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  1. Just missing that easy #numbered platinum to become Alpha 😏
  2. Hi, I added Zero Escape from Zero Time Dilemma
  3. Comment of the day 🤣 I won't delete any of you from the list. This name swap does not make any sense. Anyone who already got the platinum will keep it as a Q title if they wish. If someone ever achieve the game from now on of course will get it as a J.
  4. Damn 007 Legends as well...🥲
  5. Yes, you can change any letter whenever you want.
  6. Its an open event with no deadline. This thread won't ever close, I may stop updating it but then someone else will take control of the Google Sheet This is the reason why I would prefer to leave y'all Quantum of Solace as a Q title even if they won't change it.
  7. @dakk55 @Mendant909 @VeldinX @Saionji Forgot to Check outsite Alpha tier.. there are 4 more guys affected by this change. I may leave Quantum of Solace as a Q.. we'll see
  8. The name on PSN changed? Anyways none of the guys have a backup title. I suppose it's fair to give these people a chance to keep their status. Starting today, you will have 3-4 months to earn another platinum with the Q letters. @Banana_Sausage47 @monkeydluffy512 @Property_Damage @Steva24 @Stevieboy This isn't a final decision, other ideas are welcome.
  9. It's always a pleasure to see new threads inspired by the AZ Platinum Club. Any challenge for the community is always welcome. Here's my list! # Arcade Archives: Bubble Bobble Battle Islands C Datura E Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Gone Home Hitman I Jetpack Joyride K L Minecraft • Set 2 NBA 2K17: The Prelude O PlayStation Home Q Race The Sun S The Walking Dead: Season 2 U V W X Y Z
  10. Welcome in the club! I will add you tomorrow! This is a big problem.. there are 5 more players with this platinum.. I Will go through their profile tomorrow and update the lists. The banner most likely wont change, I will ask the designer if its possible to edit it.
  11. Congratulazioni to you!
  12. #91 Zero Time Dilemma (PS4) Zero Escape Time: 7 Hours I'm gonna be honest, I saw this game on sale and I decided to get it for the AZ Platinum Club.
  13. The new Disney Pixar film "Luca" is set in Ligury, my region. The white cat you'll see in the film is actually inspired by "Seppia", a real cat wondering around in Boccadasse near my house. Can't wait to see it 🥰

    1. Edunstar84


      I would love to visit more places in Italy. I've only been to Rome and Venice. I loovveeee gelato! There's an Italian couple who travel around selling gelato in cartons, but it's not the same thing. 

  14. Yesyerday i got my Z title. "Zero Escape" from Zero Time Dilemma:)
  15. -From the OP: 2- You need to have at least 15/27 letters in your profile to join the Club. 3- You need at least 50 posts on the forums. This is done to make sure you won't post once and then never come back. Unfortunately you haven't met the minimum entry requirements yet. As soon as you have at least 15 platinums in 15 different letters and 50 posts on the forum I'll be glad to add you in the AZ Club