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  1. Not an Hard platinum but I'm really proud of it. I always loved the franchise 💖
  2. I mean.. I would like to have something with "Winston" but I have had "pese-97" as my name for more than 5 years now so.. I'm confused on what i should do.. 😝
  3. I reached 2k points. Qualified and know the game is allpwing me to reach another 2k for another weekend so i guess u can bank points
  4. Yh its weekly so you have to get them in a week otherwise you'll start from 0
  5. Loved this game on Android but 30€ on ps4??? Just to expensive. Ill get this once it gets a nice sale
  6. Seeing such a big bridge collapse was mindblowing. I used to take it at least a couple of times a week and many times I also got stuck in traffic in that point. My thoughts are going to the families of the 43 victims. Here you can see what happened.


  7. Q.U.B.E 2 is on sale now 👀
  8. 1984, George Orwell.
  9. 746.. I'll eventually play all my games stories and get as many trophies as i can.
  10. THREAD UPDATED Hopefully I haven't missed anyone. Nice trophyhunting guys!
  11. Since √ isn't a letter/number I count the first letter (in this case "L"). GG 😂
  12. I use the PSNP name so nope, it doesn't count.
  13. Im just quite busy with work 😣. Sorry if the thread wasnt updated in quite a while. I'll update everything one of these days. In september i will start my studies and probably become 100% busy. I might give the thread management to someone else. Have a nice day guys ♥
  14. Since i started trophy hunting i play games based on the trophy list lol. A trophy for a hard playthrough? I'll play on hard.. Otherwise I usually play on normal to have a balance between difficulty and fun.
  15. I would like but unobtainable trophies screwed me. Since I ain't start a fresh account Im aiming for a stable 90+%