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  1. Yeah, getting every version of sound shapes doesnt take skills but in the end in this type of leaderboard you would hide many platinums which actually took some damn effort.👎
  2. My PC is basically dead and it runs pretty slow with so much text. I thought i might transfer the leaderboards to a google file. The original posts will have a list of players for each rank but without the full AZ game list wich will be available in the doc. Its a kinda long process to transfer every list but it will allow me to update the leaderboards from my smartphone much faster. I could even give permission to edit the doc to someone trustable. Let me know your thoughts and if you have any idea. Thanks guys.
  3. The thread will be updated tomorrow
  4. Its a really easy game IMO. Most cheats dont even disable trophies.
  5. Not an Hard platinum but I'm really proud of it. I always loved the franchise 💖
  6. I mean.. I would like to have something with "Winston" but I have had "pese-97" as my name for more than 5 years now so.. I'm confused on what i should do.. 😝
  7. I reached 2k points. Qualified and know the game is allpwing me to reach another 2k for another weekend so i guess u can bank points
  8. Yh its weekly so you have to get them in a week otherwise you'll start from 0
  9. Loved this game on Android but 30€ on ps4??? Just to expensive. Ill get this once it gets a nice sale
  10. Seeing such a big bridge collapse was mindblowing. I used to take it at least a couple of times a week and many times I also got stuck in traffic in that point. My thoughts are going to the families of the 43 victims. Here you can see what happened.


  11. Q.U.B.E 2 is on sale now 👀
  12. 1984, George Orwell.
  13. 746.. I'll eventually play all my games stories and get as many trophies as i can.
  14. THREAD UPDATED Hopefully I haven't missed anyone. Nice trophyhunting guys!
  15. Since √ isn't a letter/number I count the first letter (in this case "L"). GG 😂