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  1. Can someone confirm if it is necessary to talk to the cactus everytime you finish a quest to get the trophy or you get all entries that you couldn't register in NG+ at once and get the trophy as well?
  2. Don't be afraid of the "Mein Leben" difficulty of The New Colossus. The courtroom part is one of the easiest part of the game if you know how to deal with it, you can look for tons of YouTube videos now with great strategies, you will only need courage and train in "I am death incarnated" difficulty if you struggle in some part. I got it recently and it was a great experience! 😉😉😉
  3. I would delete Section F revisit, Manhattan revisit and New Orleans. For me, those parts are easy to complete. My deads were on wheelchair a few times, a couple in Manhattan before the subway part, Panzerhund ride and one in Ausmerzer. In fact, I never replay any level in IADI for my mein leben runs, never saw it necessary if you follow YouTube walkthrough videos.
  4. I'm not 100% sure but it may have its own stack because already includes all DLCs? or includes the updated version on disc and it is not necessary to update via Internet? Just a couple of ideas but we will not be 100% until someone verify that information 😉.
  5. This may be the "greatest hits" version of Yakuza 3 which you may find now instead of the original version. This happens when they reprint the same game but with the "The Best" logo on the front cover making the normal version without the "The Best" logo almost impossible or not to obtain unless you buy a second hand copy.
  6. This is true if you play alone but if you finish the game and do some quickmatch with a friend or other players, you will get one ability point per each submission you complete in their match. Doing that, make this trophy easier. I got the trophy at level 74.
  7. Enlighten me with the terms mr./ms. Moderator. On my understanding, a trophy hunter always goes for the platinum, not the 100%. A trophy completionist always goes for the 100% including DLCs. If you are a trophy hunter, why you are complaining about unobtainable trophies?
  8. What I don't understand is why you can consider yourself a trophy hunter if you can't get an online trophy? Why would you play online at first place if you know that you won't get them? Why would you play unobtainable trophy games in your main account?
  9. Today is a good day for me cuz I beat the "Mein leben" difficulty of Wolfenstein 2. LIFE IS BEATIFUL, PEOPLE. The New Colossus Collect all trophies. Ultra Rare 0.83%
  10. I know! I played Wolfenstein 2 thinking that it was as the rest of the games but then I saw that "Mein Leben" trophy and I though: s**t, this is impossible! I messed up my profile. You need patience, analyze all mein leben run videos and play a couple of times per day. If not, it would be harder. Glad that I did it!
  11. I just f****** did it! Thx for your video, BigBossImBeamer's videos and for the advices that you gave me in your youtube channel! I think this has been one of the most difficult trophies that I have earned!!!! THANK YOU!!
  12. That trophy is kinda buggy. Follow these steps and see if you can get it.
  13. Hi, I think it was already fixed but in any case, I found the discord server link in the same MP as there is one player ID as the server link. You could also send a PM to BoredJosh and ask him for it.
  14. Do you always say what you think? Your comment is out of place.
  15. Hey! I got it with the same ppl on Discord. They have taken control of MP servers until Aspyr decide to change a couple of things in the MP as they have messed up everything with the multiplayer mode. So, for the moment, they are the only ones that can change the FFA mode game in the Power Duel mode and get the trophy if you ask them nicely, they are good people.