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  1. *Credit to @VeldinX for the banner! Welcome to the A-Z Platinum Club. This Club was originally created by @Dr_Mayus with the intent of bringing the most dedicated completionists together. The Club is open to anyone who meets the requirements and it will track your progress toward the Epic AZ Platinum Collection. How to join? After you have finished to read the Requirements section below you can submit your list in a post and if you meet the Requirements you'll be added to the Club. Once you earn a new letter for your AZ collection simply post your updated list specifying which letter you want to add. Below you can see two examples of how you should submit your list to make my job easier: Based on the amount of letters you have, you'll be placed in one of the 4 Ranks: Alpha Collector! You achieved all 27 letters. Beta Collector! You achieved 23-26 letters. Gamma Collector! You achieved 19-22 letters. Delta Collector! You achieved 15-18 letters. Epsilon Master! You achieved a UR platinum for each of the 27 letters. Since Japanese games aren't part of the main Club (for language reasons) we decided to give a special reward to anyone who achieve a Platinum for any Japanese Game: Japanese Lover! You Platinumed a Japanese titled game. REQUIREMENTS FOR JOINING 1- No hacked/flagged games on your account. This is a clean Club. 2- You need to have at least 15/27 letters in your profile to join the Club. How to decide the games: - 100% games (games without a platinum) do not count for the AZ Collection. - I use the PSNP games list to decide the letter of a game which means that The Walking Dead, for example, is a T game instead of a W. You can see the full list on the useful links. - If you have 2 or more games with one letter you must decide which one you want to be showcased on the OP. - You also need a # game (a game like 007 Legends) to get the AZ Platinum Collection to 100%. - Games with Japanese titles are only eligible for the special award. 3- You need at least 50 posts on the forums. This is done to make sure you won't post once and then never come back. USEFUL LINKS Check the original thread! The whole PSN games list: #, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z. If you are searching for a Japanese game you can use the Other games section. Tho not all those games are japanese so be aware of your choice. Use Gaming Sessions to get some new letters! - Hall of Fame - Here you'll find everyone who joined the AZ Club. Players are listed alphabetically inside each Rank. If you want to find someone easily inside the sheet use CTRL+F and type in the username/game you want to search. In the top far right corner of the sheet you can find a few stats about the Leaderboards.. Leaderboards Link (Google Sheets) . .
  2. Such a painful experience for a trophy that isn't even that rare.. Good luck guys 😂
  3. Congratulazioni! Thats a nice start but to join the club you need at least 15 letters and 50 posts on the forums. As soon as you meet the requirements i'll be more than happy to add you 🥳
  4. Congrats! You are the very first player to achieve the Epsilon Master status! You now have the rights to brag about it on the net! 😏 Technically you could go for the Japanese awards if you wanted a last challenge
  5. It's really nice to see new threads like this on the Forums I will submit my list. I currently have 23/29 plats. Maybe it was already asked but non-english actually means that I can put Virtuoso since it's an italian word, right? ~ #UniteInSpeed (DRIVECLUB) # Agent 47 (Hitman Go) B Champion of the Gods (God of War Ascension) Done Done Done (Jak 2) Enjoy Your Powers (inFamous Second Son) Football Legend (FIFA 14) G Hong Kong Legend (Sleeping Dogs) I'm Batman (Batman) Julius Caesar (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood) K Los Santos Legend (Grand Theft Auto V) Master Assassin (Assassin's Creed II) NFS Hot Pursuit Elite (NFS Hot Pursuit) Over the Edge (Mirror's Edge) Prime Directive (Sherlok Holmes) Quote Unquote (One Word by POWGI) Retro Gamer (AGS Pacman) Super Biker (DRIVECLUB Bikes) The End of War (COD Advanced Warfare) Ultimate Sim Guru (The Sims 3) Validation (Ether One) We Always Had Faith In You (Far Cry 5) X Ye've Done It (Burly Men At Sea) Z non-English Virtuoso (Rocket League)
  6. I know it's an easy task and you'll 100% get the plat for the plat rain day but since I don't want to create such episodes, sorry but I'll add it once it's truly earned alongside the others. BTW, good luck with your Project! (Of course every other letter has been updated)
  7. Last time i posted here it was over 2years ago.. Nice to see the post still active!
  8. The AZ Club is back in business! Feels great! 😏

    1. PermaFox


      Whoo-whoo!  I'm in!

