 - (0.93%) 5. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus - (0.95%) Those are my rarest platinums and I enjoyed all of them, even the Rock Band games which I miss to play!!!
  5. This is old news but the studio is no longer work on updates or anything, since 2020.
  6. I think they are fixed, I got two of the "bugged" cyphers on biome 2 but it wasn't as the game counted them in my log, the video for biome 2 that appears on the trophy guide is from 2021 so in that time was bugged but it's already fixed.
  7. Hey guys, I'm missing one cypher from biome 2 and I don't know which one. I have checked all videos and I have all the rare ones and I'm not sure if there is a glitch or something. I have 19/20 and PS5 track says 99%. Is this trophy keep glitching? Edit: Hey guys, nvm. I missed cypher 11/20. Never saw this side room at desert but now it's done at my first try from today. The RNG is insane for the platinum but I enjoyed the game a lot!
  8. I would like that those classic get a trophy list but it's silly to not play a classic because they don't get a trophy list 🙄.
  9. You came too laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate to the party, you need a boost in this one because there is no one, at least in all races and a good tracking system of what you have won because if not, you will lose a lot of time trying to find what you missed, just like me!
  10. I've seen this and when you try to check their profile is private 🧐.
  11. I just beat Endless Eclipse with Casca and Judeau and I think they were really easy to complete. I love Casca because she has the combination that makes her super useful and makes all battles super easy to complete, with Femto is a different thing. You can do that combo with the first two life bars but in the last one, as he spams the bubble attack, you have to do it slowly. With Judeau was different, the combo is slower but same as powerful as Casca and the ultimate attack is much better than Casca's. I need to complete 99 floors with Schirke, Zodd and Wyald and I am done. Love this game so far!
  12. Thx for sharing this, it may be a plus to pay for the premium ps for us trophy hunters! I love your trophies to fight cancer image!
  13. It happened to me with Elden Ring, just wait until tomorrow and you will get it.
  14. No, it means that he saved in different parts of the game. When you finish the game, instead of selecting a new game, you select continue and load one of the previous saves. Then, you get a character that you didn't get before and finish the game by defeating final boss in Opassa Beach, then he replace the original save and then continue on another save from the first walkthrough to get another character.
  15. I did try this but the game just crash when I was two racket boss left to finish. 😩😩😩 I think I will do the change to patch 1.09 because it would be a hell of a platinum.