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  1. Let's see, Rock Band 3 as you need all instruments, normal and pro, to get all trophies but I could do it because of some friends of mine lent me their pro instruments! Rock band The Beatles as this was a true challenge because of all the variations of each trophy, I really enjoyed this one. Destiny as I did the no death in a raid by myself without any help. Crota's raid solo and practising for 3 days. And for last, Resistance 2. The 10000 kills trophy was insane but really funny as it was a good multiplayer.
  2. I don't like the trophy list. They did the same thing as FF7 trophy list, it doesn't have the full steam achievement list.
  3. #156 - Way of the Samurai 4 It is a great game and really fun but most of the trophies are time consuming, which is the only thing that I hate from the game but the rest is really awesome to do! Personal difficulty: 5/10, once you get used to the samurai movement, it gets easy and ever more with a good fighting style. Fun: 6/10, I really enjoyed this game, fun story, fun mechanics, even the bugs were enjoyable Playtime: 145h, as I said before, most of the trophies are time consuming such as getting all fashionable items and fighting styles. Psn Rarity by PSNProfiles: 1,71%
  4. Hello everyone, I just want to let you know that this trophy may take like 50-60h of gameplay to obtain. If you have a good fighting style and enable the online option, it may take less time. In my case, I used the Bugyo swordfighting that you can obtain from the last boss from the Amihama Eight mission. Cheers!
  5. I have searched for this on the Internet and found that it was planned to have a re-release as a Plus version but only in Japan.
  6. No, it's not like you said. It's having your character invade other players games that is why I was asking about the length of this trophy: I know that if we want to cooperate each other, what we have to do is to be friends, search for your character and get killed once, then retry and go to the cemetery and talk to the white horse to get revenge, your character will appear again and get killed 14 times more and that's it.
  7. Hello :wave:

    I have played 13, 13-2 on the PS3 (with getting the platinum in the latter). I even played FFX and X-2 way back during the PS2 days, but having to get all the weapons and accessories from the Adamantoise/tortoises sucks ass. In my main playthrough I spent over 150 hours trying to get the trapezohedrons, and I don't even know if I got 6 of them. What's even worse is that I may have sold some stuff that I shouldn't have, so now I don't know what I am missing.


    I do have the official strategy guide book, and did a new playthrough a long time ago, but now I am at the point where I need to grind levels in order to not only max out my stats, but go back to beat most of the cloister trials (or titan trials, I forget the exact name).


    As for X and X-2, I bought the vita versions, but I don't know if I want to spend another 100+ hours going for the platinum.


    So far my plan is to clean up my backlog (I almost platinumed Rocket League, but I can't do online until I go back to Canada this September), and my 200th platinum will be either Mugen Souls or Clannad.

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      @Dreggit thank you. Do you have 14 platinumed?

    3. Dreggit
    4. Carttagos


      FF XIII was my second platinum, I remember that it took my so much hours to get trapezo. 


      What I can suggest you is to find a checklist and just verify what you have and what you don't have. 


      For FFX looks like it will take you time but if you know every little thing of that game, it would be better really quick to complete. The only annoying part may be to upgrade all the sphere system but that's it. For FF X2, I haven't started to play it but it is on my pending list. 


      Remember, just make quick checklist of what you have and what you miss and it would be more easier to know where are you. 

  8. Hi! I don't know what recommend you but I would say that you should plat any Final Fantasy, they are good and cool! My suggestion is to start with FFX!
  9. Hi! I have found more players while I play so I am guessing that my ghost is out there killing other players (?) somewhere. I am asking about the trophy length because I do not have anyone who has the game actively but if you are interested then it would be good to do it together and play without any worrying about the online trophy. I know that if you want to see any other player ingame, you have to open the dojo and have a couple of pupils. That will make that any other player invade your game, it's not that hard and it's doesn't take too much time to do it. Just add me if you want!
  10. I would recommend you Cosmic Star Heroine, it is a good RPG and it's relative short to platinum, I got it in 3 days. Battle system is like CHRONO trigger and it has lots of things to do, very entertaining!
  11. Hey, you took my position! You cannot post only to comment
  12. Hi everyone, I would like to know the average time that it takes to get the World wide warrior online trophy. I think it's the only concern that I have for this platinum, the rest seems that it is just grinding. Thank you!
  13. I would go for Nioh, I have the game but I haven't started to play it yet 😅😅
  14. This is like RL... If you mess up, there is no turning back
  15. My last ultra rare is Tales of Zestiria platinum (check my profile). (3,66%) That makes my 218th ultra rare trophy and 38 of them are platinum.