    2. Winston


      Welcome to our little community 😊

  9. Since day one Japanese games and the alphabet had different prizes. Merging them might create confusion. Therefore UR Japanese games will get a 賞 on the spreadsheet. Epsilon has been added to the Main Post.
  10. Thanks guys, yeah it took some time to write everything but i'm happy with the final result so I guess it was worth it! As for the second part of your posts.. Well imma tell y'all a story.. Back in the days (2016 damn!) me and @VeldinX were working on the banner and tier images.. I asked him to create 4 tier with the four trophies available.. Well he did the job perfectly but for some reasons he decided to create "Epsilon". I always wanted to use it but never knew how.. In this days while working on my spreadsheet I saw many updates of some of you trying to achieve a full UR alphabet and decided to create a new tier in this days.. Well you guys asked the right question in the right moment! Epsilon The new Tier will be "Epsilon" but we need to decide together the requirements. I see two options (any other idea is welcome) Epsilon: earn a UR platinum for every letter of the Alphabet and # Epsilon: earn a UR platinum for every letter, # and for a Japanese titled game. The second is of course harder but not impossible. For some players it might be a problem to create a japanese profile or even play a japanese game since often they don't have english subtitles.. Let me know your thoughts..
  11. If, for any reason, you want to update/ change a letter just post an update telling me about your changes and I will update your list. Since it's a FAQ i will add a few likes about this. Thanks for asking!
  12. Updated Yes, didnt use it at first because # was already taken in the numbered plats column.. I just changed # with 0-9 and % with #. Thanks for the suggestion Say thanks to google sheets coding. Its all automated.. As I add a player/game everything automatically updates.. Thanks to you and everyone who kept supporting the thread even when I was desaparecido. 😏
  13. I finally released the link to a Google Sheet page with all the leaderboards. This took me alot of time to copy and paste each list. Surely there are mistakes/ missing profiles and I will fix everything as I find them. Please check your list and report any error. After a long year the thread has been finally updated.. Enjoy
  14. BIG DICK IS BACK IN TOWN Seriously tho. I've been really busy in the past few months, new house, work and all those boring duties.. I'm currently moving all the leaderbords to a Google Sheet that I will share with you in the next days. I truly thanks everyone who has posted their amazing lists even if I wasn't here to update. All you effort ain't lost boys. Actually I need someone who knows Google Sheet to help me figure out a few things. Feel free to send me a PM if you can help. As always nice trophy hunting and have a nice day
  15. Bought Batman Arkham Knight a few years back and got like 2-3 trophies then somehow lost the disc.. I guess i'll finally be able to play it and maybe 100% it..
  16. Hi guys, i need some help with getting 5 items of the same quality and the Halo Topper and the Bubbles Rocket Trail. If you can help me with any of these add me on PSN: pese-97 Or course i'm giving back everything item. Thanks!
  17. Yeah, getting every version of sound shapes doesnt take skills but in the end in this type of leaderboard you would hide many platinums which actually took some damn effort.👎
  18. My PC is basically dead and it runs pretty slow with so much text. I thought i might transfer the leaderboards to a google file. The original posts will have a list of players for each rank but without the full AZ game list wich will be available in the doc. Its a kinda long process to transfer every list but it will allow me to update the leaderboards from my smartphone much faster. I could even give permission to edit the doc to someone trustable. Let me know your thoughts and if you have any idea. Thanks guys.
  19. The thread will be updated tomorrow
  20. Its a really easy game IMO. Most cheats dont even disable trophies.
  21. Not an Hard platinum but I'm really proud of it. I always loved the franchise 💖
  22. I mean.. I would like to have something with "Winston" but I have had "pese-97" as my name for more than 5 years now so.. I'm confused on what i should do.. 😝
  23. I reached 2k points. Qualified and know the game is allpwing me to reach another 2k for another weekend so i guess u can bank points
  24. Yh its weekly so you have to get them in a week otherwise you'll start from 0
  25. Loved this game on Android but 30€ on ps4??? Just to expensive. Ill get this once it gets a nice sale