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  1. Mini games are really good. You are complaining about the AI difficulty, not the mini games.
  2. This is not your kind of game then. It would be ironic if you like Demon Souls or Dark Souls but not SotC because it doesn't give you too much directions
  3. Press X really quickly and use the boost to go to the other side of the wall, that's it.
  4. Mine is Disgaea 4, I played it back in 2012 and seemed impossible but now I have retaked the game, I understand better the things the game can offer and I believe that I can get it soon. From 42% left in 2012, now is at 62% and it is something. 2020 is my year!
  5. I suggest you to use the Destiny 2 app to find teams, there are always people asking for help or to fill a position in their teams.
  6. I had the same issue before but then I realised that you can use the attack buff twice and accumulate the effect for better damage. I was lvl 69 or 70 if I remember well.
  7. No issues here, I posted the pic just to "inspired" you to come back and try again. I understand you 100% as I like to try to platinum hard games.
  8. So, is it correct to cheer up a guy who's complaining about that this game is based on luck??? Someone has to do the dirty work here, and my advise for you was and it will be play, play and play. I suffered with this game, you have no idea, but I did not waste like 30m posting about how unfair is this game. Gaming has always been like this, you have to train if you want to succeed. Cheers.
  9. Don't lose time posting your complains, what you have to do is play and play and play. If you frustrate yourself, you will get nothing. That's how I got it.
  10. I would say that Rock Band: The Beatles is my favorite platinum. It was the first game that I bought for PS3 without having a PS3 and that game was magical, colorful and VERY difficult to get as each song was really a challenge. Best memory that I have is when I got the I Got Blisters on my Fingers trophy (which is getting Helter Skelter 100% in drums) four years later.
  11. Awesome.  I just started Trails of Cold Steel myself.  Glad to see you're making good progress on it!

    1. Carttagos


      Yes! It was boring the first couple of hours but is getting better, I really like it!! 

    2. DoctorGameGeek


      I just made it into Celdic last night for the first field trial or whatever it's called.  Not bad!  Laura ain't no joke with the zweihander.  😁

  12. I have one platinum that broke me, it is Disgaea 4, because it's too much grind. However that's not the issue, when I played I felt that it was almost impossible to level up and defeat all enemies in the latest lvls and the way how I was lvling up was too slow and that it may take more than 300h to get it. I'm preparing mentally to get the platinum this year and finally have my game list completed. After that, I need to finish Cloudberry Kingdom (I'm at the second last lvl which is one of the harder lvls) and Black Desert and I'm done!
  13. I would go for Trail of Cold Steel III, I still have to play the first two games. Those will be my next platinums!
  14. I would say that they want quantity and not quality trophies. I hate those trophy hunters but they can play what they want tho. In my case, I try to play good, harder and classic games just to prove myself if I am good enough or not to get the platinum.
  15. Moose? What moose? Lol. I took like 1 day trying to find a stupid bird, it was pretty annoying but after that, it was easy to get the 100%