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  1. There is no need to act like a dick about it and yes I have already ordered my £1247.89 worth of PC parts so this is the end of my console gaming I am afraid, bye!.
  2. I'd like to add that steam sales are currently destorying sony's digital market right about now, I should switch to PC gaming, it's not like sony's got any great deals going on at the moment to make me a stay with them, 19.99 for tomb raider and only 2.99 on steam lol wow just wow!.
  3. You don't need facebook, you can use a smart phone though privacy I understand which is why I don't count it.
  4. Unfortuantly download speeds are all to do with you're internet, you are probably really far from you're local exchange as it all comes down to distance from you to the green networking box or whatever you have that powers you're internet connection.
  5. No you're point was about (custom avatars should be free and they are free, you can use the profile picture service on the PS4 (if you're into having you're name shown of course) yes unfortuantly the PS3 charges for avatars though I'm sure it'll be the same should they make them available for purchase on the PS4.
  6. Well the profile picture service allows you to use a custom picture uploaded through facebook or on you're phone, though not something I'd actually use since they want us to show our real names to players & psn friends,, no thank you! don't mind the custom pic but not my name being shown to non real friends or family (privacy)
  7. I am paying full price? lol really? then explain why I found GTA V today for only 28.97 for PS4? when the digital copy is 54.99... I already have a ton of money, I'm just complaining about digital games being high priced! don't think they're worth the £ that's all... I know they are a business! I'm not an idiot mate.
  8. I totally agree mate.
  9. Shouldn't premium avatars be for sell on both PS3/PS4 systems? why does it have to be a PS3 only feature? I don't like the default ones at all well maybe the sly one but that's it, the rest is garbage, sure they have that profile picture feature but I don't actually like using that because then I'd have to reveal my real name to the net and I like my privacy so that's like forcing us to have our real names shown if we want to change our profile/avatar picture for free, I'd happly use that feature if the "show real name" crap was removed and just let us use a custom picture, I can understand themes being very minimal at the moment due to a different design to the OS and the console being fairly new etc I know but they could at least focus on the PS4 a little more than the PS3 in terms of say deals on games, actually allow premium avatars to be purchased through PS4 in stead of trying to replace it with the profile picture feature and also add as much themes as the PS3 because as buzz said everything is limited.
  10. I hope physical never goes away anytime soon.
  11. Heavily supported like on the PS3? yeah I agree, PS4? no I don't agree, 54.99 for GTA V is outrages! mate, not to mention all the games on there are over priced considering they're last gen titles I expect at least good deals on em and I know I could get a great deal from physical, I just can not get my head around the prices for PS4 digital titles, should be what, 19.99/29.99 max for ps+ members! I don't exactly know how much digital PS4 games are for you guys in the states but here in the uk they are rocket high.
  12. That's what I currently do, but I expect digital to be cheaper! don't you?
  13. Coca cola vanilla.
  14. mcdonalds
  15. The digital market does seem like a rip off, I know new games come out and prices have to be right but 54.99 is not right at all, I could buy a smart phone for that which is worth more than a video game, digital games should be no more than 19.99/24.99.