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  1. The 9th of October was the Club's fifth anniversary. Although I'm a bit late I want to thank everyone who partecipated in the past few years. I wish you all the best. Good trophy hunting!
  2. Unfortunately "√Letter" can't be used as a #. I checked your profile and you achieved "36 Fragments of Midnight". I will use this one for #
  3. Yeah, I checked as well and he's missing a few letters.
  4. @Shmeefly does have a UR game for each letter except #, H and Q. He used (UR) not for the game itself but to mark that he has a UR game in that letter. He probably just used his favourite game. Once you are ready to submit your Epsilon list you will need to use a UR entry for each letter tho. Nice list anyways!
  5. I always prefer when someone use their proudest or favourite games for each letter. Unless you're about to submitting a Epsilon tier list you may as well ignore the rarest plats BTW You got some really impressive plats, Congrats!
  6. Everything updated Congratulazioni to you 🥳
  7. Astro's Playroom my first PS5 Platinum.. Just 4 :platinum: left to 100.. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Winston


      @LukeTheGooner GTA San Andreas is one of my favourite games of all times so that's probably going to be 100 :)

      Thanks to everyone :D

    3. LukeTheGooner


      that's going to be a grind

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  8. Congratulazioni 😁
  9. I got a new letter! W: WWE 2K Battlegrounds
  10. Just missing that easy #numbered platinum to become Alpha 😏
  11. Hi, I added Zero Escape from Zero Time Dilemma
  12. Comment of the day 🤣 I won't delete any of you from the list. This name swap does not make any sense. Anyone who already got the platinum will keep it as a Q title if they wish. If someone ever achieve the game from now on of course will get it as a J.
  13. Damn 007 Legends as well...🥲
  14. Yes, you can change any letter whenever you want.