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  1. 1. You can change letters whenever you want. Just be sure to write a new post with all the changes. 2. You don't need to complete 100% of the game. The Platinum is enough for this club
  2. I see you also have # and L platinums. I added them as well
  3. You can always join with platinums you already got and update the list as you complete the games on the list above your choice
  4. It sounds good to me, I will update the OP once i have a bit more time
  5. Every game must be UR when you submit your list for Epsilon tier. Of course you can't apply using a brand new game that people are yet to complete. If a game change rarity after the list is submitted it still count and you won't lose your title. I think this is a fair solution to the problem Do you want me to update the list with the new titles or leave the old ones?
  6. Congratulations! You are the 25th Alpha Collector! One day maybe i'll join all of you
  7. Welcome to the club!
  8. That's quite a hard achievement.. it's always nice seeing new hunters trying this challenge! Good Luck
  9. There are two reasons why I moved the lists to Google sheets.. primarily because threads only support a certain amount of characters and we were about to hit the limit. Also while on PSNP no one but me can update the lists, on google sheets I could easily nominate an admin to do the work for me if needed to. That being said I only left Alpha, Epsilon and Japanese lists because there are just few players who got them. Hopefully I addressed your question Better now than never You have 22 anyway
  10. I dont get what you are talking about(?) What you are expecting to find on the main page?
  11. Unfortunately you need at least 15 letters to join the club. that's fine tho you can update this list until you have reached the minimum requirement for Delta Collector. At that point I will be delighted to add you to the Club! Congratulations!
  12. Welcome to the club! Thanks I somehow swapped Wolfenstein with the U title and put It in V
  13. I somehow lost The Last Of Us 2 play disc :) GG for me

    1. LukeWarm115


      In a different case maybe? That sucks tho :(

    2. gruffiiti


      Any of your friends start it up recently? :ninja:

    3. Winston


      Late reply.. its my brother fault.. he gave it to a friend 😂😤

  14. I finally wrote my list. I have 23/29 letters. ~ #UniteInSpeed (DRIVECLUB) # Agent 47 (Hitman Go) Be Greater (MARVEL Spider-Man) Champion of the Gods (God of War Ascension) Done Done Done (Jak 2) Enjoy Your Powers (InFamous Second Son) Football Legend (FIFA 14) G Hong Kong Legend (Sleeping Dogs) I'm Batman (Batman Telltales series) Julius Caesar (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood) K Los Santos Legend (GTA V) Master Assassin (Assassin's Creed 2) No.1 Fan (FIFA 18) Over the Edge (Mirror's Edge) Platinum ( COD Black Ops) Quote Unquote (One Word by POWGI) Retro Gamer (Pac-man) Super Biker (DRIVECLUB Bikes) The Need For Speed ( NFS Heat) Ultimate Sim Guru (The Sims 4) Virtuoso (Rocket League) We Always Had Faith In You (Far Cry 5) X Ye've Done It (Burly Man At Sea) Z non-English
  15. Everything updated. It's nice to see people trying new challenges. It's already hard to keep track of everything so I won't add any new Google sheets or lists myself. I still have a few empty posts for new content so if someone want to create any new lists I can always add a introduction and link to your google sheets.